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Chapter 1210: Impersonate

Waves of auras of Rulers burst out from the villa. The whole of Starlight City could feel the violent auras.

“Why are so many Rulers suddenly appearing?”

The people around the villa felt it even more clearly. They all walked out of their homes and looked in the direction of the Yangming Villa. They sucked in a breath of cold air.

‘This villa’s too mysterious!’

Everything that was unusual could be made reasonable in that place.

In the building in the middle of Starlight City, the newly appointed young governor was also looking to the east.

“This is already the fifth person who has broken through, right?” A young man wearing a green s.h.i.+rt beside him had a look of shock and doubt in his eyes.

These 2 people had come down from the Seven Stars Mountain. They were also the beneficiaries of 2 of the 3 pills that Ou Yangming had left behind.

One of them was Elder Ma’s nephew, and the other was also a descendant of an elder.

What had happened to Starlight City’s governor last time had made He Shaoyu a little afraid. After careful consideration, he had sent these 2 young men here to gain some experience. Both of them had received the favor of Master Ou, so they would respect him very much.

“It seems that Master Ou’s planning to let those 8 guards break through to become Rulers.” The new governor, Ma Jiasheng, had an envious look on his face.

There were indeed many benefits to being by Master Ou’s side. Master Ou was not stingy with such precious Golden Pills.

“I wonder how many of them can comprehend the laws?” The young man in green asked in a deep voice. He did not comprehend the power of laws after consuming the Golden Pill, which was a great regret to him.

Whether there was the power of laws or not, it was a completely different world.

Soon, 8 people broke through to become Rulers.

Among the 8 people, only 2 of them had preliminarily comprehended simple laws.

Even if they did not comprehend the laws, those guards were also very excited. For them, this was simply a big leap.

Once they swallowed a Golden Pill, they knew that they could not control the heavens.

In just a moment, the inner sect disciples of the first-cla.s.s sect had successfully become the top Rulers of the Great Wide World. The increase in their strengths and the change in their status made people feel like they were in a dream.

Bai Cong was speechless. He had never heard of such a situation.

‘When have Rulers become so common?’

It had only been a short while, but there were already so many of them.

Bai Cong felt very pressured. He was only in the early stage of a Venerable One, but he had to manage a group of Rulers. Just thinking about this made him feel very troubled.

Ou Yangming turned his head, and a trace of a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth. “Your strength isn’t enough so taking the Golden Pill will be useless. You should cultivate well and when you become a top-grade Venerable One, I’ll promise you a Golden Pill as well.”

“Thank you, Master.”

Bai Cong was so excited that he was trembling. A Ruler! He did not even dare to think about it.

With an excited look, he said, “Master, I’ll surely cultivate well and strive to break through to become a top-grade Venerable One as soon as possible.”

Ou Yangming waved his hand tiredly, “Go and rest for a period first. There’s no need to rush to patrol the villa. Stabilize your boundaries well and strive to improve even more in the future.”

“Yes, Master Ou,” the guards replied respectfully and left one by one. They had long been eager to try their new increase in power.

The mountain villa was calm and peaceful. Time pa.s.sed quickly. In the blink of an eye, half a year had pa.s.sed. During this time, the 8 guards had stabilized their strengths as Rulers.

Bai Cong worked hard to cultivate and was getting closer to a top-grade Venerable One. The new governor of Starlight City had come to visit a few times, but he had not seen Ou Yangming.

For half a year, Ou Yangming had been in the secret room. Everything outside seemed to have nothing to do with him.

During this period, Ou Yangming used up all the spiritual herbs in his interspatial bag to refine the Golden Pills. He filled several pill flasks with the Three Revolutions Golden Pill and Five Revolutions Golden Pill.

The flasks were not ordinary gourds. They were also equivalent to small storage s.p.a.ces and could hold many pills. Ou Yangming could not remember how many Golden Pills he had refined in total.

What was certain was that Ou Yangming had reached the level of perfection in refining the Golden Pills.

Perhaps even the Crimson Ruler’s rebirth could not compare to him.

Other than the first few failures, Ou Yangming had every time. Moreover, the number of Golden Pills produced each time had also increased.

“It has been half a year.”

The Earth’s Demolition Cauldron was covered in dust. These were the medicinal ashes left from refining spiritual medicines.

After putting away the Earth’s Demolition Cauldron, spiritual power flowed through Ou Yangming’s body, and his body was revitalized. He opened the door of the secret room and walked out.

“Master Ou.”


Having been separated for half a year, after seeing Ou Yangming, each and every one of them hurriedly greeted him.

“Go and call the butler over.” Ou Yangming dragged out his voice and called out.

In a short while, Bai Cong rushed over. Compared to half a year ago, Bai Cong was in the prime of his life at the moment.

When the n.o.bles of Starlight City saw him, they did not dare to speak loudly.

Those who had once kicked him when he was down had come to ask for forgiveness.

Of course, Bai Cong did not use his power to bully others. He knew that everything now was given to him by his master. After sending those people away, he took care of the matters of the mountain villa while the rest of his time was spent on cultivation. He had worked very hard during that time.

“Not bad.” Ou Yangming glanced at Bai Cong.

