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Chapter 648: The Bell Stays In The Little Qiong Peak

“Li Changgeng! Open the array door! Don’t think that I know you’re here just because you’re hiding inside! If you don’t open the array, I’ll barge in! Ahahahaha!”

Li Changshou was rendered speechless.

Regardless of what other people’s spiritual perception had transformed into, Li Changshou had heard the roar of the Chaos Bell.

There was a hint of “splas.h.i.+ng”.

Who could withstand that?

Li Changshou frowned slightly. He looked at the small bell formed by the Chaos Bell through the array formation and hesitated.

It can come to me directly too?

A stream of light flew over from behind. It was naturally Kong Xuan and the Great Daoist Master, who had just fallen asleep and was woken up. He had stuck himself to the reclining chair and was feeling weak.

“Is that… the Chaos Bell outside?”

Kong Xuan asked in surprise. She looked at Li Changshou suspiciously, making Li Changshou feel uncertain.

Ling’e asked softly, “Is that the legendary Connate Cardinal treasure?”

“Hehehe.” The Great Daoist Master laughed weakly. “It really came.”

Li Changshou hurriedly asked, “Senior Brother, what’s the reason?”

The Great Daoist Master closed his eyes and rested. He said leisurely, “Why are you asking me about what you did?”

Kong Xuan smiled subtly. Ling’e pursed her lips and supported her forehead.

Stupid Senior Brother, you can even attract the spirituality of Connate Cardinal treasures!


Li Changshou felt a headache coming on.

However, now that the Chaos Bell had come, he could not leave it outside for too long. He did not want to attract too much attention.

What if this little bell is purely here to take a stroll or to take revenge on me for whipping my leg back then?

As a person, he had to be more optimistic. After all, the Chaos Bell was a Connate Cardinal treasure. The Heaven-Opening Three-piece Set was the top treasure in the Primordial World. The Chaos Bell was comparable to the Taiji Painting.

How could she fancy a disciple of the Dao Sect like me?

That makes no sense.

A moment later, in Li Changshou’s straw hut.

“Li Changgeng! I’m here to seek refuge with you. How is it? Do you feel very surprised? A little touched! In the future, you will be a Primordial World expert with a Connate Cardinal treasure!”

“Ahem, ahem!”

Li Changshou held the teacup and coughed. He did not know whether to laugh or cry as he looked at the ten-feet-tall bell in front of him and the shadow kneeling quietly beside the bell.

The spiritual illusion that she had created was naturally quite pleasing to the eye. She had phoenix-like eyes, a high nose bridge, and her light red hair was tied up into a ponytail that resembled the tail of a phoenix. Her light blue eyes were a little guilty as she did not look at Li Changshou. She pretended to be calm and said,

“Your Uncle-Master Tongtian has already agreed. I’ll help him once, and he won’t target me anymore.”

Li Changshou thought, ‘So Uncle-Master Tongtian’s backup plan is the Chaos Bell and Daoist Duobao!’

Then, he heard the Chaos Bell speak again.

“I feel that you’re doing well among the disciples of the Dao Sect. You’re still the current Second Heavenly Emperor.”

Li Changshou hurriedly said, “Senior, don’t say that. I really can’t bear the responsibility. I’m just a subordinate of the Jade Emperor. Senior’s sudden visit caught me off guard. Please let me organize my thoughts.”


The Chaos Bell widened her phoenix-like eyes. Her eyes were slightly red, and the corners of her mouth were trembling.

“You won’t reject it, right? You won’t reject me, right? If word gets out that you did that, I will be embarra.s.sed in the Primordial Dharma treasure circle!”

“Senior, please wait a moment.” Li Changshou wiped the sweat off his forehead and thought quickly.

The Great Daoist Master had already found another lake and continued to sleep in the shade. It was as if he knew the outcome of the matter. There was a faint smile on his lips.

Kong Xuan sat quietly beside the Great Daoist Master. She only glanced at the straw hut occasionally and pondered.

On the other hand, Ling’e, who knew her senior brother the best, summarized the scene in front of her through her senior brother’s performance and the words of the Chaos Bell in front of her. It was a famous painting of the Primordial World!


