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Chapter 2089 - Star-cloaking Formation

Given the mysterians’ level, it would take them decades or even hundreds of years to move an unowned nova source, considering the need for a transportation formation, as well as a pathway. Using an astrals.h.i.+p to pull the transportation formation would be much slower than the sun moving on its own.

"Could they be watching from nearby?" Xiaoxiao asked.

Filled with doubts, the three turned to Tianming in unison.

"No, Yin Chen is on each of their astrals.h.i.+ps. They’re still heading out and have no intention of monitoring us at all. In about a day, they’ll be out of Yin Chen’s range. If they do return, Yin Chen will be the first to know about it.” After leaving this area, those Yin Chens would enter a dormant state.

"With Yin Chen around, they won’t be able to spy on us without us knowing, but as Ling’er said, it’s very likely that they’re going back for reinforcements. Yin Chen just reported that they’re discussing going back to a certain location and reporting this incident. They’ll send a new team to come to fight us and decide the owners.h.i.+p of the nova source." Although they had a backup plan, their methods were still as immature as before.

"Will they behave the same as they did before?" Feiling asked in astonishment.

"Yin Chen said yes, especially that Fang Dading. He’s. .h.i.tting the ground with his head, punis.h.i.+ng himself with alcohol."

This was the most speechless they had ever been.

"Anyway, no one’s watching now. We can transport this unowned nova source back to the sun first, then think about the oddities of this world."

"Uh-huh." Tianming preferred to err on the side of caution. To prevent exposing the sun’s position, he waited until Yin Chen's eight-starred ladybugs were far enough away that they fell into dormancy. n.o.body could keep up once the nova source was moved, so it was only necessary to ensure there were no astrals.h.i.+ps nearby. Without any astrals.h.i.+ps around, no one would be able to discover the sun’s position through the unowned nova source. With that, Ji Ji merged with the blue nova source. The image in the dream came to life as the blue nova source turned pink at a speed visible to the naked eye. In a short period of time, it had completely changed. If Fang Dading and his team were to return, they wouldn’t believe their eyes!

"Let’s go!"

Seventh was much more useful than the transportation formation; it was the king of nova sources. With it, the unowned nova source seemed to be alive and followed the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb. No one else was around to witness this spectacular sight. Before long, the sun was right in front of them. In terms of volume, the unowned nova source appeared slightly smaller than the sun.

"After absorbing this nova source, the sun will officially become a skypiercer-cla.s.s world! I wonder if it’ll change." Tianming looked forward to it.

On the sun, Wudi had already opened the Flameyellow Guard Formation to welcome Tianming. Their trip had gone much smoother than expected. Fang Dading and his fleet had already flown out of Yin Chen's range. The people of the sun witnessed the wonder of world expansion once more.

"This is just the beginning. It’ll just get bigger and bigger." Tianming looked into the distance where the stars were extremely dense. What kind of force is the Infinitum Bodhimanda?" he muttered to himself as he stood in s.p.a.ce, watching the unowned nova source shrink. Not long after, the blue nova source disappeared and a brand new nova source world, eleven times its previous volume, was born! The only real nova source world that Tianming had ever been to was Violetglory. Thus, it was the first time he had personally experienced the marvel of a skypiercer-cla.s.s world. It was enormous and almost within reach. It was no longer gold or white, but a mixture of many colors and appeared to be a colorful star. When Ji Ji merged with it, it turned pink again.

"A skypiercer-cla.s.s world is so vast. I can’t imagine how terrifying a deific-cla.s.s world must be."

"Speaking of which, how would it feel to stand next to the First Aeonic Ancestral Star, or the gold and black star of the Grand-Orient Sword?" It was impossible to imagine. The only way he could do so was to picture himself as a drop of water against a large wave. He was very satisfied with the skypiercer-cla.s.s sun before him. As expected, the Flameyellow Guard and Fusion Formations could fully withstand such a transformation.

"What?" At that moment, Tianming discovered some movement from the direction of the Blooddragon Palace. "That’s where the second core is. Could it be.…" Tianming had been trying to fuse the second core, but with little success. Thus, he thought that it would take at least three or four years to completely absorb it. But as soon as he entered the compact nova source in the Blooddragon Palace, he noticed that the solar core had turned into a blood-red dragon. Upon seeing Tianming, the dragon rushed into his body.

"So it can fuse on its own?" Tianming was overjoyed. Because the sun was now a skypiercer-cla.s.s world, there were changes in the Flameyellow Core. It had essentially acknowledged him and was giving him a reward. Immersed in it, Tianming entered a transcendent state. His mind, along with the Flameyellow Core, wandered around the entire sun.

"This is my star!" Magnificent, vast, and boundless, the sun merged with his blood. The impetus of the sun and all of its living beings were concentrated on Tianming. Mountains and rivers merged with his heart, while the nations merged with his soul. Finally, the fusion of the second Flameyellow Core was complete and Tianming now possessed another ability a.s.sociated with control over the sun.

"What’s this?" Leaving the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb, Tianming stood above the sun and sensed the Flameyellow Core in his body. Above the Flameyellow Guard Formation, a layer of white mist spread out, enveloping the entire sun in an instant. Within three breaths, the blazing star in front of him disappeared. Of course, it wasn’t really gone.

"The second core is actually a kind of illusory defensive formation. It’s outside the Flameyellow Guard Formation and can completely hide the sun." It was extremely difficult to hide the glow of a star. A top-level star-cloaking formation was very important to any nova source world, and the degree of concealment of this formation in particular was plain to see. Tianming was very close to the sun, so he could feel a little fluctuation from the nova source, but no one would come so close to it if it were hidden.

"This is not just mist. It sealed the breath of all life on the sun!" The sun seemed to disappear into the starry sky.

"That’s great. This is just what we need!" Tianming was very happy. What he was most worried about was being exposed and targeted in this new world, where survival was uncertain. The appearance of this star-cloaking formation made it possible for the sun to hide in any dark corner of the cosmos. The cosmos was vast; unless someone happened to crash into the sun with their astrals.h.i.+p, they would be safe as long as it wasn’t bright.

"The flameyellow divinities’ wisdom knows no bounds." Tianming was determined. The sun could head out on its journey once more. He looked out into the distance, overwhelmed with emotion.

"Tianming." He seemed to hear a deep call.

"Who’s there?" Tianming was shocked. After searching for some time, he suddenly realized that the voice came from his Plundering Eye.

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