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Chapter 604: Little Zhong, Not a Bad Person



On the Three-Immortal Island, Qiong Xiao and Bi Xiao looked up at the jade statue that was standing on the mountain peak and protected by her sister’s array formation. They were filled with admiration.

Bi Xiao tilted her head. “But why did Brother-in-law give Big Sister a statue when he gave her a gift?”

“That’s right. Logically speaking, if you’re giving such a gift, you should give your own statue. What’s the logic of giving Sister’s statue to her?”

Qiong Xiao muttered to herself. The two young girls stood in the mountains and kept looking.

Bi Xiao blinked. “Go over and take a look?”

“Don’t. Brother-in-law didn’t give it to us.”

Qiong Xiao stretched. “Compared to that, I want to know what Brother-in-law usually does in the Heavenly Courts. It will probably take some time to create such a statue.”

Bi Xiao’s face was filled with antic.i.p.ation.

“I heard from them that after going to the Heavenly Courts, one can increase their cultivation level without cultivating. Their insights are all given by the Heavenly Dao. I just have to do some errands on duty every day. Then, I have to drink, chat, and talk about Dao companions. I can be carefree.”

“That’s just the Heavenly Courts’ explanation to the outside world. They used it to recruit people. Perhaps it was done by our brother-in-law, who specially lied to you!”

Qiong Xiao snorted. “If we go to the Heavenly Courts, we will be restricted. We still have to depend on people of higher grades than you. Wouldn’t we be carefree cultivating on the island?”

“But we can’t talk about Dao companions.” Bi Xiao’s eyes were filled with antic.i.p.ation.

Qiong Xiao pursed her lips. Her beautiful figure turned around and immortal light filled the air. A few clouds surrounded her, and a graceful young master appeared. He naturally had Qiong Xiao’s face, but it was difficult to tell his gender.

“How is it? Talk to Third Brother.”

Bi Xiao was speechless.

She was afraid.

In the pavilion behind the jade statue of the G.o.d-Conferment Tribulation,

Li Changshou stood behind a desk and drew the fairy sitting quietly in front of him.

Yun Xiao leaned against the side of the bed. Her eyes were lowered, and her thin lips were pursed slightly. She pinched a plum blossom with her fingertips, and her right foot revealed the outside of her skirt. She sat there quietly and drew a painting. She could just use a Shadow-Retaining Ball to memorize it.

When the painting was completed, Li Changshou put down the brush in his hand. Yun Xiao heaved a sigh of relief and returned to sitting upright.

This person and painting were a scene. There was also the concept of not getting tired of looking at each other.

Li Changshou asked casually, “Yun, how have you been recently?”

“It’s naturally fine,” Yun Xiao said. “Master has strict orders that the disciples are not to go out and cause trouble. They are to cultivate in their respective Cave Abodes and Dao fields. However, it has been hundreds of years. They said that the Great Tribulation is coming, but there is no movement. Many disciples are thinking about moving. Instead, they have thoughts of going out.”

“His temperament and cultivation level are still not enough.”

Li Changshou chuckled and said. He pondered for a while but could not tell Yun Xiao the details about becoming a G.o.d.

He could not say that the G.o.d-Conferment Tribulation would descend in another three to four hundred years. When that happened, the position of the mortal human emperor would change. At that moment, the three sects that had been trapped by the tribulation would enter the tribulation.

This was the Primordial World. It was similar to the various myths that he knew, but it was not necessarily the same.

Moreover, the Great G.o.d-Conferment Tribulation had changed so much. It is unknown how it would happen and how it would begin.

Perhaps the Western Sect would come to the East Earth to preach in advance…

After some thought, Li Changshou said, “The appearance of the Heavenly Dao is ultimately related to the human race. The South Continent is naturally the most important.”

Yun Xiao said, “Senior Sister Jin Ling said to ask someone to find out the preferences of the human emperors of Fire Cloud Cave and give them some gifts.”

Li Changshou pondered for a while and recalled something.

Bai Jian was the general of Emperor Huang Xuanyuan. He was chosen by the Heavenly Dao. He was the first name on the G.o.d roll and the appointed guard of the G.o.d roll in the Great G.o.d-Conferment Tribulation.

After the Great Tribulation was completely activated, the Heavenly Courts still had to build a Divine Seal Platform. Bai Jian had to make do with it.

This fellow was still suppressing it in the bitter cold place where the North Ocean and the East Ocean intersected.

