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Chapter 287 - Sweet

Knowing that Xiu Mei won't give up the question, he sighed in defeat and answered her in the end.

"He's the man I was talking about before."​​

Her brows furrowed, "Which man?"

"The man who talked me in accepting my Master's offer."

The man who talked to him...?


"The one you had a chat with on the roof?" Xiu Mei's eyes widened. That man was the same man he was talking about?!

But... but....

"I thought he was dead?"

This time, Lu Chen was baffled by what his wife said, "Why did you think he was dead?"

He didn't remember saying anything like that before.

Xiu Mei repeated his words on the part when he told hee that after Old Yang's death, his subordinates also followed after.

Lu Chen almost laughed at her words. "I must have misspoken."

"A lot of my master's primary subordinates really did pa.s.s away, but majority of those who died was due to their old age. That trespa.s.ser was one of the few younger ones he had at that time.

Besides, not all his trusted subordinates pa.s.sed away. Two people are still alive to this day, including that annoying man." He picked up his sandwich again and resumed eating.

"Oh." Xiu Mei mouthed. It was her bad ah. She had a.s.sumed that everyone was already dead based from his story.

Wait. If there are still two people who are alive, and since he mentioned before that this place is like an exclusive place where the most trusted subordinates live, then does that mean Sir Wen and the other person also lives here?

Wait, that sounded quite a bit wrong. Why does she sound as if she was interested in Sir Wen? Aiyo, luckily she didn't ask Lu Chen that.

She replaced the question she had in mind.

"Do they also work for you?" Xiu Mei stretched out her hand and stole the other hardboiled egg left on her husband's plate and ate it.

Lu Chen smiled like a silly secretly at her small action that he even pushed his plate towards her direction to make it easier for her to grab whatever she wanted to eat.

"No, they decided to retire after Master pa.s.sed away. They're very loyal to the old man so they weren't willing to work under me after I inherited the position." He explained.

After finis.h.i.+ng the food on his plate, he stood up and picked up the plate to wash.

"Do you want some" He offered to Xiu Mei who followed behind him when he went to the kitchen.

Xiu Mei nodded. She watched her husband wash the and put it on a plate. It was all seedless so when Lu Chen was about to remove the skin, she stopped him.

"Don't remove it. I want it with skin." She picked up a small gr.a.p.e before popping it in her mouth. The flavor of the slightly sweet and juicy exploded in her mouth as soon as she chewed it.

Xiu Mei suddenly felt uncomfort when she ate the sweet gr.a.p.e and immediately spat it out after grabbing a piece of tissue.

"Was it sour? Wait, I'll take a look at the fridge to see if we have—" He immediately moved towards the direction of the refridgerator when Xiu Mei pulled on his sleeves.

Xiu Mei just finished spitting out every bit of the gr.a.p.e inside her mouth, and she was pretty frustrated because there is still some aftertaste left.

"Just get me some water. I only want" She expressed despite hating the taste of the sweet fruit.

Lu Chen's frows furrowed while watching his wife take the entire bowl of

If she was eating it because he washed it for was fine even if she doesn't eat it.

He grabbed the other end of the owl and stopped her.

"I'll find you a different one that you like." He stressed.

"But I want this" Xiu Mei was strangely fixated at the fruit after her husband offered it to her. And even if she disliked the sweet gr.a.p.e, she sti didn't give it up and was strangely tempted to try more of the despite disliking the sweet taste.

"Are you sure?" Lu Chen was still worried and thought she was doing it for him. But he really was just overthinking it.

"I like it. It's not sour. It's sweet, but I didn't like it sweet. I'll just try to find a piece that looked sour." She bowed her head and started examining closely every piece of fruit and sniffing it trying to determine the taste.

The husband was at a loss on how to respond to his wife who was trying to determine a fruit's taste by eyes and sniffing it. He.... wasn't aware of that kind of technique to check if the was sweet or not ah...

And she didn't spit it out because it was sour but because it was sweet....

Lu Chen is very familiar with her taste and he knew that she liked sweet foods, and her preference for is it should be seedless and sweet. Hence, thay what they had in the fridge.

But now she was saying she didn't like the gr.a.p.e she had eaten because it was sweet.......was it perhaps because of her pregnancy reaction?

Xiu Mei would try to sniff it and sink one of her teeth on the fruit to taste it. All that she found sweet was immediately brought to her husband's lips and the sour ones ended up in her stomach.

She only stopped her close inspection aftrr realizing that she had finished the entire bowl of now.

"Full?" Lu Chen took the empty bowl from her hands and laid it on the counter. His other hand brushed his fingers on her hair, playing with it.

Xiu Mei nodded.

She touched the baby in her stomach and grinned at Lu Chen. She nodded again, "Yeah, I think the little one is already full."

The next day, Xiu Mei almost fell off the stairs after seeing someone unexpected in their kitchen. Since she still doesn't have the symptoms of sleeping for long hours, she was able to wake up early that morning.

She was planning to prepare Lu Qiang's lunch for school and their breakfast so she went straight to the kitchen after changing out of her pajamas.

But imagine her surprise when she saw Sir Wen's broad back facing her, and noticed that he even wore Lu Chen's black ap.r.o.n from the other side of the half wall gla.s.s where she could see a view of the kitchen from where she was standing.

Her foot that was about to take another step down halted mid-air.

"Uh.... goodmorning?"

Why did he trespa.s.s their home again this early?

She wasn't entirely sure on how she should treat this man because of his eccentric personality. She was still speechless when he downed two teapots of warm tea in such a short amount of time.

Sir Wen just turned his head to glance at her direction before replying briefly, "Goodmorning."

Xiu Mei hesitated for a short while before finally going to the kitchen. She could smell the scent of chicken stew, and the fish he was baking in the oven.

She stopped a few meters away from Sir Wen and awkwardly watched him go here and there and rummaging their cabinet quite comfortably as if it was his own home.

... Chenchen, sos (QAQ)

She didn't know what to do but just awkwardly stand there and watch him do all the stuff she was supposed to do instead.

"Ms. Xiu is an early bird, eh." Sir Wen spoke while he dumped a few leafy vegetables on the chicken stew.

"....Yeah. Sir Wen also knows how to cook?"

"Well, I used to travel a lot back then so I unintentionally learned how to cook various foods during my travels. When I'm not cleaning up, I do enjoy doing food trips during my free time." He casually replied.

"Clean up?"

Did he join in some kind of environmental preservation community?

"Kill people." He bluntly answered. Xiu Mei stiffened for a couple of seconds before replying ,"Oh."

Well, how else could she possibly react to that statement?

She didn't notice that even though Sir Wen looks so focused on what he was cooking, he was actually secretly examining her words and actions ever since last night.

He was genuinely curious why Lu Chen chose a woman from such a high-profile family, with a very impressive background. To think he would choose a person who is related to the military.

It wasn't something to worry about even though the two were natural enemies. But Sir Wen is also quite familiar with Lu Chen's personality.

He even a.s.sumed he wasn't going to get married like that Old Man who lived the entirety of his life in singlehood.

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