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Chapter 755 – End of the first fight

At this moment, Lin Mohua, who was in midair, was shocked. A layer of green halo around him blocked all the shockwaves.

He originally thought that if Lan Xuanyu wanted to win, he would have to find an opportunity to use the Heavenly Sacred Splitting Abyss Halberd to break through his opponent’s defense. But he didn’t expect that Lan Xuanyu would use another method that he didn’t expect to face Yan Kailun and wasn’t at a disadvantage at all.

Even with his experience, if someone told him that a four-ring Soul Ancestor could challenge a seven-ring Soul Sage and that it was a One-Word Battle Armor Master challenging a Two-Word Battle Armor Master, he would definitely think that it was a fantasy.

But right in front of him, Lan Xuanyu did it. Lan Xuanyu was a One-Word Battle Armor Master with only four rings. The only difference was that Lan Xuanyu had twin Martial Souls.


But even with Twin Martial Souls, it was impossible to make up for such a huge gap in soul power!

But Lan Xuanyu did it. By relying on his affinity with the elements and guiding the four basic elements for his own use, he displayed his strengths and completely made up for the difference in cultivation between the two parties. With the Dragon G.o.d Transformation, the Self Martial Soul Fusion technique, his cultivation increased even more.

Teacher, oh teacher, what kind of little monster is this last disciple that you took in!

The elemental storm became stronger while the Mammoth Gigantic Elephant’s chirping became weaker. The protective cover of the entire arena was filled with four-colored light. As they were at the top of a mountain, if one were to look from afar, this place was as magnificent as the four-colored light rising from the mountain peak.

Lin Mohua’s heart stirred. He knew that the outcome of this match had been decided.

Just as he was about to end the match, the elemental storm began to disperse. A portion of it dissipated in midair, while the other portion converged in one direction like rivers returning to the sea.

The arena gradually became clearer and the mammoth disappeared. Yan Kailun had already landed on the ground. He knelt on one knee and gasped for breath. There were countless cracks on his thick Two-Word Battle Armor and the flames and frost were still attached to it.

His eyes were filled with unwillingness. After the elemental storm retreated, he was drenched in sweat and his body was close to collapse.

At that moment, he felt that he wasn’t fighting against Lan Xuanyu but against heaven and earth. That feeling was simply too terrifying.

The elemental storm tore apart the mammoths and he was completely lost, unable to find his opponent.

The seven-colored scales on Lan Xuanyu’s body had receded and his face was slightly pale. The elemental light in front of him was fusing into his body bit by bit and under the effect of his bloodline vortex, it transformed into life energy and soul power to recover his body.

Lin Mohua landed between the two and looked at Yan Kailun.

Yan Kailun struggled to stand up and said, “I… I can still…”

“We admit defeat.” Just at this moment, a sweet-sounding voice resounded. A figure quietly walked into the arena. It didn’t appear fast, but after taking a few steps, the figure arrived beside Yan Kailun and supported him.

“Captain, the compet.i.tion has only begun and we still have a team battle behind us. You lost this round because you were being suppressed.”

It was none other than Qing Luo.

Yan Kailun turned to look at Qing Luo and smiled bitterly. “Qing Luo, I…”

Qing Luo glanced at him and stopped him from continuing.

“Shrek Academy wins the first match.” Lin Mohua announced the results of the first match after Qing Luo entered the arena.

Lan Xuanyu used his four-ring cultivation to defeat the representative team leader of the Federation’s Central Academy, Yan Kailun, and miraculously defeated the strong as the weak.

The entire place was in an uproar.

When the spectating students from the Federation’s Central Academy saw that Lan Xuanyu only had four soul rings, they were sure that they would be able to win this match. But who would have thought that such a situation would occur? Yan Kailun actually lost! A Two-Word Battle Armor Master and a seven-ring Soul Sage lost to a four-ring Soul Ancestor?!

