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Chapter 430: Pinnacle-level Strength and the Laws of Nature

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

One flew, and the other chased.

The chasing battle between Meng Lei and the gray skeleton continued on for an unknown period before a black crack appeared suddenly in front of them. It was so deep that its bottom couldn’t be seen. The gray skeleton looked back at Meng Lei, let out two shrieking peals of laughter, and plunged right into it.

“Meng Lei, wait!”

Moro stopped Meng Lei. “This is the Dark Abyss. The gray skeleton purposefully lured you here. This should be one of his schemes!”

“This is the Dark Abyss?” Meng Lei raised his brows. “It’s actually my first time here!”

“The Dark Abyss is extremely deep and dangerous. I advise you not to go in, in case you fall into the gray skeleton’s traps!”

“It took the effort to lure me here. If I don’t go in, wouldn’t it disappoint?” Meng Lei shook his head slightly and went right into the Dark Abyss.

He wasn’t afraid of any schemes. In the face of absolute strength, any calculation and schemes were useless. Such was Meng Lei’s confidence.

“Alright! Be careful, then!”

Seeing that his advice was in vain, Moro advised no more.

After entering the Dark Abyss, his eyes suddenly went black, and he fell into absolute darkness. Without any object for reference, Meng Lei had no idea where to go.

Fortunately, the gray skeleton’s ghostly fire flickered and provided the sole source of light in the dark that guided Meng Lei to go forward. He went all the way in, and the surroundings got darker and darker, quieter and quieter, colder and colder, while the energy of the living world became thinner and thinner.

Most crucially, laws of nature became thinner and thinner, including even supreme laws of nature.

After an unknown period, the gray skeleton suddenly stopped, turned back, and looked at Meng Lei.

Meng Lei smiled and said, “Not advancing further? There’s no need to keep going deeper?”

The gray skeleton’s mouth opened and closed, letting out a shrieking, weird peal of laughter. “You are really bold. You clearly knew that I was luring you, yet you still dared to follow!”

“If you were a tiger, of course, I would have to be cautious. A pity that you’re not.” Meng Lei shook his head. “You are at most a sheep.”

“A sheep?”

The gray skeleton let out a few weird peals of laughter, not angered. “One can’t know whether someone is a tiger or a sheep without a fight, isn’t it so?”

“That’s true.” Meng Lei didn’t argue. “Call for people! Call out all your help. Let me see what you old fossils are capable of!”

“Before I kill you, please allow me to introduce this place to you. This is called the Dark Abyss. It is what remained of the battlefield after the descent of the Great Reincarnation And Destruction Process of the last era!”

The gray skeleton smiled and said, “Although this place was mended over by the laws of nature after the new era arrived, the remnant laws of nature were too thick that even the new era couldn’t erase them. Thus, this place eventually evolved into this!”

“I see.” Meng Lei nodded slightly. “A battlefield that even the new era can’t repair. I can imagine how horrifying the battle back then must be for you all!”

“Of course!” The gray skeleton smiled and said, “In order to stop me from s.n.a.t.c.hing the universe’s origin energy during that battle, all the experts of the last era were mobilized. A grand total of 9 Supreme G.o.ds and 43 Supreme Dominus. They eventually successfully stopped me... at the price of their lives!”

“9 Supreme G.o.ds and 43 Supreme Dominus!” Meng Lei couldn’t help but exclaim, “The powerhouses of the last era were really good!”

“The last era was special.” The gray skeleton explained, “In the middle period of that era, the carca.s.s of a creature from the outer-universe unexpectedly appeared in our universe. Thi carca.s.s led to the great evolution of species in the last era. That’s the reason 9 Supreme G.o.ds and 43 Supreme Dominuses appeared in that era!”

“Carca.s.s of a creature from the outer-universe?” Meng Lei’s entire body shook violently. “So there are really other creatures outside this universe?”

“Supposedly so.” The gray skeleton nodded slightly. “I’m not sure what exactly it is like outside the universe. Even someone as strong as I am can’t live outside of the universe. But this carca.s.s can indeed reflect the situation outside the universe to a certain extent.”

Meng Lei continued asking, “What happened to that carca.s.s?”

“Naturally, it was divided.” The gray skeleton said, laughing, “After obtaining the carca.s.s, the strength of many experts of the last era improved rapidly. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been able to stop me!”

“Then your luck is really bad...”

Meng Lei couldn’t help but smile.

