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Chapter 562 – Improvement

‘Improve it, I have to try my best to improve my Dragon G.o.d bloodline.’

After an unknown period of time, the speed at which his bloodline revolved began to decrease. His bloodline vortex did not decrease in size this time. With sufficient life energy to absorb, it had undoubtedly given him a deeper foundation.

One, two, another two Dragon G.o.d scales appeared. Together with the previous ones, there were a total of five Dragon G.o.d scales.

However, Lan Xuanyu could clearly feel that the effect of the fruit wasn’t as good as the first time. The first time was able to increase his strength by two pieces and a half of dragon scales, and this time, it was one and a half. The third piece was revealed this time, which was why it had increased by two pieces.

His total number of Dragon G.o.d scales had increased to five pieces, and there were a few more colors inside his bloodline vortex.

He couldn’t feel the other changes, but he could feel that his Martial Soul seemed to have changed. His perception of the elements had become more distinct and his body seemed to have become stronger.

Beast G.o.d Di Tian was still silent and was likely in deep sleep. But his life energy and bloodline aura seemed to be able to influence and help him, allowing Lan Xuanyu to vaguely sense that the place where he was sleeping was in his Spiritual Sea. He didn’t know how long this powerful Beast G.o.d would be asleep.

When Lan Xuanyu opened his eyes, the sky was already bright. A faint mist floated on the surface of Sea G.o.d Lake, giving one the feeling of being ethereal like an immortal.

He turned to look at his teammates. Most of them were still awake, with only one exception.

Qian Lei was sitting by the sh.o.r.e and was hugging his knees with both hands in a daze.

When Lan Xuanyu saw him, he was stunned as well because his good brother had changed too much.

Qian Lei was at least a head taller than before. Originally, he was much shorter than Liu Feng and Lan Xuanyu, but now, he was taller than both of them. His fat belly was gone, and in its place was a body of st.u.r.dy muscles that looked like they were about to explode. His hair had turned gold, and even his eyes had a faint layer of dark gold.

Although he was just sitting there in a daze, he gave off an extremely strong feeling. His entire body seemed to be filled with explosive power.

“Fatty, this figure of yours is amazing!” At this moment, Qian Lei already looked as tall as an adult. If not for the childishness on his face, who could tell that he was only 13 years old?

“Boss, I… is this still me?” Qian Lei asked hesitantly. “If I go home like this, my parents probably won’t recognize me, right?”

Yes, with the help of the Emperor Fruit, he had completed his transformation ahead of time.

“Isn’t this good? Look, the fat on your face is gone. Although you’re not as good looking as me, you’re still quite manly.” Lan Xuanyu chuckled.

Qian Lei’s face had slimmed down. He couldn’t be considered very handsome, but with his muscular body, he was filled with masculinity. Compared to before, it was like heaven and earth.

“Seems like it, it’s quite good. It’s the figure that I’ve been dreaming of! It’s just that I’m still not used to it after getting it so easily,” Qian Lei mumbled.

As he spoke, he raised his arm and contracted his muscles.

Lan Xuanyu said in annoyance, “You’re here to show off, right?”

Qian Lei chuckled. “Of course not, Boss, I’m not that kind of person!”

“You are!” Lan Xuanyu snapped. “Did you get your fourth ring?”

Nana once said that after Qian Lei had finished completely fusing with the Golden Behemoth, he might be able to break through to the four-ring realm.

Qian Lei shook his head. “I’m still three-ring. I think after eating that thing you gave me, something in my body exploded and absorbed a lot of life energy. After that, my soul power didn’t increase much, but it should be around rank 37 or 8.”

The corners of Lan Xuanyu’s mouth twitched. “Thankfully, I still have you to accompany me. Frenzie should be about rank 40 soon.”

“He’s already 40. I saw his soul ring appear just now, and it is black. Boss, you guys have gained quite a bit from your trip to that planet! I’m so envious.”

