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Chapter 1518 - Demise of the Dragon Imperials

Tianming’s robes were already stained with blood. Despite being a youth, he hadn’t embarra.s.sed the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect. He hadn’t been hurt yet, but had already sent several of the celestial orderians to their graves. They were all seniors who had trained for hundreds of years.

The battlefield was in chaos, and in the midst of the flames, not many would notice him in particular. Even when they did, no one could hear their shouts over the din. Every celestial orderian that noticed Tianming would excitedly rush at him, only to end up being killed by their would-be victim.

The Lifesteal Silverdragon crossed a thousand meters and its sharp tip pierced through a celestial orderian’s eye, then continued through his skull. The Lifesteal Silverdragon then returned, the force directly ripping the corpse in half.

A female warrior of the Ninedragon Army was in front of the dead man. Just now, she had almost been killed. “The Lifesteal Silverdragon… He’s actually on this battlefield.” She cried tears of blood.

Honestly, Tianming being willing to step on this battlefield was an act of incredible courage. All of the celestial orderians wanted to kill him, and any enemy that saw him would go mad. In other words, Tianming was being suicidal. Even he knew he was being suicidal. When the Dragon Imperials had tried chasing him away, he had refused to listen.

Some kinds of will were able to infect him, even his cultivation and divine will. From the Archaic House of Xuanyuan of the Flameyellow Continent to the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect of Orderia, the dragon souls of this clan had been influencing Tianming. That also included how he and Long Wanying were birds of the same feather.

“The Ninedragon Emperor didn’t give me the Imperial Ninedragon Tomb just to run away with it.” Combined with the plane of origin and the uniqueness of the nine-colored dragon scale, Tianming couldn’t just up and go.

Although he hadn’t been fighting in the core battlefield, the meat grinder in front was already fast reaching him. No matter how fierce the Ninedragon Army was, defeat was an inevitability when faced with twice their numbers. Even so, the brave warriors in front continued burning their lives to trade lives with their enemy.

Things only grew worse. Terror, despair, and gloom surrounded everyone. Tianming could feel himself being infected by it. He knew that the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect really needed someone to step out right now. Perhaps if he did so, he could make everyone believe in him and entrench his Imperial Will in their hearts.

Unfortunately, the current Tianming was just too insignificant a speck in this whole battle. He simply lacked the ability! So what if he could kill a few people here and there? What would it change? Tianming felt his heart bleed; too many had died. The celestial orderians were overwhelming them and the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect would definitely pay a price for this battle.

“Azuredragon Emperor!” Suddenly, Tianming heard a mournful shout.

Tianming looked in that direction and saw an ongoing battle of experts. In the thick of it was a gray-robed man, the Azuredragon Emperor! Surrounding him were the Flamefiend Lord Li Xiaoyan, Apothecary Li, and the Blooddragon Emperor.

Many around them wanted to save the Azuredragon Emperor, but alas, even more celestial orderians were around. No matter how many members of the Ninedragon Army came forward, more celestial orderians would pop up. Clearly, the three experts were ganging up on the Azuredragon Emperor in an attempt to take the head of the army. Once the six Dragon Imperials were taken down and the remaining dragonsprings seized, the Ninedragon Army would collapse on itself. A Xuanyuan Dragon Sect without its Dragon Imperials was only fit to be enslaved!

The battle loudly raged as the Azuredragon Emperor led his lifebound beasts in an attempt to fight one versus three. The shockwaves and sea of fire from Li Xiaoyan’s fire totems made it hard for Tianming to make out what was happening inside. However, the Azuredragon Emperor’s furious and emotional roars could still faintly be made out, his inextinguishable will clear to all.

Although he was older than Li Xiaoyan and Apothecary Li, it was clear he was no easy target from how long they were taking to bring him down. From afar, Tianming heard his rough, yet tragic laughter.

“It’s fine for me to die. I’m old. But one day, my clan will pay back this debt of blood!”

Light, fire, and smoke swallowed up everything.

“Kill!” A bleak shout filled the sky as the Azuredragon Emperor spoke his last words. Tianming couldn’t forget that elder who had provided Lingfeng waste pills.

“Run, Li Tianming!” A woman rushed over and grabbed Tianming’s hand. It was Long Xiqian and she started pulling Tianming away.

Tianming flew backward and looked at the fog of blood in a daze. He choked, “Auntie Qian, the Azuredragon Emperor is gone.…”

First it was Yang Ce. Now it was the Azuredragon Emperor. How many more people needed to die? When Yang Ce had pa.s.sed, Tianming’s eyes had gone red and he had almost suffocated.

“Yes. Go now.” Long Xiqian clenched her teeth, tears falling. She knew very well the next to die may be her father, the Saintdragon Emperor. He was in the front line and using his aged body as the vanguard of the Ninedragon Army. The corpses beneath him were piled up into a mountain, but his fall could be predicted.

“It’s alright Tianming. One of them will die for every one of us that dies. History will remember us,” Long Xiqian said.

Tianming stopped and gnashed his teeth. History would remember them? Who gave a f.u.c.k? He took a deep breath. There was a disturbance beneath his feet and some metallic ants burrowed out of the ground. Together, they were holding a green dragon-shaped formation, which they pa.s.sed to Tianming. Light danced on it and Tianming received it with trembling hands.

It was a dragonspring. It belonged to the Greendragon Emperor! He had been the first true Dragon Imperial casualty of the war, even before the Azuredragon Emperor and had handed the dragonspring to Yin Chen before dying. It had taken Yin Chen a long time to burrow its way to Tianming.

He had also left behind a will.

“Tianming, bring along the dragonspring and run far, far away using the Ninedragon Tomb. Never ever come back. That’s the only way the sun emperor will never enter the Primodragon Cave.”

The six Dragon Imperials were no longer young; mutual destruction was their staunch choice.

And Li Tianming… was their hope!

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