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Chapter 288 - His true purpose

Four people sat in silence during breakfast. The silence was almost choking that Xiu Mei even had to carefully breath so she wouldn't make a squeak.

She would silently pick up a couple of foods that was out of Lu Qiang's reach and drop him on his bowl before resuming eating her breakfast. ​​

After taking a spoonful of rice and a piece of fermented cabbage, she slightly raised her head to peek at the two men sitting across the table.

Sir Wen, who cooked this chinese breakfast, was very relaxed while he grabbed some meat and ate his breakfast fully satisfied.

Meanwhile, Lu Chen was silent and looked calm and composed on the outside throughout their breakfast, but his aura and the atmosphere within the room felt very different.

This atmosphere... she was very familiar with. But she usually only experience it inside the conference room while listening to a stupid report.

....Aiyo, I wanna go straight to the office right now.

She looked at her husband whose sour mood isn't showing in his face and silently prayed. Not for him, but to the unlucky person who would be vented on by her husband later.

Xiu Mei was still able to do a separate lunch for her son after Sir Wen finished using the kitchen. After packing it carefully and handing it over to her son, she walked him to the car and kissed him goodbye before he left for school.

Because this place is a bit farther than their previous address, Lu Chen decided to use separate cars for when Lu Qiang goes to school, when Xiu Mei and him goes to work in Lu Corp and another one when he goes to his other work.

After bidding goodbye to Lu Chen and Sir Wen, she aboarded the car and left for work with a heavy heart for the two men left inside.

Well, she already had an idea why Sir Wen appeared late last night and early this morning. Heck, she would be stupid if she couldn't. Sir Wen was scrutinizing her.

She didn't really mind it because it was a natural thing to be cautious especially that Lu Chen's ident.i.ty is very different from hers. More so her background. If she was in Sir Wen's place, she would be concerned as well of a woman's sudden appearance and Lu Chen's marriage to a woman with such a high-profile background.

At the villa, Lu Chen sat face to face with the annoying man whose expression was a complete opposite from the dinner table. Sir Wen appeared to be all smiles but he was now facing Lu Chen with a stone face and his killer aura that he stayed suppressed this morning is now out in full-force.

Lu Chen's aura didn't lose to his. That's why he was able to keep his cold expression without feeling the difficulty to breathe nor being suppressed by this trespa.s.ser.

"I doubt you're only here to meet my wife." Lu Chen started, "You can even easily meet her even without my knowledge, but you boldly went straight in cras.h.i.+ng at my home in the middle of the night. Then you did it again this morning."

He crossed his arms and continued to interrogate him, "You've been happily travelling and enjoying your retirement. Which foolish soul whispered in your ears that urged you to come back in China?"

Sir Wen's stone face was on par with Lu Chen's.

"I've heard some interesting news when I was traveling in Florida." Sir Wen pulled out his mobile, pressed something on the screen before laying it down on the table. He pushed it towards Lu Chen's direction so he could see the photo.

"A western mafia group is collaborating with the Sy Clan, i think you've already heard it."

Lu Chen glanced at the photo of a foreigned flas.h.i.+ng on his phone.

"I did. I already met with their head to to warn them for their bold movements with partnering up with a foreign mafia." Lu Chen replied in a flat tone before continuing, "They've been pretty quiet for the past week but I'm not taking any chances. I made sure to put eyes on their movements and all the people they've been interacting lately to know if they are sitll holding their end of the deal."

"I'm handling things well here. Is it just because of that?" He raised his eyebrow whie looking at him. "I doubt that alone made you drop by for a visit."

Sir Wen's lips curled up into a smile at his sentence before replying, "You've been investigating a man named Albert."

Lu Chens face didn't change and he knew that he must have heard that from one of his sources ahain. He was wondering why he was asking about it.

"I am, indeed. But that's confidential information." Lu Chen replied in a serious tone.

"Confidential enough to work with the military, apparently." Sir Wen leaned forward and rested his chin on his palm.

"I did. It was necessary. I'm not willing to wage war with our country's military in exchange for information. It is indeed unbeliavable for someone from the underworld to work with the military which is our natural enemies, but their interests is also involved in Albert's affairs."

"Hmm,... or is it because you're wife is also involved in his affairs?" Sir Wen's tone sounded very provoking when he said that.

Lu Chen did not deny it.

"Of course it was because of that. Isn't it more ridiculous if I, as a husband, do nothing to protect my wife when I have the authority of the entire underground city?"

Sir Wen laughed at his romantic statement. Who would have thought that this scrawny kid before who wasn't interested in relationsh.i.p.s would suddenly get married in a drop of a hat. If that old man was alive, he would surely laugh to death at his apprentice's lovelife.

"I understand your sentiments. I'm just making sure that you still have the interests of our organization and the city. You married quite a unique woman. Her background alone is enough for you to spread your influence in the entire country." Sir Wen pointed out. He wasn't sure which influence he was talking about but neither sounded good in his ears.

"You think I married Xiu Mei because of her background?" Lu Chen's eyes narrowed sharply at the man opposite him.

"No, I doubt you even need her influence at this point. I was simply telling you how much power that woman has as a daughter coming from two major families in the country." Sir Wen explained himself and returned to their previous topic, "Anyways, I wasn't here just for your marriage."

He flashed a smirk and continued, "You've been investigating Albert Chen's records in America, right? But all his records are about his education and the companies he worked at before he flew back here. But I found a reliable source from the friend I have who is a member of a mafia group there."

"All his records says he was adopted by a normal average family. That is indeed true. Albert lived a normal childhood for a year after his adoption, but durong that time, the orphanage he lived in was closed down due to lack of funds."

Lu Chen's brows furrowed while pointing out a concern, "Yeah, that's what we also found out when we were investigating his traces. But we still couldn't trace how he suddenly appeared in an American orphanage and how he flew out of the country. I suspect that he was caught by a human trafficking group then he was s.h.i.+pped out, along with the other kids to America. Still, it doesn't make sense why he would appear in an orphanage after that. Human traffickers doesn't take children just to get them adopted by families. That's ridiculous. They're not the charitable type of people."

"So you also investigated the orphanage?"

"Yeah, but all their records were burned in the fire that happened six months after Albert was adopted. And the location is also a bit isolated so the people who lived around there also doesn't have much impression on the people from the orphanage. It seems like they have a very minimal interaction with their neighbors."

"Yeah, but coincidentally, this friend of mine I was talking about also knew about the existence of this orphanage."

Lu Chen's eyelids jumped. "That mafia friend? Why would they be interested in that small orphanage?"

Sir Wen leaned back on the sofa and casually told him the answer, "That orphanage is one of theirs. They've been running it for the purpose of recruiting potential members. Well, the connectiob between the two was actually almost nonexistent that's why it would be impossible for you to make the connection. But he happily divulged that they built that orphanage with the sole purpose of knowing every child in the orphanage. Then they will approach the child they are interested in and have them get adopted to a family after signing a deal with them."

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