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Chapter 756 – Eight-Ring Soul Douluo

The burly, middle-aged man sighed and said, “It’s hard to say. It’s possible that he was born from an egg, and his life energy is extremely strong. So, it’s not impossible for him to sleep for thousands or even tens of thousands of years. We can’t guarantee that his parents are still alive. But you’re right, his bloodline can only be inherited. We didn’t save Wulin back then, and we’ve already let Tang San down. We must protect this child no matter what.”

“En, it’s already very good that he can enter Shrek Academy. Also, the Eternal Tree should be able to discover his ident.i.ty. Didn’t they say that the Eternal Tree has awoken? I think it might be related to this boy. Little Shu is also here this time for Xuanyu. They have appointed Xuanyu as the successor of the School of Life. This is definitely the Eternal Tree’s idea, and it will protect this child well.”

The middle-aged man sighed again and said, “I wonder if they’re still alive.”

Er Ming smiled bitterly. “Are you talking about his parents or his grandparents?”



“I hope they’re still alive and well.”

While they were talking, Bai Xiuxiu and Qing Luo arrived at the center of the arena.

Qing Luo looked at Bai Xiuxiu and smiled. “h.e.l.lo.”

“h.e.l.lo,” Bai Xiuxiu replied politely.

They were all sizing each other up. From the looks of it, Qing Luo was delicate and charming while Bai Xiuxiu was cold and elegant, each having their own unique characteristics.

Qing Luo praised in her heart.

She was already 22 years old this year and had already fully developed, while Bai Xiuxiu should be around 16 years old and was still in the p.u.b.erty stage. If it was another two years, she would probably be even more beautiful than her. Furthermore, Bai Xiuxiu’s temperament was n.o.ble and very strange. Shrek Academy was truly extraordinary!

She found it hard to believe that Yan Kailun lost to Lan Xuanyu just now. After all, the disparity in cultivation was too great. Was Shrek Academy actually this strong?

What about the girl in front of him? How strong was she? Could she also have four rings? But no matter what, she had to win this round. If she won this round, they could at least drag it out until the team battle.

It seemed like Yan Kailun wasn’t able to display his full strength due to being suppressed. In a team battle, a strength-type soul master like Yan Kailun would be able to display his full strength.

“Begin!” Following Lin Mohua’s voice, the second one-on-one match began.

Qing Luo tapped the ground lightly with the tip of her toes and her body glided forward towards Bai Xiuxiu. Soul rings rose from her feet.

There were also three purple soul rings, followed by black soul rings.

When the fifth black soul ring appeared on her body, Lan Xuanyu’s expression changed.

Three purples and five blacks, eight rings. She was an eight-ring Soul Douluo! The other party was actually the same as Lan Xuanyu and the others, and the strongest person wasn’t the captain either. It was highly possible that it was this person before them.

Even when they were fighting against the sixth years in Shrek Academy, Lan Xuanyu’s team didn’t encounter an eight-ring opponent, but they encountered one here.

A light purple fan appeared in Qing Luo’s hand at this moment. She flew out and appeared not far from Bai Xiuxiu in the blink of an eye.

She waved the small fan in her hand gently and immediately, purple threads floated in all directions.

Bai Xiuxiu didn’t feel any pressure from Qing Luo’s body, but she wasn’t happy about it. Instead, she became more vigilant because this was a sign that Qing Luo had extremely high control over her soul power.

Qing Luo’s cultivation had already reached the rank of an eight-ring Soul Douluo and Bai Xiuxiu believed that she already had a Soul Core and her total soul power was far above hers.

If it was an ordinary soul master, they would probably have a mental breakdown upon discovering that their opponent was three levels higher than them.

But Bai Xiuxiu didn’t. In the face of pressure, she was even calmer. This was her nature and a habit she had developed under Nana’s guidance over the years.

Didn’t Lan Xuanyu defeat his opponent when they were three levels apart? Although he had Twin Martial Souls and a powerful Martial Soul Fusion technique like the Dragon G.o.d Transformation, she wasn’t too bad either! With the help of her Senior Demon Queen, a Great Beast, why wasn’t it possible to win this battle?

An ice spear appeared in Bai Xiuxiu’s hand in an instant. She took a step forward with her left foot and stabbed out like lightning.

Her ice spear wasn’t aimed at Qing Luo and she didn’t seem to see the purple threads that had dispersed.

Qing Luo’s Martial Soul was the Heavenly Luo Fan, an extremely unique Martial Soul Tool that had both control and offense attributes.

Lan Xuanyu and the rest guessed correctly. Among all the soul masters, Qing Luo was the strongest, stronger than Yan Kailun. She was also Yan Kailun’s girlfriend.

As a branch of Shrek Academy, the Federation’s Central Academy had a few slots that allowed graduates to enter Shrek Academy for a period of time to further their studies. However, there were very few slots and only one would appear every few years. Furthermore, there were many hard indicators that had to be met, such as the number of Sky Fighter missions completed, Sky Fighter Battle points, the level of one’s cultivation and Battle Armor.

Qing Luo was the only student from the Federation’s Central Academy who was confirmed to be admitted into Shrek Academy’s Inner Court. It was clear how strong she was.

As her boyfriend, Yan Kailun naturally hoped that he could keep up with his girlfriend and go to Shrek Academy to further his studies. Otherwise, the gap between the two would only grow wider.

Furthermore, Shrek Academy was a place where geniuses gathered, especially in the Inner Court. What Yan Kailun was worried about was that his girlfriend was so beautiful. If she were to go there and meet a male student who was more outstanding than him, would their relations.h.i.+p change? Hence, all these years, Yan Kailun had been working very hard, working harder than anyone else.

In terms of talent, although his Mammoth Gigantic Elephant Martial Soul was a top-notch strength-type beast spirit, just like what Lan Xuanyu felt, there was still very adaptability. Hence, up until now, his cultivation was still a level lower than Qing Luo’s.

Before the sparring, they received news that if they were able to defeat Shrek Academy’s representative team this time, they would be able to obtain an additional spot to enter Shrek Academy’s Inner Court.

In the team, although Yan Kailun wasn’t the only one who wanted this spot, he had the highest chance of getting it. He was the captain and president of the Student Union, and he wasn’t weak either. He met the requirements in all aspects. So if he could defeat Shrek Academy, there was a 70% chance that this spot would land on him. How could he not give it his all?

Qing Luo naturally hoped that Yan Kailun would go with her. Women could understand men’s thoughts and she also understood Yan Kailun’s worries. If the two of them could go together, they would be able to take care of each other. And with their experience in Shrek Academy’s Inner Court, both of them would undoubtedly be able to go further in the future.

In fact, the War G.o.d Temple had already accepted Yan Kailun and was preparing to groom him into a reserve War G.o.d in the future. Whether it was the War G.o.d Temple, Spirit PaG.o.da, Tang Sect, or Shrek Academy, they had all extended an olive branch to Qing Luo. This was the treatment only geniuses received.

Qing Luo had yet to make a choice and she had to decide based on the development of the other two.

Although they were lovers, if their future development was too different, even Qing Luo didn’t have absolute confidence that they could continue on. She and Yan Kailun were working hard for the future.

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