Even Lin Mohua had never seen such a situation, let alone them. In an instant, the spectator stand became chaotic and all the students’ emotions were greatly affected.

Lan Xuanyu stood in place for a few seconds before slowly walking towards them.

In fact, he could have chosen to give up on this match at the last moment because he had already proven the strength of his Four Elements Combination Skill through the battle just now. His Dragon G.o.d Transformation could be used in the final team battle. But he still hoped to test the strength of his Elemental Combination Skill under the Dragon G.o.d Transformation state. This was very difficult to try in a team battle.

In the team battle, he was more of a support and commander. He was the soul of the team and naturally didn’t have that much time to release his attacks, nor did he need to do so.

With the increase in his cultivation, he could now use the Dragon G.o.d Transformation once a day, but he could only use it once. After using it this time, he wouldn’t be able to use it again in the team battle.

Lan Xuanyu calculated the moment he used the Dragon G.o.d Transformation. From his strength, Yan Kailun, a Two-Word Battle Armor Master, should be slightly inferior to Sima Xian. Sima Xian’s overall strength was stronger than his, but was inferior in pure strength.

From this, Lan Xuanyu deduced that the strength of the Federation’s Central Academy team was very obvious.

Simply put, if they were in Shrek Academy, there was a high chance that Sima Xian would get into the Inner Court, but it was hard to say for Yan Kailun.

Shrek Academy had won the majority of the previous sparring matches, which proved this point.

From the looks of it, the opposing team’s overall strength was at most equal to Sima Xian’s team. There was no need for Lan Xuanyu to use the Dragon G.o.d Transformation in the final team battle.

Yan Kailun was very strong and had plenty of combat experience, but through the battle just now, Lan Xuanyu could feel that compared to Shrek Academy’s students, Yan Kailun was lacking in terms of adaptability and wasn’t as comprehensive.

If it was Bing Tianliang against Yan Kailun, although his cultivation was inferior to Kailun and his Battle Armor was inferior to his opponent’s, Bing Tianliang could make up for the disparity with the adaptability of his abilities. It was hard to say who would win.

The advantage of being a seven-ring Soul Sage was that his soul power had increased substantially while his Martial Soul Avatar had a great enhancement on his body. In addition to the continuous effect of his Soul Core, a seven-ring Soul Sage’s soul power was not so easily exhausted.

Lan Xuanyu was very sure that Yan Kailun didn’t have a Soul Core yet. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have used up so much energy after using the Ten Thousand Elephants Rush, and he wouldn’t have lasted for such a short time.

If Yan Kailun could last until the end of his Dragon G.o.d Transformation, then he would be the one to lose.

The audience quietened down and a female student walked out from both sides.

“Second match: Shrek Academy, Bai Xiuxiu; Federation’s Central Academy, Qing Luo.”

The previous match was a battle between the leaders of both teams, and this was a battle between the most beautiful girls on both sides.

Qing Luo had a head of long green hair that complemented her beauty. Bai Xiuxiu had a head of long dark blue hair and her calm face had a hint of coldness.

On the spectator stand, Er Ming’s eyes focused slightly. He turned his head and looked at the burly middle-aged man next to him. “Big brother, this batch of Shrek Academy students is not bad!”

The burly, middle-aged man’s gaze landed on Bai Xiuxiu. “Interesting, and she has an aura that we’re familiar with. But from a certain perspective, it would be different if she chose to re-cultivate. This young lady is Xuanyu’s companion, and from their exchange of glances just now, they might be even closer.”

Er Ming immediately winked and said, “Isn’t that the same as Tang San?”

The middle-aged man smiled. “There’s nothing bad about it. But according to what you said, Xuanyu shouldn’t know about his background.”

Er Ming said, “Should we tell him? It’s impossible to be wrong about this. It’s impossible for a bloodline like his to be born. It must have been pa.s.sed down. And if he’s alive, does that mean…”

True chapter’s name: Xuanyu’s Victory

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