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Chapter 754– Elemental Affinity Physique

Everyone was at a loss for words. After a few seconds, the usually silent Liu Feng couldn’t help but ask, “Is it that complicated?”

Tang Yuge smiled bitterly. “That’s why I said that he could actually control the elements to such an extent. It’s truly terrifying. His spiritual power is definitely much stronger than ours, and his affinity with the elements is too high, even higher than my affinity with the five elements. Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to do this. To complete this operation, not only does he have to be able to control the elements, but he also has to have some memory of the trajectory of the elements. This is something that only happens when one’s affinity with the elements is extremely high.

“It is possible for a single element master’s affinity to reach this level, but I have never heard of anyone reaching this level of affinity for all four elements. Xuanyu not only has an affinity for life energy, but he might also have an even more terrifying affinity for all elements. At the very least, he has an extremely strong affinity for water, fire, earth, and wind.”

Yuanen Huihui couldn’t help but ask, “Can you cause the five elements to produce such an effect?”


Tang Yuge said, “The Great Five Elements Divine Light is, in a sense, a fusion technique that utilizes the characteristics of the five elements. But my Five Elements Divine Light is a cycle, and it is much easier to control the five elements through a cycle. Xuanyu relied on his control over the elements and affinity, which is much more difficult than mine. This isn’t a soul skill, but a self created skill that he created by combining elements. It is even more terrifying. In other words, he can actually make the elements do anything and produce any effect by combining them. The explosive power of this four elements attack just now is definitely not inferior to the all-out attack of a seven-ring Soul Sage.”

Qian Lei’s lips twitched as he listened from the side. “I feel fortunate for those sixth years because they didn’t force Boss to use this move. His control over the elements is too strong.”

Tang Yuge nodded her head. “After the breakthrough, not only did our strength undergo a qualitative change. After Xuanyu broke through to four-ring, his strength underwent a qualitative change as well, even more so than ours.”

That’s right, Lan Xuanyu’s strength had undergone a qualitative change. Every breakthrough he made was much more difficult than the others and he even had to rely on external forces to achieve it. But once he broke through, the improvement he received would be comprehensive.

The enhancement of his gold and silver bloodlines, the enhancement of his Dragon G.o.d Transformation, the convergence of the four basic elements, the enhancement of his soul rings to the 10,000-year black color, the increase in power of his Golden Dragon Rage Domain—these were all comprehensive improvements.

Even Lan Xuanyu himself only truly understood how much he had improved after completing the Four Elements Combination Skill for the first time. This time, using the Four Elements Combination Skill was like putting a mirror in front of him, allowing him to get to know himself once again. After realizing that he had control over the four basic elements, what level had his strength increased to?

The compet.i.tion was not over yet. Yan Kailun, who had bounced back from the protective s.h.i.+eld, managed to control his body in midair. The red and blue light on the surface of his Two-Word Battle Armor was slowly receding. However, one could see that one side of his Two-Word Battle Armor was burning red, while the other side was covered in frost. It looked extremely strange.

Although the flames and frost were slowly receding, one could only imagine how powerful the explosion was to cause such a thing to happen to his Two-Word Battle Armor.

At this moment, Lan Xuanyu was already on the ground and Yan Kailun was still in the air. Yan Kailun did not hesitate as the seventh soul ring on his body lit up.

He couldn’t wait any longer! He relied on his battle experience and made up his mind immediately.

Lan Xuanyu’s four-ring cultivation was only on the surface and could not be judged by his four-ring cultivation. The enhancement brought about by the combination of elements, the powerful ability to draw the elements, and the explosive power of the four elements combination skill were not inferior to an ordinary seven-ring Soul Master’s strength at all. Furthermore, he had the control of the wind element and was extremely fast. The possibility of catching up to him and destroying the ball of light that was constantly gathering elements was extremely low.

Speed wasn’t Yan Kailun’s forte, neither was ranged attacks, so he couldn’t even interfere with Lan Xuanyu from a distance.

At this moment, Yan Kailun realized that he was being suppressed, suppressed by Lan Xuanyu’s ability. If this continued, it wouldn’t be Lan Xuanyu’s four-ring soul power that would be exhausted first, but his that would be exhausted by Lan Xuanyu.

The elements in the air became more violent, and the four-colored light around Lan Xuanyu became more intense.

Right now, Yan Kailun could only fight with all his might. Hence, Yan Kailun used his strongest soul skill without hesitation.

Seventh soul skill, Mammoth Gigantic Elephant Avatar !

His body began to expand as he transformed into a gigantic mammoth with three long sharp teeth on both sides. This mammoth was 10 meters tall and 15 meters long. Its four limbs were like pillars that supported the sky, and its long nose was flung upwards as it let out a deafening roar.

At the same time, the sixth soul ring on his body lit up as illusory figures separated from the real body of his mammoth elephant.

The number of phantoms increased as though they were replicating countless mammoths.

Sixth soul skill, Ten Thousand Elephants Rus.h.!.+

This was Yan Kailun’s only AOE soul skill and also his strongest charge soul skill. Under the effect of Yan Kailun’s Two-Word Battle Armor and Martial Soul Avatar, the entire sky trembled violently.

Seeing this, Lan Xuanyu’s expression turned grave. He could feel Yan Kailun’s burning blood and intense desire for victory.

Lan Xuanyu, who had just gotten to know his true strength, also yearned to win this match. He wanted to use this victory to prove to himself and his teammates that although he only had four rings, under the enhancement of his bloodline, his four-ring cultivation was completely different from ordinary four rings.

He wanted to prove to Elder Shu and Lin Mohua that as the successor of the School of Life, he had the ability to bear its future.

Rainbow light burst forth from his chest and the silver dragon scales on his body instantly transformed into rainbow scales.

Dragon G.o.d Transformation!

The moment the Dragon G.o.d Transformation appeared, the elements that were hovering around Lan Xuanyu immediately gathered around him and formed a gigantic four-colored halo around him.

The Dragon G.o.d Transformation not only improved his physical quality, but also his soul power. It also allowed his elemental affinity and the power of the Gold and Silver Dragon King bloodlines to become one, allowing him to become a perfect whole.

Lan Xuanyu could clearly feel that the once heavy elemental vortex had become light and the four elements around him were surging towards him at a speed many times faster than before.

The elemental vortex ball in front of him slowly moved to his front. He held the ball of light with both hands as the gigantic four-colored halo circled around and kept shrinking.

“Ao——” The elephants finally acc.u.mulated enough strength and charged towards Lan Xuanyu.

Right at this moment, Lan Xuanyu’s aura seemed to have weakened to the extreme. No, to be precise, it was shrunk to the extreme. In the next moment, a gigantic four-colored light pillar shot out from the ball of light in his hand.

The four elements light pillar that resembled a heavy soul cannon carried an incomparably magnificent light as it welcomed the Mammoth Gigantic Elephant group.

“Boom——” A huge elemental storm covered the entire place.

At this moment, the entire venue was in an energy storm and the audience couldn’t see what was happening.

Intense rumbling sounds resounded as the elemental storm grew stronger.

The mammoth elephants disappeared in the elemental storm, and the elemental storm kept spreading outwards.

For a moment, the audience couldn’t see who had the upper hand.

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