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Chapter 2088 - Brother Ding, a Real Man

Looking at the fanatical crowd, Tianming and the others were stunned. "I've never been so lost for words in my entire life." What a group of weirdos.

"They seem to have a very chuunibyo fighting spirit. They take this very seriously and sacredly. Do they solve everything through fighting?" Feiling wondered.

"It's possible. After all, different worlds have different customs and traditions. It must be related to this force called Infinitum Bodhimanda." Tianming nodded.

"So I’m going?" Weisheng Moran asked.

"Hold on!" Tianming searched his spatial ring for a long time. He had obtained many strange items from the Blood Abyss WarG.o.d and Wonderhaze Suzerain and quickly found a colorful mask.

"What’s this?" Weisheng Moran asked curiously.

"It’s something good. Others can’t see your face clearly once you wear it." Tianming put it on for her, and sure enough, her face and figure were covered in mist.

Staring at the mirror, Weisheng Moran asked, "Why do I look a little resentful and in pain?"

"That’s because it's called the mask of pain," Tianming said.

"Fight, little fis.h.!.+ Go, go, go! Blow up his b.a.l.l.s!" Ying Huo squeezed its wings, making a crack that sounded like exploding b.a.l.l.s.

"Scram!" Tianming kicked it away.

In the corner, Ji Ji placed a crystal in front of her eyes, one eye closed as she studied and played with it.

"Do me a favor," Tianming said.

"I want that mask of pain," Ji Ji said.

"Fine, I'll give it to you after the fight." Tianming was dumbfounded.

"I want to go through your spatial ring again,” it added.


The Primordial Chaos Beasts each had their own idiosyncrasies, and Seventh was a h.o.a.rder.

"Her opponent isn’t strong. There’s no need to continually supply nova source. I’ll charge her up once and she can do her thing." Ji Ji’s pink nova source was within the tomb’s miniaturized nova source. In that instant, a pink storm erupted, pouring into Weisheng Moran’s body. Weisheng Moran softly moaned, seemingly in pleasure.

Face flushed, Tianming opened the tomb and sent her out.

Covered in a pink glow, Weisheng Moran appeared in s.p.a.ce, in front of Fang Dading like a pink light beam.

"Wow, it's Brother Ding's favorite color, pink!" The others boiled with excitement.

"d.a.m.n, Brother Ding has been single for eight hundred years. He’s trained those hands of steel, is he finally going to get lucky?"

"Why do I feel like he’s finished? From what I know, Brother Ding can't walk away from a pink beauty!"

As soon as those words were spoken, everyone was shocked. Sure enough, Fang Dading began trembling, staring wide-eyed at Weisheng Moran. The mask she wore stimulated their imagination.

"Brother Ding, you’re a real man. Don’t back down!" his little brothers bleakly said.

"Hey, don't think I’ll lose just because you’re a beauty! Lifebound beasts, charge!" Fang Dading roared, face flushed as he pulled out a big saber and pointed it at Weisheng Moran. It was a heated moment, but there wasn’t any movement around him for a long time. His lifebound beasts never showed up.

"Where’s my lifebound beasts?" Fang Dading asked, looking around.

"Brother Ding, they pa.s.sed out from drinking...."

"f.u.c.k, I forgot about that!" Fang Dading felt his vision darken and he almost fainted. How could he die before achieving triumph!

At that moment, the woman enveloped in pink nova source exploded with terrifying power that belonged to a wondermancer. A majestic brush and tome proudly stood before her.

"d.a.m.n, it's a wondermancer! Her brush is bigger than Brother Ding’s lifebound beasts!"

Weisheng Moran possessed real strength, so there wasn't any suspense about the outcome. The sacredway tome wonder didn’t even have to move. Fang Dading vomited blood and was sent flying as soon as the skyway masterbrush wonder fell, slamming into his astrals.h.i.+p. Although he climbed back to his feet, he was unsteadily swaying and seeing stars.

"Meanie!" Fang Dading roared, beating his chest. Just as Tianming thought he would refuse to accept defeat and mobilize his army for a counterattack, he watched the guy pull out a white cloth from his crotch, covered his head with it, and sob, "I give up! How embarra.s.sing!”

Inside the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb, the remaining three looked at each other blankly, devoid of speech.

"My poor Brother Ding!"

"He lost!"

"Our opponent was too powerful! Who would’ve thought she would be so strong! We should be ashamed of ourselves."

"Um, can I ask for her autograph...."

Although the crowd was noisy, none of them volunteered to avenge Fang Dading. Tianming felt that it was time for him to act. Clearing his throat, he was about to speak when Fang Dading, with his head still covered with the white cloth, dejectedly ran back to his astrals.h.i.+p and gave his order. "Listen up, members of Team Dading. I’ve lost the fight and am too ashamed to stay and occupy this unowned nova source. Everyone, follow me. Withdraw at once. Boo-hoo."

"Our opponent is too strong!"

"Poor Brother Ding."

“Brother Ding is pitiful, but I can’t help but smile when I think of going home early."


To Tianming's surprise, they quickly returned to their astrals.h.i.+ps, and in an instant, all hundred swords turned around so the tips pointed to the east.

"Good luck, Brother Ye Chen! We’ll meet again if fate allows!" The fleet took off into s.p.a.ce, disappearing before their eyes in a short period of time.

“They’re gone?" Tianming looked out at the empty battlefield, completely baffled. The astrals.h.i.+ps had indeed disappeared and the unowned nova source now belonged to Tianming. It had come to him so easily, a hundred times easier than he’d imagined it would. Logically speaking, wouldn’t one have to fight to the death for such a treasure? He was allowed to choose the battle mode and was even told that choosing their weaker companion meant looking down on their opponent. What's more, they immediately fled after losing. But this was a nova source, not dirt. When Weisheng Moran returned to the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb, she was just as stunned as them.

"Could it be a scam? Maybe they knew that they couldn't beat us and didn’t want to suffer any damage so they retreated first, then went to look for their people?" Feiling said.

"That makes sense. After all, they surely don’t think we can move this unowned nova source in such a short period of time," Weisheng Moran replied.

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