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Chapter 2724 - Little Madman

The Archaionfiend’s grand explosion marked the failure of the five divine wonderians' attempt to gang up on Xiaoxiao. They had tried suppressing Tianming using their divine wonders, only to fail their attempt. They instantly fell to rock bottom as the crowd watched, shocked.

"Now’s my chance!" Tianming's eyes flashed. He didn't waste a single moment. The five wonderians were heavily wounded, their divine wonders depleted to a certain extent and weaker than ever.

Ying Huo and the rest used their abilities to maintain the bombardment. While their attacks weren't as flashy as the Archaionfiend's, their combined might was nothing to scoff at! Then the decapath era G.o.dswords split into many tiny swords, piercing through the damaged divine wonders toward their owners!

"I'll hit them while they're down!" He would use this chance to wipe them out for good.

The five wonderians were split up and confused, unable to properly coordinate their divine wonders. First, the Prime Starchain smashed through the sacred darkmoon wonder, smas.h.i.+ng into Weisheng Yuehe's body. Having already sustained damage from the tiny totem swords, her body was completely eradicated. She was the second, or first, divine wonderian to be taken out! It was only then that their party started crumbling.

"Now, the cleanup!"

The battle became smoother and smoother for Tianming. Things were much easier with the wonderians’ resistance greatly dampened, and soon he was able to gain a heavy upper hand. The remaining four divine wonderians were easily crushed by him and Feiling. Every time one of them was defeated, the audience from the Skydome Mundus cried in shock.

When the last cosmic chart fizzled away before Tianming's eyes, peace returned to the Skyhold Bridge. While the fight had taken a long time, it was clear that Tianming's party had had the upper hand the whole way. The only reason it had lasted so long was that they were up against three divine wonderian pairs, which was six people.

"They won in a three-against-six!"

"This... is kinda embarra.s.sing."

"How could Li Tianming and his ilk make such rapid progress?!"

The key to their victory was their growth in power. Those from the Skydome Mundus had been watching Tianming since he’d defeated the hallowed shamaness, Fu Xi. There was no way he’d had as much power back then as he did today. The sheer difference was mindblowing, hence the shock of those from the Skydome Mundus. An odd, tense atmosphere set in as countless divine wonderians looked at the empty battlefield at Skyhold Bridge, speechless.

"This was their ninth win."

"That means there's only one left."

"The final one!"

"Weisheng Yue, Weisheng Xing, Weisheng Chen.... They were all divine wonderians who were top geniuses in their own time, but even they lost!"

The divine wonderians had no choice but to watch Tianming and the others get on their new, longer Skyhold Bridge, which continued flowing down the Dreamstream.

"Of all the children of the rex mundi, only the most esteemed Fengqing You is capable of wiping away this shame."

"That's right. In the entire Skydome Mundus, Fengqing You is only inferior to the rex mundi. Compared to them, not even the Weisheng Clan can possibly measure up."

"Fengqing You and the others already managed to craft a prototype infinitum-cla.s.s divine wonder, right? Even though they were only at their first cosmic chart at the age of five hundred, this divine wonder is no doubt much more powerful than the Weishengs'."

"Fengqing You's divine wonder is just like the rex mundi's. They possess the ephemeral world wonder and the eightpart apparition wonder."

"Wait... so they're a copy of the rex mundi!"

"Of course. Our rex mundi's greatest goal is to have them take over as the next rex mundi of the Skydome Mundus. They're two thousand years old now and are at their ninth cosmic chart. There's a good chance they'll become foundationeers before the age of three thousand."

"They went to Voidback City long ago, yet they've come back to Skyhold Bridge to start engaging in challenges again. It's very clear what their goal is."

"That's right. I heard that they're going after Li Tianming."

"We have to support them so that we divine wonderians don't lose face! Li Tianming is someone from another mundus. We of the Skydome Mundus can't afford to lose!"

The myriad wondersky realms of the Skydome Mundus began filling with people. After the previous battle with the Weishengs, everyone in the Skydome Mundus knew about the upcoming fight.

"That's right.... Who are the two teammates that Fengqing You brought along? They're at their eighth fight now, but they haven't taken part in the fights."

"The short country b.u.mpkin that's a bit ugly seems to be called Lin Ke, a ninth-level cosmic cartographer around two thousand years old. He’s a G.o.dshade from Intrepidus."

"A G.o.dshade?" They were a mysterious people who only started getting more renown because of Lin Ke.

"You can tell that he's no pushover from his gaze. He's probably at least on par with Li Tianming."

"Of course, but our Fengqing You is still the best. As expected of a rex mundi candidate."

"Word is that Li Tianming is also a rex mundi candidate of the Infinitum Mundus."

"That's not the same. Yi Daiyan's still far too young, even younger than Lin Ke or Fengqing You."

"d.a.m.n! Is she really that young?! That's some crazy talent right there!"

Discussions about Fengqing You's party raged on in the Skydome Mundus.

"What about that orange-eyed, orange-haired fellow that looks a bit daft?"

"Do you mean the one behind Fengqing Youmeng?"


"Who knows? He's probably a newcomer in the wondersky realm. There's no information about him whatsoever."

"It looks like Fengqing Youmeng and Lin Ke are showing him respect. He might be some crazy bigshot."

"Let me ask around."

Others had also noticed the orange-haired youth. It didn't take long before a few different rumors started to spread. A few of them contained the phrase 'Myriadpath Valley'.

"Does anyone know what that is?"


"I know about Intrepidus. It's a mundus that's quite far away, separated from us by an astral void. We divine wonderians also have some territory there."

"Is Myriadpath Valley a mundus?"

"It doesn't sound like it."

"Some say that he's the little madman from Myriadpath Valley."

"What does that even mean?"

"It means he's no ordinary man!"

Even up to the ninth round, Lin Ke and the orange-haired youth didn't need to fight at all. Anyone that went up against them was truly unfortunate. Fengqing Youyun was enough to deal with them, and Fengqing Youmeng barely had to do anything. Their impressive capabilities made the audience look forward to the next fight even more.

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