“My luck has always been terrible!” The gray skeleton sighed. “In the last era, I was ruined by the carca.s.s of that creature, and in this era, a freak like you appeared. I’m probably the most unlucky being in the whole universe!”

“You are very unlucky indeed.”

Meng Lei chuckled.

“But, this is my final chance!” The gray skeleton’s tone suddenly grew cold. “I will not give up no matter what! I will definitely not allow anyone to ruin my plan!”

“Finally, the main topic after so much random chatter.” Meng Lei flicked his fingers. “To be honest, I would very much like to see what horrifying means you, who have lived for two eras, have.”

“You will see. Attack!” roared the gray skeleton.


Right after it finished speaking, a strange wave of laws of nature suddenly filled the entire void.

This wave was very strange. It was an entirely new type of laws of nature, and it was at a very high level, completely surpa.s.sing supreme laws of nature to reach another level.

Meng Lei was certain that these were genesis laws of nature. He couldn’t sense which type of genesis laws of nature it was, but he could be certain that it was definitely not destiny laws of nature!

“Meng Lei, this is order laws of nature!” Moro yelled, “Be careful of the powers of the order!”

“Order laws of nature!”

Meng Lei’s heart chilled.

This is the order laws of nature?

“Little fellow, did you feel it?”

The gray skeleton started laughing strangely. At the same time, its aura suddenly increased, and it surpa.s.sed the level of Supreme Dominus to reach the level of Supreme G.o.d.

Lower-level Supreme G.o.d!

Mid-level Supreme G.o.d!

Upper-level Supreme G.o.d!

Perfect Supreme G.o.d!


The gray skeleton’s aura finally reached the level of a Perfect Supreme G.o.d, and a terrible power of suppression erupted, sweeping in all directions madly.

Even Meng Lei felt unprecedented terrible pressure.

“This is exactly the feeling!”

“This is exactly the feeling!”

The gray skeleton laughed. “Little fellow, did you know? The new era is very unfriendly to us, the old era’s remnants.

“We can’t consume the energy of heaven and earth, can’t mobilize the laws of nature, can’t cultivate to strengthen ourselves, and our strength is continuously suppressed at the level of Dominus!

“It is the Universal Order!

“Or in other words, the order laws of nature!

“Luckily, this is the Dark Abyss, the place where the Universal Order is the weakest. Furthermore, the presence of Darkness’ laws of nature directly cancels out the weak Universal Order!

“I am not suppressed now. My strength has completely returned to its peak condition—Perfect Supreme G.o.d!”

The gray skeleton looked at Meng Lei, laughed weirdly, and said, “Little fellow, do you feel the chill? Do you feel the fear? Do you feel scared?”

Meng Lei rolled his eyes before asking, “Just now, you mentioned the Darkness’ laws of nature, so that means your other companion is called Darkness, and he comprehended the laws of nature?”


The gray skeleton was a bit angry upon seeing that Meng Lei completely disregarded it. Instead, he was more interested in Darkness. “Little fellow, you will pay a heavy and tragic price for your rudeness and pride!”

Yet Meng Lei paid him no heed at all. Destiny laws of nature spread out and filled the Dark Abyss instantly. Since the so-called Darkness released the order laws of nature, he must be near.

Find him!

He had to find him!


A sharp light flashed across Meng Lei’s eyes, and he disappeared right where he was. When he reappeared, he was already deeper in the Dark Abyss, in front of a gargantuan creature.

This was a giant looking somewhat like a dragon and also a snake. It had the head, horns, and wings of a giant dragon, a serpent-like body that was covered in black dragon scales.

Its body was tens of light-years long, several times larger than even a mid-level existential plane.

“Void Beast... Dark Beast?” Moro’s voice sounded. “No! This aura... This aura... It’s him! It’s that guy! He’s actually also not dead!”

“That guy?” Meng Lei raised his brows. “Moro, you know this guy?”

“If I didn’t sense wrongly, he is probably a friend of mine, Dark Lord!” Moro flew out of the Tower of Time, condensed into a ball of black shadow, and stared at the black behemoth in front of him. “Darkness, is it you?”


The Dark Lord spoke, making a thunder-like boom.

“It’s really you!” Moro immediately showed a trace of a smile. “I didn’t expect you were also alive. I had already said, back then, you were the strongest of us all, how could you possibly die off easily!”