At this moment, Bai Cong was about to break through to the late stage of a Venerable One. This progress was already very exaggerated. There was still a long way to go before he became a top-grade Venerable One but according to his progress, it would not take long.

“During this period, I plan to go out once,” Ou Yangming said leisurely.

Bai Cong said respectfully, “Sir, you can just go. Don’t worry about the villa.”

“Okay.” Ou Yangming nodded with satisfaction. He had found Bai Cong to have some leisure. Now that he had been in the Great Wide World for more than a year, he also planned to return to the Spiritual Realm to take a look.

Ou Yangming spread out his hand, and a Five Revolutions Golden Pill appeared in his hand. He threw it to Bai Cong and said, “You keep this pill for now. You must use it only when you feel the bottleneck as a top-grade Venerable One.”

“Thank you, Master,” Bai Cong said excitedly.

At Ou Yangming’s level, he could already foresee some changes in the Great Wide World.

Before this change came, Ou Yangming had to bring Old Craftsman and a few close people to his side. Only by his side would he have the confidence to protect them.

It was very difficult to come to the Great Wide World from the Spiritual Realm and returning to the Spiritual Realm from the Great Wide World was also not that simple.

Fortunately, Ou Yangming was no longer that young fellow who had just arrived in the Great Wide World.

He went to the Netherworld Pavilion again.

The disciple who had received Ou Yangming the last time was chatting with a few people. Their voices were not loud but with Ou Yangming’s strength, he could still hear them clearly.

“Lil’ Huang, are you bragging? That master of the Yangming Villa has never appeared in the outside world. How could you have already seen him?”

No one knew what the young man said, but the people around him did not seem to believe him.

Another person also said, “Exactly. I was almost fooled by Lil’ Huang. The owner of the Yangming Villa has such a high status. Even if he’s really looking for a butler, he wouldn’t come personally, right?”

“That’s right. I heard that during this period, the governor has gone to visit 5 or 6 times, but he still hasn’t seen the owner of the villa. If he can’t even see the governor, you can imagine the others.”

The young man was so anxious that his eyes were wide open. “Ignorance has limited your imagination! How would you know the thoughts of such a powerful figure?”

“Look, you haven’t even said much, and you’re already so anxious. You must be spouting nonsense. How could the master of the Yangming Villa Be a young man? In my opinion, he must be an old monster who has lived for tens of thousands of years. Even if such a big shot came to the Netherworld Pavilion, he’d surely look for our manager directly. How could he have the time to talk to an insignificant Spiritualist like you?”

“Lil’ Huang, young men have to be honest,” an older staff member lectured.

The young man was angry. Unfortunately, he did not have any other evidence. He only gave Ou Yangming the information and received a nominal tip. There was no one who could prove it for him.

He said with some lack of confidence, “What if that big shot has such a hobby? Maybe we’ll meet again here!”

“Haha, we’ll see then.”

“If we can meet that big shot from the Yangming Villa, I’ll even apologize to you.” The other staff members laughed loudly.

“Alright, just you wait!” The young man gritted his teeth and said. He glanced at the figure beside the counter. Someone walked in from outside the door. He looked up.

Huang Jinkang’s eyelids twitched. He suddenly stood up and said in disbelief, “It’s you…”

“h.e.l.lo, we meet again.” Ou Yangming smiled and walked over.

After confirming the ident.i.ty of the person, Huang Jinkang was so excited that he walked out from the counter. His body staggered, and he almost fell to the ground.

“Sir, I didn’t expect you to still remember me.”

“Of course I remember.” Ou Yangming smiled. “Last time, it was thanks to you that I found a good butler.”

“As expected!” Huang Jinkang, who was still a little hesitant, completely confirmed the ident.i.ty of this person. He hurriedly bowed. “Greetings, Villa Master.”

“What villa master?” The people around were stunned.

Huang Jinkang said proudly, “Didn’t you want to meet the master of the Yangming Village? This is him. Hurry up and bow!”

“Are you saying that this young man’s the master of the Yangming Village?” Everyone said in disbelief.

“What kind of joke is this? Lil’ Huang’s making a joke, right? Could it be that because he was exposed by us, he deliberately asked someone to impersonate the villa master?”

Those people who worked with Huang Jinkang did not look too good. Someone said in a deep voice, “Lil’ Huang, do you know what you’re doing? If the people from the mountain villa know that you got someone to impersonate their master, you’ll be finished.”

“Let’s not talk about the people from the mountain villa. Even if the people from the Governor’s Residence hear about this, you’ll be finished. Don’t you know how much our governor respects the master?”

The few of them did not look too good. They looked left and right. Fortunately, there was no one else in the Netherworld Pavilion at this time. Otherwise, if word got out, this branch of the Netherworld Pavilion might be implicated.

Ou Yangming stood on the side and was somewhat speechless. How did he become an imposter?

Huang Jinkang said anxiously, “I’m not lying. He really is…”

“Nonsense. He still doesn’t want to admit it!”

“I think you’re crazy. If you want to die, don’t drag us along!”

Those people did not believe Ou Yangming’s ident.i.ty at all. The mysterious master of the Yangming Villa, whom even the governor respected, was this young fellow?

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