Be steady.

As the main person involved in this Great Tribulation, although it was not time for Bo Jian to appear, he should prepare some gifts and go over to comfort him. He should build a good relations.h.i.+p with this deputy in advance.

“What are you thinking about?”

“It’s about the G.o.d-Conferment matter.” Li Changshou smiled and said, “Yun, why don’t we go to the various Dao fields of Jie School to take a look?”

“Is that appropriate?” Yun Xiao frowned slightly. “If you appear, they will definitely say that you are biased towards Jie School. I’m afraid they will cause you trouble.”

Li Changshou said seriously, “Private matters should be kept separate. It’s my principle to be clear about public and private matters. Everyone knows that I have selfish motives because of you. It would be a joke if I hide it. Moreover, I’ll go and find some righteous G.o.ds for the Heavenly Courts. If they respond to the tribulation later, they can also use the G.o.d roll to choose elite troops for the Heavenly Courts.”

Yun Xiao smiled and chided, “Lord Taibai Jinxing, you can’t win with your words.”

Li Changshou immediately raised his head and puffed out his chest. He took out the arrogance of an ordinary minister of the Heavenly Courts.

At that moment, the two of them abandoned the jade statue and secretly left the Three-Immortal Island. They were the first to head towards the Green Touring Palace.

The G.o.d-Conferment Tribulation was about to arrive in the blink of an eye. Li Changshou felt that time had pa.s.sed by unknowingly. He often pondered and was in a daze for months.

In the past, the six Saints of the Purple Cloud Palace gathered and parted unhappily. It seemed to have happened one or two months ago.

In the blink of an eye, if he were to do a huge project, time would basically be wasted.

It was time to make some arrangements.

When they arrived at Green Touring Palace, Yun Xiao and Li Changshou naturally attracted the attention of many personal disciples of Jie School. The few Saintesses greeted them. The male immortals exchanged pleasantries, but they did not see the Saint or Daoist Duobao.

Two of the Grandmaster of Heaven’s attendant immortals came and explained to Li Changshou that the Saint had gone to the Chaos Sea to confirm the traces of a treasure. If he received the news, he would inform Li Changshou in time.

Li Changshou finally felt relieved.

Previously, he had promised the Grandmaster of Heaven to lend him Kun Peng. He could fulfill his promise and not owe Jie School a favor for no reason.

As for whether he could catch up or not, Li Changshou did not dare to guarantee.

As usual, he would try his best.

The immortals chatted and laughed for a while, attracting many juniors to peek outside the hall.

While Li Changshou was chatting, he inadvertently asked, “Previously, I heard from Brother Gongming that Senior Sister Jin Ling has recently accepted a new disciple. I wonder who it is?”

There was a middle-aged old Daoist priest with a ferocious expression but a gentle gaze in the hall. At that moment, he replied, “Uncle-Master Changgeng, are you talking about Junior Brother Wen Zhong?”

The Daoist was naturally Yu Yuan, the famous disciple of the G.o.ddess of Golden Spirit. He had the ability to chase after the experts of the second generation of the sect. He was one of the best among the third generation disciples of Jie School.

Li Changshou smiled and said, “That seems to be the Dao name.”

Yu Yuan hurriedly said, “This is Junior Brother Wen Zhong’s real name, not his Dao name.”

A second-generation male immortal smiled and said, “Yu Yuan, since Changgeng said that it’s a Dao name, naturally, it’s a Dao name. Where is Disciple-Nephew Wen Zhong? Why don’t you invite him over?”

“I’ll go and shout now.” Yu Yuan smiled and said. However, when he turned around, he said, “The Dao name and name are still different.”

“Alright, alright, I understand.” The male immortal looked helpless.

Li Changshou smiled and watched Yu Yuan leave.

The last time the Immortal Du Sect was attacked, Yu Yuan and Yu Hua, the master and disciple, had taken the blame for Jie School because of the Blood Transformation Divine Saber.

There was nothing to say about their loyalty to Jie School. They were also the top figures on the G.o.d roll.

However, the famous Teacher Wen made Li Changshou look forward to it.

Not long after, Yu Hua brought a young Daoist and rode a cloud from the corner of Green Touring Palace.

Look at this Daoist. He has a naturally dignified face. He has a full Heavenly Courts and a vertical eye. He has short eyebrows, big eyes, and a high nose bridge. His eyes are bright and full of spirit. His figure is considered burly, and he has the demeanor of a natural Divine General.

