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Chapter 345: Top ten

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

As soon as the light surrounding them dispersed, Lu Mingshu bent down and vomited blood all of a sudden.

“Are you okay?” like a cat on hot coal, Yan Wugui supported her and checked her body. “Are you injured? Why are you so stubborn, huh? Would you rather be a bull instead of a human? What’s the big deal if we cannot get in? Our safety is way more important!”

Yan Wugui was aware of the risk when Lu Mingshu made the decision. His calculation may not be as precise as Lu Mingshu, but it was obvious that the chance of her getting injured was very high.

“I’m fine.” Lu Mingshu said and wiped the blood on her face away. “It’s just extravasated blood piled up from just now. I’ll feel better after I vomit it out.”

~Oh right, bulls.h.i.+t. Can people randomly have extravasated blood? It’s present because you are injured!~

“Mind your own business from now on.” Yan Wugui told her sternly and turned to Jiang Yuan. “Prince Jiang, I’m sure you are aware of how dangerous our situation is now. We have already done as promised and fulfilled our duty. Now, you are in the top ten and on your own. Good luck!”

Jiang Yuan was as pale as Lu Mingshu. Upon hearing that, she smiled at Yan Wugui bitterly. “Gentleman Ji, I am afraid that this time, you have no say in this.”

Yan Wugui stared at her blankly.

He and Lu Mingshu weren’t interested in getting a rank in this debate, so they did not research the top ten beforehand.


Jiang Yuan took in a deep breath to calm herself down. “Bro, the emperor’s order. Have you forgotten about it?”

“So what?”

Jiang Yuan rolled her eyes and sighed before proceeding to explain. “I got news saying that the order is on one of the partic.i.p.ants in the last round. So no matter whether you like it or not, people will still come after you.”

“Can I like, give up or quit right now?”

“Once you come in, there’s no going out.” Jiang Yuan shook her head.

Yan Wugui stared at her, unable to believe what he just heard and shook his head. “Oh my f.u.c.king G.o.d, please tell me this is a joke.”

“So that means that the only choice is that we continue to join forces?” Lu Mingshu asked. She was calmer than Yan Wugui.

“I guess so?” Jiang Yuan smiled sheepishly.

Since there’s no other choice, both of them decided to accept their fate. ~Just more fights and debates, what’s new?~

Lu Mingshu glanced around. We’re in a foggy wood, and it’s unknown how big it is or if any beasts are lurking around here. “Let’s find a place to rest first.”

“Yes.” Jiang Yuan nodded. “I think Fu Yun and his team will be here soon.”

Lu Mingshu stared at her for a few seconds, wanting to find some trace of emotions on her face, but sadly there was none.

Seeing her action, Jiang Yuan laughed. “Is there something Miss Ji wants to say? We have been through two rounds together, somehow equivalent to trusting our lives with each other, so feel free to ask anything.”

As the three of them slowly walked into the fog, Lu Mingshu asked. “If something happens that results in either you dying or him dying, can you kill the floating cloud gentleman?”

Jiang Yuan didn’t reply immediately but nodded. “Yeah.”

“Do you hate him?”

“Not really.” Jiang Yuan paused. “But like what you said, I contributed so much, and he just abandoned me for some benefits. Even though I am happy with my life right now, it’s still unfair, isn’t it?”

Lu Mingshu stared at her in shock for a minute. Previously, when she and Yan Wugui tried to get her to open up, she even scolded them, but now, she was willing to open up. ~Maybe because we spent too much time together, she finds us trustworthy now?~

“If there’s no chance, I would not bother to take revenge.” Jiang Yuan said. “But if there’s a chance, I would take it.”

“That’s the right way, man!” Yan Wugui interrupted. “Why should we force ourselves to be forgiving and nice? Take what revenge we need, and repay any kindness we get. This is what a good life is!”

This made Jiang Yuan laugh heartily. But she still explained herself. “We can’t say we are enemies, though. None of us said anything about it, and I am in no position to make any comments.”

“Prince Jiang, if you do not mind, can you tell us what happened between you three?”

“What is there to mind?” Maybe since she has let down her guard, Jiang Yuan was very cooperative and open.

“Back then, we were still not here in Yun Jing. I was a n.o.body to the Jiangs, and he was a n.o.body too. One day, we met elder miss Nie, who was on a trip, and she fell in love with him at first sight. When she was going to return home, she confessed and asked if he wanted to go with her. He said yes and left.”

“After he left, I sat at home for two days, staring into blank s.p.a.ce. I decided to come to Yun Jing after that. And ta-da, prince Jiang now.”

Jiang Yuan summarised it in a sentence, but she couldn’t hide how much unfairness and unhappiness she had experienced. It was almost impossible for her not to feel anything about it.

“Did you become Prince Jiang to take revenge?”

Jiang Yuan laughed and shook her head. “Is it worth it to do so much just to take revenge?” She sighed. “I just felt it was unfair; once he left, I could see how good his new life would be. I felt uneasy thinking about it. Why is he the one s.h.i.+ning while I am still living my life like how Jiang Wan was? I wanted to fight him, to see who was actually better.”

“I’m glad you think of it this way.” Lu Mingshu nodded. “But I’m afraid you shouldn’t attack him later on. You will drag us down if that is so.”

“Relax. I won’t.” Jiang Yuan laughed, but her eyes dimmed. “He’s no longer the Fu Yun I knew, and I’m no longer Jiang Wan. I have changed after so many years.

The floating cloud gentleman and Chu Zhengyan emerged at the entrance.

“They have already left.” Chu Zhengyan looked around and announced.

The floating cloud gentleman nodded. “Let us take a rest first, it’s going to be a tough battle later.”

“Hold on.” Chu Zhengyan said. “I want to see who’s next.”

“Is it important?” The floating cloud gentleman said monotonously. “Surely Qin Jun, and one more from his team. There are only two more places left; who it is will not make much difference.”

Chu Zhengyan looked over and laughed. “True. But it is still better to be on guard. It will not take much energy anyway.”

The floating cloud gentleman had no choice but to do as he said.

The trio stood there silently for a while, and indeed, Qin Jun entered with his servant.

“Brother Qin.” Chu Zhengyan bowed. “Hope you can go easy on me later on.”

Qin Jun smiled at him widely and shook his head. “Brother Chu is too humble, it is you who should be going easy on me instead; you two are very strong!”

“Ah, you are too humble…”

The both of them stood there to chat and talked about useless stuff. But their eyes were on the entrance, waiting to see the other two partic.i.p.ants to be sent in.

Not long after, two rays of light were seen and formed into two people.

It was two unfamiliar faces, and seeing everyone standing here, they were shocked and quickly went into defensive mode.

Qin Jun smiled gently and bowed. “Nice to meet you; please guide me later on.”

Seeing that he was nice, and Chu Zhengyan had no intentions to attack them, they let down their guard and chatted for a short while before leaving soon.

Everyone had used a lot of their energy in the sea of clouds, and this is a good time for them to rest.

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