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Chapter 2725 - Respectfully p.i.s.sing

Waves splashed against the Skyhold Bridge as it continued flowing along the Dreamstream. Tianming looked up and cast his gaze through the cloudy mist. Deep inside it, he could see a pitch-black city, the core of the Skydome Battlefield—Voidback City! Skyhold Bridge was the link between it and Starting City.

"One more fight and we'll be there. I wonder what form the imperial-cla.s.s divine wonder will take? I'm only here in caelum form, after all." Everything within the wondersky realm was only virtual. "The tenth group of opponents that the divine wonderians have arranged for me should be coming about now."

Everyone already knew who they were, aside from Tianming and the girls.

"They should be much harder to fight than the six from just now," Feiling said.

"There’s only so many talented geniuses in the Skydome Mundus. Those that’re under two thousand years of age that are stronger than the group we just fought can only be Fengqing You. They're Meng Ying's strongest children," Tianming said.

"In other words, n.o.body apart from them can match up?" Xiaoxiao asked.

"The rest are at best about the same as Weisheng Yue," Tianming said.

"If they're only slightly harder to fight, it shouldn't be a problem," Feiling said.

"We'll see!"

Tianming hadn't shown his full power during the previous fight. Even though his performance had sparked chaotic discussions across the Skydome Mundus, he was still incredibly calm. He decided he would get some shut-eye during the wait.

He kept pondering the third sword strikes of the reges mundi, but right as he entered deep focus, his Skyhold Bridge collided with another. His eyes snapped open. The moment of the collision marked the start of the fight.

"Let's go see what kind of surprise Meng Ying holds for us," he said as he prepared for battle. He wasn't aware of how tense the entire Skydome Mundus was over this fight; it was completely unprecedented. Either way, he had Yin Chen spread out like usual and took his time heading to the center of the bridge.

"I have a bad feeling about this," Xiaoxiao said, timidly pulling her head inward.

"It does feel a little odd. Big Brother, if we lose, will we have to fight from the start again?" Feiling asked.

"We're powerful enough. At most, it'll take us a day or two to get back here. The real issue is that we'll have to wait a year before we can return. It's a waste of time," Tianming said.

"I see. Then it's best if we don't lose," Feiling said.

Tianming laughed, "Don't worry. Even if Meng Ying comes, their five-hundred-year-old forms won't be my match."

Right as he said that, Yin Chen confirmed their suspicions. Their opponent was indeed the strongest children of Meng Ying, Fengqing You! Their ephemeral world wonder and eightpart apparition wonders were weaker versions of the ones he had encountered, but he’d been looking forward to it the entire time.

"What about the other two?" Tianming asked as he headed in Fengqing You's direction.

"They are... still undetected," Yin Chen said.

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"They're absent!"

How could that be possible? "Keep looking—maybe they're just hiding." Skyhold Bridge was a whole platform. As long as Yin Chen spread out enough, n.o.body would be able to hide from it.

"A single person can't partic.i.p.ate in a three-person group match, right?" Feiling said.

"That's right. There must be three of them."

"Maybe Fengqing Youyun and Fengqing Youmeng are counted separately," Xiaoxiao said.

"No, that isn’t possible." Tianming heavily suspected that the other two were hiding. The three of them quickly advanced across the white platform. Deep in the fog ahead was a beautiful divine wonderian couple.

"They really are easy on the eyes." Tianming couldn't help but exclaim the moment he saw the two of them. Divine wonderians were born as fraternal twins, destined to be each other's spouses. This pair looked exactly the same, with the exception of their s.e.xually differentiated features. Their skin was as fair as jade and pure to an unbelievable extent. Even their lips were white, giving them a slightly artificial look from afar. Looking closer, one would be able to see their snow-white cosmic charts as well as the white, starlike bee’s nest that was their order.

"Fengqing Youyun, Fengqing Youmeng," Tianming called out. "Where’s your helpers?"

Fengqing Youyun didn't speak. Fengqing Youmeng, on the other hand, gave Tianming a complete once over, scrutinizing every single strand of his hair. In a gentle voice, she said, "We have none."

"None? Does that mean only the two of you are going to take all of us on?" Tianming seemed rather taken aback.

"Aren't we enough?" she asked.

"Perhaps. However, it goes against the rules. This is pointless. I won't fight," Tianming said.

"Hehehehe...." The female divine wonderian ignored Xiaoxiao and Feiling. Her lips curved into a light smile as her tempting figure began moving. "Aren't you the one who keeps on complaining that divine wonderian pairs counting as a single person is unfair? Consider this an attempt to make up for that."

"That isn't what I meant," Tianming said, shrugging. "What I meant was, if I join the fight against the two of you, the victory wouldn't mean much. It's a waste of my effort, so I won't even humor it."

"Hahaha...." Luscious laughter came ringing from Fengqing Youmeng's mouth. Her beautiful white eyes seemed to look at him with immense emotion. "I was just messing around with you."

"What do you mean?" Tianming furrowed his brows slightly. Everything about this battlefield felt odd. Right as he said that, he sensed a threat from underneath! All of a sudden, a transparent liquid on the ground that he hadn't noticed rushed toward him, taking the form of a person.

"Gah! G.o.dshades!" Tianming really hadn't expected that someone like the Star Hunters' leader would show up at Skyhold Bridge. He wasn't too worried about himself, but rather Feiling and Xiaoxiao. Fortunately, Feiling reacted quickly enough. Perpetia manifested right away to separate her from the water person, but their foe was powerful. Tianming instantly drew his sword as Perpetia's s.p.a.cetime powers revved up to maximum.

But unlike what he thought, the watery figure didn't press the attack. It was only a feint. He stopped right before Perpetia fully manifested and continued solidifying into a confident, short youth with a dark countenance. All of a sudden, he began p.i.s.sing in front of the three of them.

"f.u.c.k!" Tianming had never been so speechless in all his life. Feiling and Xiaoxiao awkwardly paused. Fortunately, the urine was blocked by Perpetia, and the girls looked away as well. It was truly quite a shameless display by the enemy.

"Aaah! It feels so good to relieve myself." The ugly youth raised his pants back up and lazily stretched. Then he shot Tianming and the rest a look of wonder. "I was just p.i.s.sing. Why are you all so nervous? That was my attempt to lighten the atmosphere, you know."

Tianming marveled at the sheer confidence he had to pull something like that.

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