“Moro, this is not the time to catch up!” Dark Lord’s voice rang like a huge bell. “Join us and get rid of this guy first!”

“No! Darkness, you can’t a.s.sociate yourself with that schemer!” Moro shook his head immediately. “Did you forget? If not for that bast*rd, we wouldn’t have met such a tragic end. You should be dealing with him, not Meng Lei!”

“Moro, our era has pa.s.sed, and now we are deadly suppressed by the new era, neither human nor ghost, without hope or an endpoint, only living out our pathetic lives hiding in a dark, remote corner!”

The Dark Lord said slowly, “If we let this continue, we are not only going to have to stick around until the end of this era but also until the end of the next era before we can finally end this tragic life in the shadows!”

Moro fell silent. Just like Darkness said, the era belonging to them had ended. Under the suppression of the new era, they had no more hope to speak of.

“To change all this, we can only integrate the universe’s origin energy, become the Lord of The Universe, and then rewrite the Universal Order!”

The Dark Lord continued. “Moro, this is our only chance. Do you understand?”

“Darkness, I understand everything you said.” Moro smiled bitterly. “But you won’t succeed. Even if you join forces with this d.a.m.n skeleton, you won’t beat Meng Lei. He is the one who has the greatest chance of ending the Great Reincarnation And Destruction Process! Darkness, listen to me and turn back now!”

“Moro, after all you’ve said, you would rather follow a little mortal than join forces with me?”

The Dark Lord’s voice turned colder.

“You are doing what you clearly know can’t be done. You are basically looking for your own death.” Moro sighed.

“Then say no more!” The Dark Lord said coldly, “Bow at the feet of your little master all you like, I will kill him myself!”

“Kill me yourself?” Meng Lei spoke, somewhat disdainful. “With only the half-baked order laws of nature you have?”

“Little thing, accept your death!” roared the Dark Lord. A pair of b.l.o.o.d.y irises larger than a star shone with a monstrous b.l.o.o.d.y light, and roaring waves of order surrounded Meng Lei.

“I say: in front of me, laws of nature must disappear!

“I say: you will be imprisoned by endless darkness!”

Following the Dark Lord’s words, Meng Lei just felt that the already weak laws of nature disappeared instantly, including even the supreme laws of nature.

Right afterward, an unknown restricting force came from the darkness all around him and squeezed onto Meng Lei instantly. Meng Lei struggled slightly and realized that this restrictive force was very strong, and he actually couldn’t untangle himself from it!

“This is the order laws of nature?”

Meng Lei was astonished. This was the first time he felt the powers of the order laws of nature.

Maybe order laws of nature didn’t have direct destructive power. Instead, they could change the laws.

For example, fire could burn one to death. But after using order laws of nature, fire could freeze one to death.

For example, force was the reason objects changed their state of movement. After using the order laws of nature, force wouldn’t be able to change the objects’ state of movement.

One could say that the Universal Order was omnipresent—it ruled everything in the entire vast universe.

How the Universal Order was made would determine the shape of the universe, whether it was planetary, an existential plane, a technological civilization, or a magical civilization. This showed the powerfulness of the order laws of nature!

The dark behemoth spoke again. “I say: You will be devoured by boundless darkness!”

Meng Lei immediately felt an extraordinary force come from the darkness, madly devouring his lifeforce.

The darkness originally couldn’t imprison a person, much less devour the lifeforce of a person, but after the order laws of nature’s changes, it was given imprisonment and devouring properties.

This was how powerful order laws of nature were!

They could change the existing laws of nature and make new rules!

“Such good order laws of nature!” Meng Lei looked at the Dark Lord in excitement. “Dark Lord, your order laws of nature are really awe-inspiring. It’s a pity though.”

“What pity?” asked the Dark Lord coldly.

“A pity that in the next second, they will be mine!”

Meng Lei chuckled and was about to order the system to plunder when a huge red ball of light suddenly fell from the Dark Lord’s body. The system’s cue tone sounded along with it. “Ding! Dropped item discovered. Will you pick it up?”

Meng Lei was taken aback. “Pick it up!”

“Ding! Pickup successful. You have obtained a Laws of Nature Fragment. Will you a.s.similate it?”

“laws of nature fragment? Could it be!?”

A mild jolt went through Meng Lei as a huge wave of information instantly rushed into his mind. Meng Lei gathered his thoughts and began to digest it quickly. After his comprehension, Meng Lei showed a smile.

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