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Chapter 730: Slaughter

There were 63 top Seventh Tribulation Chaos creatures of the s.p.a.cetime lineage imprisoned at Dry Origin Mountain. Meng Chuan had targeted the snake because he had seen its information regarding the s.p.a.cetime Loop.

s.p.a.cetime Loop: Ability to devour the heavens and the earth. After devouring everything into the s.p.a.cetime Loop… a large explosion will follow! The Big Bang that occurs in the s.p.a.cetime Loop is akin to the restart of the universe!

The snake’s enemies might still be able to survive if they were swallowed into the s.p.a.cetime Loop, but very few could withstand a Big Bang that was akin to the restart of a universe.

Meng Chuan was immediately tempted when he saw the s.p.a.cetime Loop’s introduction.

The s.p.a.cetime Loop’s devouring was very similar to the Chaos Hole law, while the Big Bang that restarted the universe was very similar to the Heaven Splitting law.

The snake did all of this not because of the Chaos Hole law’s or the Heaven Splitting law’s profundity, but because of the s.p.a.cetime Loop.

Everything in endless s.p.a.cetime was built upon the laws of time and s.p.a.ce! The combination of the laws of time and s.p.a.ce could form everything, including the many profound means of Eternal existences. However, this path was also very arduous. Many Eighth Tribulation Eminences were studying it with great difficulty and constantly scaling the cliff with s.p.a.cetime as their foundation.

The s.p.a.cetime Loop had the effects of Chaos Hole and Heaven Splitting. Meng Chuan felt that it would definitely be of great help to his cultivation once he grasped this talent.


Ouroboros, s.p.a.cetime Loop—the complete devouring of everything.

All the energy in the spatial cell, including Meng Chuan—who was protected by more than 1,000 Chaos Holes—couldn’t resist falling into it.

I’ve been devoured. Meng Chuan felt his surroundings twist and turn chaotic. Countless energy streams were sucked in, which crazily spun and condensed. He couldn’t control his body and could only flow along with the vortex.

The first transformation—Heaven-Opening Saber Array—of the Chaos Hole Heaven Splitting Array is useless. The second transformation, Saber Prison Abyss, is not suitable for the current situation. My only option is the third transformation. Meng Chuan was in no rush to attack. The s.p.a.cetime Loop—which was in the devouring state—was the most stable. He needed to wait until it was most suitable for him to attack.

Deep in the s.p.a.cetime Loop, Meng Chuan sank deeper and deeper into the vortex.

The vortex suddenly condensed to a certain limit and began to erupt in reverse!

Big Bang—the restarting of a universe!


Meng Chuan—who had been sucked into the middle of the vortex—felt an endless, terrifying explosion!

This explosion wanted to destroy all life in the s.p.a.cetime Loop.

This is the moment! Meng Chuan’s eyes lit up.

The s.p.a.cetime Loop in its Big Bang state was most terrifying, but it was also the most unstable. This was because the s.p.a.cetime Loop needed to withstand the explosive impact within.

The 1,000 Dark Chaos Holes around Meng Chuan instantly gathered. Every ten Chaos Holes instantly condensed into a new large Chaos Hole, and ten of the new Chaos Holes fused into one… In an instant, more than 1,000 Chaos Holes had completely fused into one!

Chaos Holes could indeed devour each other, but a person required extremely high attainments in array formations to instantly fuse more than 1,000 Chaos Holes into one.


The final super-large Dark Chaos Hole had reached the limit of Meng Chuan’s control. At this moment, Meng Chuan controlled it with all his might and transformed it into an incomparably large, dazzling saber beam.

Previously, when the 1,000 Chaos Holes was simultaneously transformed into 1,000 Heaven Splitting Blades, Meng Chuan could still maintain the might of each Heaven Splitting Blade and control it with all his heart. However, it was difficult to control this super-large Chaos Hole. The saber beam that took form was difficult to control… It only transformed into a dazzling saber beam.


An extremely dazzling light!

Let the universe restart! In parallel to the s.p.a.cetime Loop’s Big Bang, Meng Chuan delivered his strongest attack.

