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Chapter 729: Ouroboros, s.p.a.cetime Loop

As an Essence Soul Seventh Tribulation Eminence, Meng Chuan’s Essence Soul World enveloped his surroundings.

After grasping the opposing Origins law and drawing upon the Three Thousand Illusory Arrays’ experience to reconstruct his Essence Soul World, his Essence Soul World’s strength had also increased drastically, allowing it to suppress the surrounding s.p.a.cetime. Although the snake had grasped attacks that controlled s.p.a.cetime and had a wide range, the five billion-kilometer area around Meng Chuan remained peaceful.

Cultivator. With a thought, the snake hiding in the s.p.a.cetime maze stared at Meng Chuan and created a s.p.a.cetime maze, its killing intent extremely intense.

After violating the Eternal existence’s ban and getting captured and brought to Dry Origin Mountain, the Eternal existence’s word was law. The rules set by the Eternal existence made all imprisoned Chaos creatures only know one thing—kill the cultivators at all costs. Therefore, the moment the snake saw Meng Chuan, it didn’t hesitate to attack. It was surprised to discover that a large array formation had already appeared around Meng Chuan.

The array formation was vast; the Dark Chaos Holes devoured even light. A thousand Chaos Holes floated around Meng Chuan and suppressed the s.p.a.cetime maze, causing the entire s.p.a.cetime maze to turn much darker.

After grasping the Chaos Hole law and the opposing Heaven Splitting law and cultivating for more than a century, Meng Chuan’s Myriad Tribulations Chaos Hole Array’s realm had increased greatly.

He could now maintain 1,000 Dark Chaos Holes at the same time. Although they were all small Chaos Holes, their combined strength was still extremely terrifying.

If he encountered Lord of Li Rainbow again, he could easily crush him with the array formation.

Huh? Meng Chuan stood in the void as more than 1,000 Dark Chaos Holes floated around him. Suddenly, a huge celestial body appeared!

The ma.s.sive celestial body crashed down, and its size far exceeded the range of Meng Chuan’s Origins domain—19 trillion kilometers. If it appeared in the outer realm, it would probably crush countless stars.

In the depths of Meng Chuan’s eyes was the six-stroke runic seal. Only then did he realize that this celestial body was actually the end of the large snake’s tail.

The six-stroke runic seal was a mystic technique created by an Eternal existence; it allowed him to see the essence of everything.

The tail tip was too large, and it traversed s.p.a.cetime too quickly. It instantly struck Meng Chuan’s Myriad Tribulations Chaos Hole Array.


The 1,000 Dark Chaos Holes acted upon each other as they got pulled, crushed, scattered, and devoured by the external impact.

The impact was easily absorbed. Although many Dark Chaos Holes were fluctuating due to the impact, the array formation was extremely stable.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

The tip of the tail transformed into a phantom. The time flow around it was different from the time flow Meng Chuan experienced. In the blink of an eye, the ma.s.sive tail had struck 37,800 times. Every strike was extremely terrifying.

Over 30,000 strikes was enough to threaten a top Seventh Tribulation Eminence.

Although Meng Chuan’s time flow was a hundred-fold slower than his opponent’s, the Myriad Tribulations Chaos Hole Array was adaptive. The Chaos Holes pulled, twisted, scattered, and devoured… Everything happened naturally. The Myriad Tribulations Chaos Hole Array was known for its stability. The snake couldn’t break the array formation with its powerful body.


In the next moment, the tip of the tail vanished as an even larger snake head appeared. The snake head and open mouth could probably devour half of Three Bay River System in one mouthful.

One mouthful!

Meng Chuan and the Myriad Tribulations Chaos Hole Array were devoured by the snake.

Interesting. Meng Chuan didn’t panic at all after being devoured and swallowed into the snake’s belly—he had the Myriad Tribulations Chaos Hole Array. At most, he would have an Essence Soul avatar destroyed. The more powerful the snake was, the more excited Meng Chuan became.

Looking at the dark snake’s body, Meng Chuan had a thought: Heaven Splitting Saber Array of the Chaos Hole Heaven Splitting Array.

With a thought, the array formation changed!

The 1,000 Dark Chaos Holes floating in all directions already had very condensed cores. But as Meng Chuan guided and transformed them, each Dark Chaos Hole condensed again, forming a dazzling blade.

The blade was unimaginably blinding. The Dark Chaos Hole’s power completely gathered as one, forming a Heaven Splitting Blade.

A thousand Dark Chaos Holes transformed into 1,000 dazzling blades that floated in all directions.

Every blade was condensed from a Chaos Hole, and they were terrifyingly powerful. It wasn’t like how Meng Chuan only knew how to unleash brute force with his talent! Now, his strength had perfectly fused with the 1,000 blades. They didn’t suffer any leakage and were like real blades.


In the Heaven Splitting Saber Array, 1,000 Heaven Splitting Sabers circled Meng Chuan. They easily sliced through the layers of s.p.a.cetime around the snake’s throat and flesh.

Under the protection of the 1,000 Heaven Splitting Blades, Meng Chuan flew out of the gaping hole in the snake’s flesh. The snake’s flesh couldn’t stop him at all.

