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Chapter 728: Chaos Hole Heaven Splitting Array

Meng Chuan walked out of the wooden hut and looked at the scenery of Dry Origin Mountain.

On this Dry Origin Mountain that contained many mysteries, he was the only living being that was awake. n.o.body noticed that he had comprehended the Heaven Splitting law.

In the distance, Thousand-Hands’s eight paws were hugging himself as he slept. His breathing was rhythmic.

That’s right. I’ve only comprehended a new Origins law. I haven’t even comprehended the s.p.a.cetime law, so what’s there to be excited about? Meng Chuan thought to himself. Only by becoming an Eighth Tribulation Eminence and killing a Chaos overlord could he pa.s.s the test and become an Eternal existence’s disciple. His accomplishments were still far from anything stunning.

Meng Chuan walked through Dry Origin Mountain and pondered. Since I’ve comprehended the Chaos Hole law and the Heaven Splitting law, I need to improve many mystic techniques so that I can kill a more powerful Seventh Tribulation Chaos creature.

Meng Chuan knew very well that killing a Chaos creature was his greatest opportunity here at Dry Origin Mountain. He could completely devour and absorb a Chaos creature, forming a talent that was most compatible with him.

A powerful talent was too beneficial to his cultivation. The Heaven Splitting law was an example.

Meng Chuan had never really seen Heaven Splitting before! Despite eating the fruit and seeing Dragon Ancestor and others opening up universes, those scenes were still very different from personally witnessing a universe’s creation.

However, Meng Chuan had grasped the Heaven Splitting law in 2,000 years thanks to his talent in Heaven Splitting Blade and the six-stroke runic seal.

This speed was astonis.h.i.+ng. After all, the Heaven Splitting law was famous for being difficult to comprehend.

With the two opposing Origins laws as a foundation, I can directly comprehend the temporal law, thought Meng Chuan. Therefore, the Seventh Tribulation Chaos creatures I should kill have to be very good at the s.p.a.cetime lineage. I’ll ignore Chaos overlords for the time being. Seventh Tribulation Chaos creatures are divided into three levels.

A peak Seventh Tribulation Chaos creature has grown to the peak of the Seventh Tribulation realm. It already has some Eighth Tribulation moves, but it hasn’t transformed into an Eighth Tribulation lifeform. At this level, one has to grasp the complete s.p.a.cetime law to deal with such a Chaos creature! I’ll have to be a half-step Eighth Tribulation Eminence at least. Meng Chuan had long received intelligence from Thousand-Hands, so he knew that he didn’t need to consider peak Seventh Tribulation Chaos creatures before reaching the half-step Eighth Tribulation realm.

A top Seventh Tribulation Eminence is needed to kill a top Seventh Tribulation Chaos creature. Even so, success isn’t guaranteed.

Ordinary Seventh Tribulation Chaos creatures can be killed if ordinary Seventh Tribulation Eminences are lucky.

Meng Chuan also understood that there was a prerequisite behind this intelligence. All Chaos creatures were imprisoned; there was no way for their Life Cores to escape.

If they were in the outside world, the difficulty of killing Chaos creatures would increase by more than ten-fold if they could use all their fleeing techniques. After all, the Life Cores of Seventh Tribulation Chaos creatures had already been conceptualized. Defeating them and killing them were two completely different things.

In other words, every single spatial cell on Dry Origin Mountain imprisoned a Chaos creature. The Chaos creatures were unable to escape and could only be slaughtered.

There are 9,803 top Seventh Tribulation Chaos creatures, and there are 63 of them that dominate the s.p.a.cetime lineage. The one most suitable for me is a snake-shaped Chaos creature that is good at the s.p.a.cetime Loop. Meng Chuan eyed this target.

Top Chaos creatures at the Seventh Tribulation realm grew step by step from being weak. Typically, they had many talent moves. For example, Bark, which had fought Meng Chuan, had many talent moves—poison, blood, world, s.p.a.cetime, and so on. However, it couldn’t reach the strength of a top Seventh Tribulation Eminence by relying on s.p.a.cetime alone.

Meng Chuan chose Chaos creatures that were purely of the s.p.a.cetime lineage.

These Chaos creatures were typically born in special environments that gave rise to such talent. Coupled with their years of growth and various fortuitous encounters, they focused on this path.

Very few creatures on Dry Origin Mountain met Meng Chuan’s requirements.