Li Changshou used his immortal senses to observe carefully and realized that Wen Zhong’s vertical eye should be a natural mystical ability. It was not obtained by Yang Jian because of the essence blood of the Ancestral Magi.

The human race did not lack bloodline power. The first batch of humans that were created by G.o.ddess Nuwa had outstanding potential and innate divine strength. They had also been bestowed some mystical abilities and abilities by G.o.ddess Nuwa.

For example, the Great Daoist Master.

However, to this day, there were very few people who had awakened their bloodlines. Wen Zhong was also known as a “heavenly talent”.

Li Changshou and Yun Xiao sat in the hall. Wen Zhong was led in by Yu Hua. When he arrived in front of Li Changshou, he bowed with a Dao salute.

He could tell that Wen Zhong was a little nervous. He looked up and sized up the rumored man before immediately lowering his head and remaining silent.

This righteous G.o.d of the Heavenly Courts who could stir the chaos in the Primordial World and face the six Saints…

So young?

“Not bad, not bad.” Li Changshou nodded with a smile and said slowly, “Disciple-Nephew Wen Zhong’s potential is extraordinary. He has already reached such a level not long after entering the sect. In the future, he will definitely be a mighty figure. Come, it’s just a small gift. Please accept it, Disciple-Nephew.”

As he spoke, Li Changshou took out two treasure pouches from his sleeve. There were Spirit Pills and miraculous medicines inside. They were all from the little alchemist of Ren School.

As one of the top three officials of the Heavenly Courts in terms of alchemy, the things that Li Changshou had given him would not be bad.

Many disciples of Jie School looked envious. After Wen Zhong took the treasure pouch, his Dao heart was a little unstable.

He was a little excited.

Clearly, Li Changshou had become a big shot in the eyes of others. A word of praise and some goodwill could affect the minds of the disciples of the large sects.

“Thank you, Uncle-Master Changgeng.” Wen Zhong bowed again. “I will definitely cultivate hard and contribute to Jie School.”

Li Changshou nodded with a smile, but he muttered in his heart, “You don’t have to put in much effort. You just have to go to places like Golden Ao Island less often when you can’t find any extraordinary experts to hold the fort during the Great G.o.d-Conferment Tribulation later. Perhaps the Great Tribulation will be interrupted. Of course, he did not dare to say that.

Everything had to follow the script of the Heavenly Dao. Li Changshou could only make some slight adjustments.

Li Changshou could not favor Senior Sister Jin Ling’s disciple.

He immediately took out a treasure pouch from his sleeve and handed it to Yu Hua. He also encouraged him.

Clearly, Li Changshou was only a fraction of his age, but he had to take advantage of his age seriously and encourage Yu Hua to cultivate hard.

Yu Hua was also very touched.

Yun Xiao, who was at the side, could not hold back her laughter for a few times.

Li Changshou accompanied Yun Xiao and walked around the famous Dao venue of Jie School.

He went from the Green Touring Palace to Golden Ao Island, then to Nine Dragons Island, Penglai Island, Immortal Island, and so on.

They walked and stopped. When they encountered beautiful places, they stayed for a while. Most of the time, they stayed like that.

After being together for a few days, Li Changshou expressed his intention to leave. Yun Xiao, on the other hand, looked reluctant.

The two of them reminded each other and bowed with a Dao salute. They did not do anything too intimate, but they felt that their essence souls were very close to each other for a moment.

Most likely, the relations.h.i.+p between Qi Refinement cultivators and mortals was quite different.

Especially the serious ones.

On the cloud path back to the Heavenly Courts, Li Changshou hid his figure and used the paper effigy’s sleeve to put on his main body technique. After thinking for a while, he did not meet Bai Jian in private.

To be safe, he should return to the Heavenly Courts later and discuss with the Jade Emperor. He said that the Yellow Emperor Xuanyuan had a request and the Jade Emperor should not reject it.

There was an 80% chance that the Jade Emperor’s incarnation would follow.

When he saw Wen Zhong today, Li Changshou could not help but think of Li Jing, whom he had thrown in the Immortal Du Sect.

Wen Zhong and Li Jing had many similarities. The former would be the Grand Tutor of the Shang Dynasty, while the latter would be the total number of soldiers in the Chentang Pa.s.s of the Shang Dynasty. The total number of soldiers would be equivalent to that of the border officials.

However, the path they chose was different.