When using 1,000 Chaos Holes, one could withstand heavy attacks with their stability.

A thousand Heaven Splitting Sabers gathered the saber forces under the array formation, but they were all indestructible. Wherever the array formation pa.s.sed, everything was reduced to dust.

This was also the first of the Chaos Hole Heaven Splitting Array’s three transformations that Meng Chuan had comprehended using the Three Thousand Illusory Arrays and the Myriad Tribulations Chaos Hole Array through the Eternal Painting Dao mystic technique—six-stroke runic seal—with the opposing Origins laws as his foundation!

Each transformation had its own strengths.

His strength was ultimately limited after comprehending a law. Thus, Meng Chuan had to infuse a suitable mystic technique to unleash sufficient strength.

For example, Palace Lord Skylight had created the Chaos Hole Fist with the Chaos Hole law. It had the might of a top Seventh Tribulation Eminence. With the Chaos Hole law and other Origin laws, he had created an improved mystic technique—Skylight Fist. It was invincible for an era. One punch could defeat a top Seventh Tribulation Eminence.

This was the importance of mystic techniques. A powerful mystic technique could drastically increase one’s combat strength.

Later generations also comprehended the Chaos Hole law and other Origin laws, but none of them mastered the Skylight Fist.

Meng Chuan didn’t learn from others. Instead, he used the six-stroke runic seal mystic technique to observe all sorts of things. He drew upon the wisdom of his seniors and created an array formation that was most suitable for him.

Meng Chuan admitted that the Chaos Hole Heaven Splitting Array he had just created might not be comparable to the Skylight Fist, but it was considered among the most powerful mystic techniques among top Seventh Tribulation mystic techniques.

This cultivator’s array formation. The snake felt intense pain in its body. It immediately took the initiative to split its body in two, allowing Meng Chuan to come out.

The two halves then merged once again.


The snake’s body rapidly shrank until it was only 50 billion kilometers long. When it shrank, it had already wrapped itself around the Heaven Splitting Saber Array that Meng Chuan had set up.

The Heaven Splitting Saber Array was extremely sharp, but the snake’s body became much tougher after it shrank to such a size. The Heaven Splitting Saber Array only managed to slice through the scales and slice off a lot of flesh. However, the s.p.a.cetime changes around the snake’s body instantly restored it to its peak state.

On one side, scales and flesh flew as the Heaven Splitting Saber Array sliced down. On the other side, the snake’s body remained in peak condition.

The ma.s.sive snake coiled around the array formation as it tried its best to restrain it.

The coiled snake’s might became terrifying. It had already affected the array formation’s stability, causing Meng Chuan to frown slightly. Split!

The 1,000 Heaven Splitting Sabers immediately split into three saber streams. Each saber stream sliced through a portion of the huge snake’s body.

After all, Meng Chuan was only fighting with an Essence Soul avatar. His own safety wasn’t that important. Therefore, the three Chaos Hole Heaven Splitting Array variations that he created in a short period of time were all offensive moves. This move was also the most thorough attack of the Heaven Splitting Saber Array. He completely abandoned his defense and transformed into three saber streams to kill his enemies.


Under the three saber streams, the three parts of the snake’s body—which had been coiled together with all its might—were sliced apart. The moment the saber streams sliced down, they constantly destroyed the snake’s body. They wanted to take advantage of the snake’s weak resistance to destroy its body completely.


The snake’s remnant body immediately exploded as it fled into the s.p.a.cetime maze.

This cultivator is indeed powerful. I can only use the s.p.a.cetime Loop. The snake used s.p.a.cetime to recover to its peak. It couldn’t afford to die in the spatial cell because its Life Core was sealed. Once this true body died, the cultivator could instantly obtain its Life Core. Therefore, it was indeed much easier to kill Seventh Tribulation Chaos creatures in the spatial cell.

Meng Chuan didn’t necessarily have to kill the snake successfully the first time he fought it. The first battle was more important for him to figure out the opponent’s background. He could attack the snake in a more targeted manner the next time.

Although he had obtained intelligence about the snake, the intelligence was only written. Furthermore, it only recorded a so-called s.p.a.cetime Loop. In the intelligence records of Dry Origin Mountain, this was clearly the only move that was valued.

Huh? A thousand Heaven Splitting Blades floated in all directions as Meng Chuan looked up.

From afar, a towering serpent appeared. In the distance, the snake’s ma.s.sive body formed a ring as the snake head bit the snake tail.

Chi! Chi! Chi!

After forming a ring, a blood fog rose. Countless snake scale patterns lit up as the huge snake ring transformed into a dark hole. It produced a terrifying suction force, causing all energy and objects in the spatial cell to fall into it.

Meng Chuan immediately turned the Heaven Splitting Sabers into Chaos Holes. The Myriad Tribulations Chaos Hole Array protected his surroundings, but he still couldn’t resist it. In an instant, he fell into the endless darkness formed by the snake ring.

At that moment, information regarding the snake surfaced in Meng Chuan’s mind. It was from the information he had obtained from Dry Origin Mountain—Ouroborus, s.p.a.cetime Loop, Heaven Earth Devouring, the Restart of the Universe!

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