Ling’e stood up sensibly and went out to bring some snacks and freshly brewed tea. She placed them in front of the Chaos Bell.

“Senior, take your time.”

The Bell of Chaos could not help but cover its mouth and chuckle. “I can’t use this. It’s just an illusion. You might as well find some spiritual water to nourish my body.”

“Hey, Senior, wait a moment.”

Ling’e agreed and lowered her head to walk away quickly. Soon, she took out the spiritual spring water that Li Changshou would use to refine pills and cleaned the Chaos Bell.

To be able to touch a Connate Cardinal treasure at such a close distance, that experience could be considered the best in the Primordial World.


Li Changshou quickly sighed and cupped his hands at the Chaos Bell. He smiled and said, “Senior, it’s really difficult for me. Didn’t we already come to a consensus previously? I’m just a disciple of the Dao Sect. If I gain your favor and wield such an unfathomable Connate Cardinal treasure, wouldn’t that make you worry?”

“Tsk.” The Chaos Bell rolled her eyes. “This is the first time I’ve heard someone talk about being afraid of death in such a refres.h.i.+ng manner. Aren’t you afraid that the Heavenly Dao will target you? Just say it. Why don’t you think about it? Whether you take this bell or not, the Heavenly Dao will deal with you. In the eyes of the Heavenly Dao, your Great Dao should not be controlled by living beings. I came to look for you because I like you. If the Heavenly Dao wants to target you, I can bring you out of the Primordial World safely. How does that sound?”

Li Changshou smiled and said, “I know what you mean, Senior. Who wouldn’t be tempted by a Connate Cardinal treasure like you? However, Senior, I have two doubts. Please explain. Firstly, Uncle-Master Tongtian had given up on using you to suppress the destiny of Jie School. Why did you not escape to the Chaos Sea and live freely in the Chaos Sea but come to me? Secondly, I’m now like crossing the river on a boat and stepping on ice. If I suddenly increase too much weight, which is taboo by the Heavenly Dao, I will not be far from breaking the ice. Senior, how do you explain these two doubts?”

“I… This… You…”

The Chaos Bell Spirit stammered for a while. In the end, it patted its forehead in frustration and looked at Li Changshou gloomily.

“Can’t you be impulsive for this bell? It’s a Connate Cardinal treasure.”

Li Changshou smiled and said, “Save yourself three times a day. Are you safe?”


The Chaos Bell sighed dejectedly. She wanted to say something but did not know what to say.

“I never expected this to happen. Those who don’t like me will grab me with all their might. Those who like me will use all their strength to push me away. What is this called? That is probably the case. However, the Chaos Sea is really… too boring. You living beings should not know that the spirituality of our Dharma treasures is actually lit up by living beings. We originally did not have a True Spirit. We were born from the Great Dao. When I was still the ax handle, I was held by Pangu’s huge hand. He communicated with us and gave us spirituality. The Pangu G.o.d’s Primordial Chaos Limitless Great Dao has given us powerful mystical abilities. The battles with the Connate G.o.dfiends gradually gave us our own understanding of the Dao. Therefore, we split up and became the three of us. However, I have been away from living beings for too long. Especially in the unknown land of order in the Chaos Sea, my spirituality is really gradually fading. When I lose myself and forget who I am, I will become a sleeping treasure. Someone might say that. We also have a yearning for freedom and are unwilling to be restrained by any living beings. However, once we leave the living beings, we will gradually sink. Ah, this is probably fate. The treasures in the Primordial World cannot escape their destiny. I have to accept this tragic fate.”

“Senior Brother…”

Ling’e shouted with a trembling voice. Clearly, she was moved by the Chaos Bell.

Li Changshou frowned and stared at the Chaos Bell.

“Senior, please answer my first question. Although there were not many ancient mighty figures left in the Primordial World, there were still some experts who could unleash Senior’s power. I was not the only one. According to what I know, a Connate Cardinal treasure like Senior actually values seniority.”

“Well…” The Chaos Bell Spirit blinked and smiled. “Do you want to hear the truth or the lie?”

