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Chapter 2726 - The Third Member

Lin Ke was a G.o.dshade. Tianming hadn't met the leader of the Star Hunters, but he knew a bit about what happened. Lin Ke's ability to remain hidden was indeed quite frightening. Even as Yin Chen crawled around in its invisible c.o.c.kroach form, it wasn't able to detect him! As Lin Ke had crept up to them in liquid form, they didn't notice him until he revealed himself!

The G.o.dshades' stealth capabilities are definitely unmatched. While Tianming was speechless at Lin Ke's behavior, his wariness against him only kept rising. He might be similar to that phytospecter Lu Xuan, someone from some other mundus. The fact that he was invited to join Fengqing You means that his strength is nothing to scoff at.

They were only one step away from Voidback City and he definitely didn't want to lose at this juncture. Tianming kept his eye on Lin Ke while he telepathically communicated with Yin Chen. "Keep looking to see if their third member is around."

"Roger that."

Normally, all the members had to be there for the battle to begin. However, Tianming couldn't be sure if Meng Ying wouldn’t just simply change the rules of this particular fight.

"There's no need to look. The three of us are all there is," Fengqing Youyun said, having kept silent the whole time.

"Don't you two only count as one? That makes two," Tianming said.

"What do your eyes see? Three people or two?" Lin Ke said, standing between Fengqing Youmeng and Youyun, putting his arms around both of them and an extra hand on Fengqing Youmeng's head.

"Fine!" Tianming shrugged and decided to move on. "It doesn't matter. If another one comes, I'll kill them all the same. It isn’t like the geniuses of the Skydome Mundus's top bloodlines measure up to much anyway."

Lin Ke sloppily clapped and laughed, "Not bad. That’s one of the better attempts at bravado I've seen."

"It's about average. At least it's better than your attempt to intimidate us. Who raised you like a pet that anywhere without much thought? Are these two your masters?" Tianming said.

Lin Ke was stunned.

"Shhh." Tianming picked up a silver egg and pinched it into the shape of a banana, then tossed it at Lin Ke's feet. "Monkey, here's a treat. Go on, perform that p.i.s.sing trick again. If you can shoot it into my mouth, I'll give you more bananas than you can ever eat." He didn't care who Lin Ke was, but he wasn't going to just take it.

"So I have to be able to p.i.s.s all the way into your mouth?" Lin Ke asked.

"Don't. I'm not your dad, so I don't play such games," Tianming said with a look of contempt, taking a jab at his parents.

The audience of the match dropped their jaws in shock, only to subconsciously close them, as if they were afraid that p.i.s.s would trickle into their mouths as well. It was clear as day that Tianming had been greatly displeased by that display just now.

Lin Ke held his forehead and his rage seethed, then he began snickering.

"The little monkey seems desperate. It might start clawing at us, Big Brother," Feiling said, chuckling.

"We should back away lest it gets its dirty paws on us," Tianming said. The atmosphere around them started to fill with killing intent.

"You only dare to anger Lin Ke because you're in the wondersky realm. But don't think that this’ll have no consequences. The distance between different mundi isn't as wide as you imagine. A lifetime is a really long time. Eventually, you’ll come to regret this," Fengqing Youmeng said.

"You’re lucky you only encountered us in the wondersky realm. If you were actually before me in real life, I'd be the first to cut your monkey b.a.l.l.s off!" Tianming barked. There was no way Lin Ke would be able to endure that.

As expected, Lin Ke resorted to violence after rhetoric failed him. If he had been more civil, there wouldn't have been a chance for Tianming to mock him in the first place. He suddenly vanished without a trace.

"With the grudge sown, I'll settle for killing you in here for now. When we meet in real life, I'll show you what true pleasure looks like. Those two are women, right? Very well. Make sure to protect them well so they'll be ready to bear my children until they die!" Though Lin Ke was gone, his laughter and voice filled the entire bridge.

"You? Everyone knows that monkeys can't breed with humans." Tianming smirked.

Lin Ke charged toward them, and Fengqing Youyun and Fengqing Youmeng joined in without a word. Even though their cultivation was suppressed to that of their five-hundred-year-old selves, they were still terrifyingly powerful elite cultivators.

However, Tianming noticed something odd about them. First, the divine wonderian couple weren't standing as closely as an actual divine wonderian couple would. They didn't meet each other's gaze, either. Instead, Fengqing Youmeng seemed to be shooting glances of desire in Lin Ke's direction. But he seemed like nothing more than a short, ugly, and rude b.u.m, unlike the perfect and handsome Fengqing Youyun.

If those two divine wonderians don't stick together and collaboratively use their divine wonders, it's something I can take advantage of! He immediately came up with a plan of action. "G.o.dshades are normal humans at their core. They possess incredible stealth and capabilities, but no lifebound beasts, totems, or divine wonders. They aren’t good at head-on fights, so he won't strike first. Ling'er, see if you can hold him back!"

"No problem." Perpetia would be incredibly effective at countering Lin Ke. The only factor in this fight was who would be able to outmaneuver the other.

"What about me?" Xiaoxiao asked from the back of the Archaionfiend, flying up in the sky.

"Support us as necessary!" As for Tianming himself, he wanted to deal with Fengqing Youmeng and Fengqing Youyun himself. It would be a waste of his power for him to deal with Lin Ke. "Careful, everyone!"

This would be a chaotic battle, so opponents could switch with each other at any time. They could even have support skills that covered the entire battlefield, like Feiling's Perpetia City. She immediately spread her Kunlan Worldwings and expanded Perpetia's range, covering the center of the battlefield. Xiaoxiao and Fengqing You were also included within it.

"He's there!" No matter how fast Lin Ke could move, the undulations in s.p.a.ce and time within Perpetia allowed Feiling to precisely pinpoint his location.

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