I’ve just broken through. I have to consolidate my foundation before dealing with it. Meng Chuan sat cross-legged on a boulder near a cliff. In front of him was the endless fog that surrounded Dry Origin Mountain.

Facing the fog, Meng Chuan sat cross-legged on a boulder and began studying the array formation.

Physical Body Seventh Tribulation Eminences had powerful bodies. They could unleash terrifying strength in close combat.

Meng Chuan’s Essence Soul attacks were relatively weaker. However, an Essence Soul Seventh Tribulation Eminence’s advantage was their powerful Essence Soul. They suited the setting up of array formations.

Meng Chuan had read many ultimate techniques in White Avian Hall. The array formation ultimate technique he had spent the most effort on was the Myriad Tribulations Chaos Hole Array. This was an ultimate technique created by an Essence Soul Eighth Tribulation Eminence.

With the Chaos Hole lineage as the catalyst, he could fuse more laws into it. He could even fuse the laws of s.p.a.cetime into it, allowing him to power a terrifying Eighth Tribulation array formation.

With the Chaos Hole law as his foundation and the opposing Heaven Splitting law, Meng Chuan could naturally study the array formation more deeply.

He studied it, but it wasn’t just regurgitation! At Meng Chuan’s level, he would draw upon the experiences of his predecessors and ultimately walk his own path.

When Meng Chuan previously used the Myriad Tribulations Chaos Hole Array, he had fused it with the Heaven Splitting Blade. Back then, he didn’t know much about the Heaven Splitting law, so it was very difficult for the Heaven Splitting Blade to fuse with the array formation. Now, it was much easier for him to do so.

With the Myriad Tribulations Chaos Hole Array as a foundation, he spent most of his time studying the book left behind by the Eternal existence, Three Thousand Illusory Arrays. He drew on his array formation experience and used the mystic technique—six-stroke runic seal—to construct the array formation he wanted, Chaos Hole Heaven Splitting Array.

The Chaos Hole Heaven Splitting Array was a variant built upon the Myriad Tribulations Chaos Hole Array’s foundation. This variant was most suitable for Meng Chuan.

He cultivated for more than 100 years.

My Chaos Hole Heaven Splitting Array can be considered as having some initial success. Meng Chuan stood in front of the wooden hut’s drawing table and looked at the Chaos Hole Heaven Splitting Array he had drawn.

He nodded in satisfaction. I can deal with that snake now.

Meng Chuan continued holding his brush as he sent an Essence Soul avatar toward the prison that imprisoned the Chaos creatures.

He was also prepared to fail. If he failed, he could send his Essence Soul avatar to challenge it again.

Meng Chuan lowered his head and continued painting and cultivating.

In the dark-red void.

Meng Chuan arrived. This place was split into many spatial cells on many different levels.

The cells at the top were filled with imprisoned Chaos overlords. Meng Chuan flew to the third level and arrived in front of one of the 9,000-plus spatial cells.

What a large snake. Meng Chuan looked at his target through the spatial cell.

In the spatial cell, the snake was unimaginably large. Its winding body spread across more than half of the spatial cell.

With Meng Chuan’s perception, he guessed that the snake was half the size of his homeworld’s Three Bay River System! Although it was far inferior to the Chaos overlords—who were comparable to a river zone in size—it still shocked Meng Chuan greatly.

Every snake scale was much larger than a Supreme Yang Star or Supreme Yin Star.

As it was imprisoned, this was its true size. If it was a life-and-death battle, it would naturally change its size depending on the enemy.

It’s considered big even among Seventh Tribulation Chaos creatures. Meng Chuan sensed that the snake scales contained the profundities of s.p.a.cetime. When he looked at it with the naked eye, he felt s.p.a.cetime distort, gradually forming a closed loop.

After looking at it for a long time, Meng Chuan shook his head gently. My attainments in s.p.a.cetime are far inferior to it. Its body naturally reveals the profundities of endless s.p.a.cetime.

Meng Chuan began to feel excited. The greater his opponent’s s.p.a.cetime talent was, the better!


Meng Chuan took a step forward and flew into the spatial cell without any obstruction.

Meng Chuan could sense that time returned to normal the moment he entered the cell.

The snake—which had spread across more than half of the spatial cell—opened its eyes and looked at Meng Chuan.

Just by opening its eyes, Meng Chuan realized that s.p.a.cetime had distorted—he could no longer see the snake.

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