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Chapter 1864 - Prey

The sun emperor raised his hand and smiled, which the red-haired man mirrored. "Who are you?"

"The sun emperor," the red-haired man answered.

"Then who am I?"??ℯe?????ѵel. ?o?

"The sun emperor."

"Who’s the prime?"

"The sun emperor is the prime."

"Good." The gold-haired sun emperor took a deep breath and said, "Then, from now on, may the sun emperor start fighting for the sun!" He stepped forward and gripped the shoulder of the red-haired man. "Remember—you have no ego. Your sense of self is with me. There’s only one mind, and that's mine."

The red-haired man's expression didn't change in the least.

"Who’s Li Wudi?" the sun emperor asked.

"I don't know."

"What about Li Tianming?"

"Someone who must die."

"And Skywolf?"

The red-haired man smirked. "Prey!"


Some time after that, tens of thousands of people gathered outside the Divine Sun Palace. They weren’t normal troops. Instead, all of them had high status and impressive power. The air they gave off was domineering. They were the strongest fighters of the celestial orderians. There were ten thousand of them in total, each of them an eighth-level solarian or higher, and all of them famous in Orderia in their own right. They weren't part of the army, but had been summoned by the sun emperor to join his personal guard. All of them waited quietly outside the commotion-filled palace. Eventually, the palace's doors opened.

"Come in. We're preparing to head out," the sun emperor's voice rang out from within.

"Understood!" All of them entered the palace in an orderly fas.h.i.+on. However, the door didn't immediately close. There was a woman with light-green hair still outside, dressed in luxurious robes. Beside her were tens of beautiful female maidservants. Unlike other beauties, there was a motherly aura about her that was accompanied by an air of n.o.ble superiority. She was the empress who had come from the soul tribulators. All ten of the sun emperor's sons had been birthed by her, and in recent years, her sons had been dying one after another. Even so, there wasn't a hint of hurt in her demure and regal expression. She was waiting; soon, the gold-haired sun emperor appeared before her.

"The time is nigh. I’ll have you activate the hundred Flameyellow Formations in our domain. After you complete that task, take care of the Flameyellow Formations in the territories controlled by the Myriad Solar Sects. As long as the Myriaddragon Mountains are breached, it’ll only be a matter of time. The remnants won't take more than a few days to clear out."

"Understood." The empress elegantly bowed, a sign of her refined soul tribulator upbringing.

"Very well." The sun emperor didn't elaborate and casually waved as he flew back into his palace, after which it rumbled and rose into the sky. The empress and the others retreated, her dress fluttering from the shockwaves as the sun emperor departed.

"Empress...." The maidservants felt a little melancholic for their mistress. They knew that she seldom met her husband, and even though she just had, there was no chance for any deep interaction between them. Yet the empress didn't seem the least bit discouraged by it. Instead, her gaze seemed more resolute than before.

"As long as our plans succeed, the sun will be ushered into a new era!"


After some time, reinforcements from the Empyreans Sword Sect, Frostsoul Imperium, and Divinemight Dynasty arrived at the Myriaddragon Mountains. The Group of Celestial Maiden Halls, on the other hand, had finished their reorganization since they were the closest to the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect. All six alliance leaders were also present.

It seemed that all preparations, whether it be the elite units, main forces, or logistics, had been finished with the highest efficiency. The Myriaddragon Mountains were far more reinforced than they had been during the previous legendary battle that took place there, where they hadn’t even had a defensive formation at the start of the battle. Thankfully, the sun emperor had gone to the Xuanyu Continent at that time, otherwise the Divine Sun Palace would have blasted the Ninedragon Army to smithereens.

They currently had a hundred and thirty million troops at the frontline. Formation spirit threads stretched out to every cultivator and lifebound beast in the mountains. The oppressive atmosphere was growing more and more tense. As Tianming had Yin Chen, he kept a constant eye on the enemy troops' movement. At the rate they were approaching, it would take half a day for them to reach the mountain range.

"The Divine Sun Palace has started moving. It’s bringing ten thousand eighth-level solarians and above with it," Tianming said.

"n.o.body else?" the Northdipper Swordsage asked.

Tianming found that their situation was worse than they had imagined. If the Northdipper Swordsage was nervous, the ones who could die at any moment on the front lines must be even more so. "No...."

The rest breathed a sigh of relief. The celestial orderians really did have quite an impressive force to boast of. Had they conscripted their civilians to join the fight, they could have had at least tens of millions more troops in the Divine Sun Palace.

"What was the sun emperor up to during the few days he was resting? Did he intentionally give us time to deal with the dreamless celestial emperor?" The Northdipper Swordsage couldn't figure that out.

"Perhaps he was recovering from the fear of facing the Fushen Clan," Fushen Gongyi joked. Even though that battle had considerably raised their morale, they had still lost Fushen Valley at the end.

There was no way Tianming could know what was happening inside the Divine Sun Palace, but he had a premonition that the upcoming battle would be the hardest they had ever faced. He continued pacing about the hall, deep in thought.

"Brother, I'm here," Lingfeng said as he landed with the Soulfiend. It was wearing its angry face and slamming its chest with its six arms, roaring as it obsessively guarded him.

"How's Qingyu doing?"

"Same old. I made sure she hid herself well."

Tianming gave it some thought and said, "If she's alone, I should have someone protect her. If something goes wrong, she can flee as well." Qingyu was still technically the daughter of the sun emperor, so extra considerations had to be made.

"Alright." Lingfeng had wanted to bring that up, but it seemed like Tianming hadn’t forgotten her, despite the pressure he was facing. "Once we take him down, it'll be our victory." Lingfeng looked north with a cold glare.


"Perhaps we'll even find a way to help Qingyu."

"That's right."

For those two, this battle felt like part of their destiny.

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