“How about a lie?”

“Wow, you’re too handsome! Your heroic aura makes me unable to control myself. If I can become a soft Dao Body, I will definitely marry you. I won’t be able to repay you.”

“You’d better tell me the truth,” Li Changshou said. “Otherwise, some experts will misunderstand.”

The Chaos Bell shrugged, but her voice sounded in Li Changshou’s heart.

“Firstly, I find you pleasing to the eye. That’s the most basic thing. It should be very interesting to be around you. Secondly, you have Kun Peng and the Kun Peng Mystic Realm. You can eat in the Chaos Sea. I have no sense of security in the Primordial World. I have to leave. However, I’m a little unwilling to return just like that. Thirdly, you are the only person I’m sure will escape into the Chaos Sea in the future. Just like how the Heavenly Dao forced me back then, we are more or less in the same boat. I can protect you and be angry.”

Li Changshou was rendered speechless.

Indeed, the spirituality that had dissipated and the person that he had met was the story.

“Senior, if you want to stay here, you can stay here. I swear to the Heavenly Dao that I will not have any ulterior motives towards Senior. I will not personally activate Senior’s power. The Heavenly Dao is clear and will bear witness.”

Thunder rumbled outside the Little Qiong Peak. Li Changshou carefully sensed for a while and heaved a sigh of relief.

It would be a lie to say that he was not tempted by the treasures that had been sent to him.

Just as the Chaos Bell had said, regardless of whether he used the Chaos Bell or not, his own Great Dao of Equalization would not tolerate the Heavenly Dao. He would definitely face the Heavenly Dao once…

“That’s it?”

The Chaos Bell Spirit tilted her head and looked at Li Changshou. She said in disdain, “Why do I feel that it’s too casual?”

Li Changshou smiled and did not say anything. He handed the responsibility of taking care of the Chaos Bell’s “food and lodging” to Ling’e.

The Connate Cardinal treasure cared about his pride. He could not just a.s.sign the Chaos Bell to protect Ling’e, an ordinary little golden immortal.

In other words, he wanted Ling’e to be Sister Zhong’s follower and be in charge of the maintenance of the Chaos Bell. The Chaos Bell was naturally very impressive.

It was none other than…

Changshou questioned him.

One miserable, two acting, three talking. In the end, the Chaos was free.

The new version of the Little Qiong Peak’s defense system had officially been upgraded!

The Great Daoist Master slept for half a year. When he opened his eyes, he was full of energy and looked at Kong Xuan confidently.

The two mighty figures stood under the willow tree and hugged each other as if no one was around. They admired the scene of the Little Qiong Peak that Li Changshou and Ling’e had meticulously designed and Xiong Lingli had worked hard to build. They felt that it was quite appropriate.

However, in the end, the Great Daoist Master still had to return to the Xuandu City to guard it.

Although there were not many Heavenly Fiends now, if the Grand Pure One did not officially recall the Great Daoist Master Xuan Du, his first priority would be to guard Xuandu City.

Actually, that was also the Grand Pure One’s method to protect his eldest disciple.

Before leaving, the Great Daoist Master invited Li Changshou to walk around the Little Qiong Peak. The conversation between the two of them was about the Great G.o.d-Conferment Tribulation.

In the Chain Array, the two of them strolled around.

The light of the sun pulled out the shadows of the two of them and gently crushed the shallow gra.s.s.

The Great Daoist Master walked forward with his hands behind his back. His footsteps were neither fast nor slow, as if they were naturally integrated with the surrounding environment.

He asked, “Changshou, do you have any thoughts about the next battle?”

“I don’t have any thoughts.” Li Changshou put his hands in his sleeves and smiled. “It’s not appropriate to help either side. To be safe, I won’t help the sect. I’ll only save the few people I want to save.”


The Great Daoist Master sighed softly and looked into the distance. “Chan School and Jie School are different from Ren School. Ren School only has two disciples, and they are both from the human race. They are not like that.

Changgeng, instead of standing in the perspective of the Heavenly Courts, why don’t you consider this from the perspective of the human race?