Lan Xuanyu said, “Your Golden Behemoth isn’t bad either! Oh right, I’ll return the money to you. You spent over 30 purple-rank emblems cultivating at Sea G.o.d Lake. Also, you had bought some 10,000-year Black Ice Marrow flowers for Lan Mengqin. The rest is here.”

As he spoke, Lan Xuanyu gave Qian Lei the purple emblem that belonged to him. Qian Lei kept the emblem, his expression unchanged.

“No heartache?” Lan Xuanyu asked curiously. This wasn’t Qian Lei’s style!

Qian Lei raised his head slightly and looked in the direction of the rising sun. “Compared to this perfect figure, spending some money is nothing.”

Seeing that the smug expression on his face was getting more intense, Lan Xuanyu said, “Our cla.s.s has become the Star War Experiment cla.s.s. En, we’re going to practice piloting a soul s.p.a.ce fighter. I’ll bring you to give it a try this afternoon and let you experience the top 10,000 Battle Net.”

“Boss… I was wrong… I won’t be anymore…” Ding Zhuohan didn’t know what it felt like to ride a s.p.a.ce fighter, but how could Qian Lei not know? He was trained by Yin Tianfan along with Lan Xuanyu.

Lan Xuanyu patted him on the shoulder and said, “We’re in the Star War Experiment cla.s.s now, it’s just a matter of time. You still have some foundation, so it won’t be too difficult for you to adapt to it. Do your best.”

Not long after, the others woke up one after another. Liu Feng was the first to wake up, followed by Yuanen Huihui, Tang Yuge, Bai Xiuxiu, and Lan Mengqin.

During the night of cultivation, the one who seemed to have changed the most was naturally Qian Lei. When the others saw Qian Lei’s current appearance, they were in disbelief. Fatty Qian had become Qian Muscleman, this change was truly huge!

“Mengqin, how do I look now?” Qian Lei went over to Lan Mengqin’s side and displayed the muscles on his arm.

Lan Mengqin rolled her eyes at him and said, “Simple-minded and well-built, what’s so good about that?”

“Alright, everyone, go back and change your clothes before going to cla.s.s.” Teacher Tang Yue wasn’t around at this time, so it was better for everyone to quickly slip away since they were awake. The school had clearly suffered a loss for the price they had paid yesterday.

He quickly returned to the dorm, changed his clothes, and went to cla.s.s.

There was no doubt that when Qian Lei walked into the cla.s.sroom, it caused a commotion. The cla.s.smates who were close to him immediately surrounded him and asked him all sorts of questions, but Qian Lei pretended to be deep in thought and smiled without a word.

In the following period of time, all of the first years became extremely busy. They had in the morning, s.p.a.ce fighter piloting in the afternoon, and they had to cultivate on their own at night. Everyone felt extremely anxious.

Lan Xuanyu should have been slightly better since his s.p.a.ce fighter piloting was no longer a problem, but he still had to forge and he had to forge for at least three hours a day, so he was extremely busy.

There was no doubt that such busy first years would improve at an extremely fast speed. Relying on their superior const.i.tution, everyone’s improvement in s.p.a.ce fighter piloting was not slow, and they were able to perform basic piloting very quickly. In addition to the mecha lessons in the morning, there were some areas where mecha and s.p.a.ce fighter piloting were interlinked, such as balance.

In the blink of an eye, the second semester of the first year was about to end.

Due to the fact that they were too busy and their cultivation had already reached a certain level, everyone’s speed in increasing their soul power had decreased. There weren’t any obvious improvements, but in terms of overall quality, it was undoubtedly a step up.

Lan Xuanyu’s forging skills had improved along with his spiritual power, physical fitness, and the evolution of his bloodline. His success rate at first-grade Thousand Refinements was extremely high and he was able to hand over a cla.s.smate’s first-grade Thousand Refined metals almost every week. His first-grade Thousand Refined metals were already famous in the Outer Court.

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