The third transformation of the Chaos Hole Heaven Splitting Array—Single Slash Heaven Splitting Chaos Split!


The Chaos Hole Heaven Splitting Array—which was created with the opposing Origins laws as its foundation—might not be as good as Palace Lord Skylight’s Skylight Fist, but it was definitely extremely powerful among top Seventh Tribulation Eminences.

In terms of strength, the Single Slash Heaven Splitting Chaos Split was comparable to the snake’s s.p.a.cetime Loop. The Big Bang inside the s.p.a.cetime Loop exploded in all directions, causing the entire s.p.a.cetime Loop to withstand the explosive force in every corner. Even so, it could still withstand it.

Meng Chuan’s terrifying strike slashed in one direction.

The pressure on the s.p.a.cetime Loop was already considerably immense when it suffered a terrifying strike that wasn’t inferior to the Big Bang. Furthermore, it was directed in a single direction.

Although the s.p.a.cetime Loop was extremely flexible and warped as it resisted the attack with all its might, it eventually exploded.


An incomparably dazzling saber beam and the Big Bang exploded in the s.p.a.cetime Loop. The two equally powerful moves clashed and spread in all directions.

The shockwave was so powerful that Meng Chuan’s Essence Soul avatar—who didn’t have an array formation protecting him—couldn’t resist it. It couldn’t be helped; Meng Chuan had used all his strength to unleash the Chaos Hole Array’s third transformation. He didn’t even divert his attention to protect himself. In the face of the shockwave, Meng Chuan even took the initiative to dissipate the Essence Soul avatar.

“No!” When Ouroboros used the s.p.a.cetime Loop, it also sensed that the explosion in the s.p.a.cetime Loop had exceeded its limits. Its eyes were filled with anger and indignation.


In the explosion, the s.p.a.cetime Loop collapsed, and its entire body was naturally destroyed.


As the snake exploded and was destroyed, another black-robed, white-haired man instantly flew in from outside the spatial cell.

Life Core. The moment the snake’s true body was destroyed, another of Meng Chuan’s Essence Soul avatars discovered the Life Core imprisoned in the spatial cell. He took a step and arrived in front of the Life Core.

The Life Core was a black snake-shaped bracelet.

The black snake-shaped bracelet floated there, imprisoned by the spatial cell.

This was the relatively easy part about killing Chaos creatures on Dry Origin Mountain. Their Life Cores had already been sealed, making it impossible for them to escape. As long as one successfully killed a Chaos creature’s true body once, they could immediately seize the opportunity to capture the Life Core.

Under Dry Origin Mountain’s suppression, the Chaos creature’s true body was destroyed once. It would take time for it to revive using its Life Core.


Meng Chuan reached out and grabbed the black snake-shaped bracelet.

The bracelet was a little cold. The moment it was gripped, it was affected by the invisible laws. The black snake-shaped bracelet disintegrated like sand and dissipated into the void.

Huh? The moment the black snake-shaped bracelet disintegrated, Meng Chuan felt a mysterious force surge into his body from his palm and then seeped into his Essence Soul.

At this moment, Meng Chuan felt his Essence Soul become intoxicated.

Perfect devouring? Meng Chuan guessed.

Chaos creatures could eat worlds and other lifeforms to become stronger! However, they could only devour and absorb a portion. But on Dry Origin Mountain, there were laws set by an Eternal existence! Killing Chaos creatures here allowed one to perfectly devour them and form a talent that was most suitable for them. This devouring and conversion efficiency had already exceeded Chaos creatures’ instincts.

Although Meng Chuan felt inebriated, he still flew out of the spatial cell. After he flew out, the empty spatial cell quietly disappeared.

One prisoner corresponded to a cell.

Since the prisoner had been killed, the cell naturally vanished.

As Meng Chuan walked on Dry Origin Mountain, he felt his Essence Soul becoming increasingly tipsy. He sat down before laying himself down.

Laying in the forest, Meng Chuan looked at the trees. He closed his eyes and carefully experienced his Essence Soul’s transformation.

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