Now, the main characters of the world are humans, but the Human Emperor is a mortal. This will definitely cause a commotion every few decades.”

“That’s the will of the Heavenly Dao.”

Li Changshou said, “The human race became the protagonist of the world. Moreover, they are the unique protagonists of the world. Actually, it’s because of the difference between immortals and mortals. Life is weak. One needs the Dao, Dharma, Spirit Qi, and one needs to comprehend and cultivate before they can become an immortal. Most humans could not do that. They would only spend their lives after decades. The path they took was only a few thousand kilometers. The world they saw was only a city. In that case, the threat that an individual poses to the world is minimal. The effect of the entire mortal group on the world is inferior to the battle between two mighty figures.”

The Great Daoist Master nodded with a smile. “In the blink of an eye, you are already an indispensable figure in the Heavenly Courts.”

“Senior Brother, you’re joking.” Li Changshou smiled and replied, “This world will not be destroyed because of someone. The Heavenly Dao and the Heavenly Courts are the same. Senior Brother, do you have any plans to give birth to children and help Sister-in-law Kong Xuan solve the problem of reproduction of the phoenix race?”

The smile on the Great Daoist Master’s lips froze. He glared at Li Changshou and scolded softly, “Don’t mention that. If Teacher hears it and gets interested, wouldn’t that be too much!?!”


A wisp of wind blew past and some Dao runes circulated.

The Great Daoist Master’s eyes widened. Li Changshou raised his eyebrows. A word formed in their hearts.



The Great Daoist Master opened his mouth and was speechless.

Li Changshou frowned. He was already thinking about a serious problem.

In the future, would his nephew or niece be genetically similar to the human race or the phoenix race?

Although the Primordial World did not have to worry about resolving the difficult problem of species, it was a problem that the mighty figures of the Primordial World had been troubled by for countless years if they wanted to have a successor.

It was worth studying.

When the Great Daoist Master left, he looked like he was fleeing.

Kong Xuan was rather worried about that. She sent a voice transmission to ask Li Changshou what had happened. Li Changshou could not explain.

He could not say that. It was their own business whether they wanted children or not. He could only give them his wishes.

Did he force the Great Daoist Master?

Clearly not.

Li Changshou’s main body moved out and sent his senior brother and sister-in-law to the East Heavenly Gate. Before he left, he specially stuffed a few treasure pouches into his senior brother’s sleeve.

He did not know if it was useful, but he had to do something when his teacher asked him to help.

For example, although it was difficult for the seventh-grade Spirit Pill Flame to affect Kong Xuan and the Great Daoist Master’s mental state, it could increase their emotions and make the atmosphere more romantic.

Shaking his head, Li Changshou turned around and was about to ride a cloud back to the Grand White Palace. However, he had only taken a few steps when his heart stirred.

With a thought, he activated the old immortal paper effigy in the Grand White Palace. He opened the array formation and allowed the Heavenly Generals who had rushed over to report to enter the hall.

The Heavenly General seemed to be the Golden Immortal general in charge of guarding the Heavenly Gate.

He was in the East Heaven Gate. There must be something strange about the other Heaven Gates.


“Lord, the Qi Refinement cultivator of Jie School, the G.o.ddess of Fire Spirit, requests to meet you outside the South-Heaven Gate!”

G.o.ddess of Fire Spirit?

Why is she looking for me?

Li Changshou’s mind raced. He subconsciously wanted to pinch his fingers to deduce, but he realized that he was not the Jade Emperor. He could bypa.s.s the Great Tribulation and look at the heavenly secrets.

Li Changshou said, “The G.o.ddess of Fire Spirit is also my disciple-niece. Ask her to wait in the Immortal Welcoming Hall. I’ll go over now.”


The Heavenly General lowered his head and accepted the order. He turned around and hurriedly left on a cloud.

Li Changshou pondered carefully for a while and decided to use the paper effigy to go out. His main body quietly returned to the “fake mountain” in the backyard of the Grand White Palace and deduced the purpose of the fire spirit’s arrival.

It should be related to the South Continent…

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