Wen Zhong chose to support the Shang Dynasty. In order to protect the Shang Dynasty, he ran around and fought in the north. In the end, he died tragically during the expedition to Xiqi.

Li Jing was much more sensible. Nezha was ordered to a.s.sist the Zhou Nation. After that, Li Jing sided with the Zhou Nation. In the end, he held a high position on the G.o.d roll. After entering the Heavenly Courts, everything went smoothly.

Li Changshou was not judging anything. He simply admired Wen Zhong.

Now, Li Jing and Wen Zhong were considered his juniors. It would be inappropriate to say that they respected anyone.

The Great G.o.d-Conferment Tribulation, the Great G.o.d-Conferment Tribulation…

Li Changshou pondered carefully about what else he could plan and what effect he could achieve.

He wanted to play a game with the Heavenly Dao and the Dao Ancestor. However, the game was not to fight against each other and obtain benefits.

To be precise, it was to optimize the Great Tribulation.

Later, he would send the paper effigy to stroll around and find the “extraordinary people” who would appear in the Shang Nation. He would see how they were doing.

If there was anything that could be schemed against and was beneficial to his subsequent arrangements, Li Changshou would naturally not let it go.

Li Changshou rode a cloud and flew near the East Heavenly Gate. He revealed his fake ident.i.ty that he had used previously and was about to walk past the Heavenly Gate.

His immortal senses trembled slightly. Li Changshou’s ears swayed slightly. He heard a conversation between the Heavenly Generals with the Wind Speech Incantation circulating in all directions…

“No one can tell the way to the immortal mountain in the East Continent. Many immortal sects have gone over to take a look. They all think that it’s a good blessed land. Unfortunately, it was occupied by the demons who were chased to the East Continent.”

“I wonder if those demons who call themselves kind are really kind.”

“Lord Taibai Jinxing, you are using a different strategy. Otherwise, we will suffer more losses in the North Continent. It is reasonable to rope in some demons. However, demons are demons. How can they be good?”

“If the demons really manage to stabilize the immortal mountain, it would really waste a good cultivation ground…”

Immortal mountain?

Li Changshou was a little confused and subconsciously cared about that.

It was as if he could sense that the immortal mountain that the Heavenly General mentioned had an opportunity for him.

What’s going on?

Is there a calamity?

Li Changshou instantly activated his clear Dao heart and pondered carefully. He walked towards the door and pretended that nothing had happened.

A paper effigy army stationed near the Immortal Du Sect had already fled towards the edge of the East Continent.

Could it be that he had been secretly searching for the Huaguo Mountain for many years, but there was no sign of it?

Li Changshou was a little expectant. His main body successfully returned to the Grand White Palace and returned to his Little Qiong Peak. He controlled the paper effigy and began to search everywhere with his immortal senses.

However, just as Li Changshou was searching for demonic aura and discovered the immortal mountain surrounded by clouds and rich spiritual energy,

Long Ji rode a cloud and rushed over. She landed in front of the Grand White Hall and jogged in.

“Teacher! Quickly go and take a look! General Bian Zhuang has trespa.s.sed into the Moon Palace and is about to be beaten to death by the Chang’e of the Moon Palace!”

Li Changshou was rendered speechless.

Why did I not feel any emotions when he heard the news? I’m not surprised at all.

The Great G.o.d-Conferment Tribulation had yet to begin, but the Journey to the West Tribulation was about to appear.

It doesn’t make sense. It shouldn’t.

The mortal world has yet to complete the World-Extinguis.h.i.+ng Connection. The Shang Dynasty is also at its peak. There are at least two to three thousand years left in the Great Tang. Moreover, under the years of the Primordial World, the two calamities would be separated by eighteen thousand years. Li Changshou expressed that he could accept it.

This should not be the “teasing Chang’e” incident that made Bian Zhuang descend to the mortal world.

That’s right. Bian Zhuang’s abilities are far inferior now. He did not even learn half of the 36 Transformations of the Heavenly Dipper. It is definitely not the time to descend to the mortal world.

The paper effigies of the East Continent temporarily stopped and hid on the spot.

In the Grand White Palace, the old immortal paper effigy turned around and smiled faintly. He said to Long Ji slowly, “I’m not busy. Take your time. General Bian Zhuang is the Deputy Commander of the Heavenly River. He is my benefactor. Chang’e of the Moon Palace is also my subordinate. She should not be able to kill him.”

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