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Chapter 374: The Purpose Of The Exchange Meeting

Meanwhile, at the Bai Residence...

Wu Zhiheng and Bai Miao were sent back by Jiang Ningbei's crew.

Bai Yao saw Wu Zhiheng from afar. His head was wrapped in bandages, and the corners of his lips and eyes were bruised.

He had just gone out with Fu Zhi for one night. What had happened to him?

Bai Yao hastily went up to him and asked, “What's wrong?”

“It's because of that sl*t Fu Zhi!” Bai Miao's eyes were bloodshot. “Zhiheng asked her out, but she found someone else to go on a date with and beat up my son!”

Bai Miao couldn't wait to have a fight with Fu Zhi.

However, not only had Fu Zhi not shown up the whole night, but Jiang Ningbei had also made the Public Security Bureau convict Wu Zhiheng of defrauding minors.

Ye Jiu was released without a charge, and Wu Zhiheng and Bai Miao had to apologize to Xu Wei and Ye Jiu!

There was nothing Bia Miao could say due to Jiang Ningbei's ident.i.ty. Out of frustration, she kicked the flower pot next to her.

“This is why they said you don't mingle with an orphan without parents. See what she has done to Zhiheng? In a few days, Zhiheng will have to attend the exchange meeting between Hanyuan and the first middle school. How can he go with such a serious injury?”

Bai Miao was worried. “Ms. Ouyang wants to be the best at everything. If anything goes wrong and she blames us...”

Wu Zhiheng did not know what to do either, and his good feelings for Fu Zhi had disappeared.

The more he thought about the way Fu Zhi had deceived him, the angrier he became. His eyes were red-rimmed as he said, “Don't worry, mom. I will not lose to Fu Zhi at this compet.i.tion!”

Bai Miao sent Wu Zhiheng back to his room.

She did not go back to her room afterward. Instead, she went to knock on the door of another room.

Wu Zhiyou was playing a game on her phone. When she heard the rapping on the door, she answered, “Mom.”

Then, she lowered her head again and continued to play her game.

“Why are you still playing games at this moment, huh? Why do you only know how to play games? What's the point of it?” Bai Miao said as she smacked the table. She liked to spoil her kids, but she still preferred her sons over her daughters. Right now, she was frowning as she said, “Can't you see that your brother was beaten by Fu Zhi?”

“So? Is it my fault that he was beaten? He wanted to sleep with someone else, so didn't he deserve it?

Wu Zhiyou was speechless. “Besides, I just started the game not long ago. Can you stop arguing with me all the time?”

“Then do you know that the exchange meeting is coming up? Do you know how important this exchange meeting is to Ms. Ouyang Ya? Now that your brother is in this situation, you must lead the team with your brother this time. No matter what, you must win the compet.i.tion!”

“This exchange meeting is important to Ouyang Ya because she wants to have Ouyang Feng as her teacher, but Ouyang Feng doesn't want her. That's why she wants to win the compet.i.tion and prove to Ouyang Feng that she deserves to be his disciple.”

Bai Miao snarled, “Watch your mouth, Wu Zhiyou. How can you speak about Ms. Ouyang like that?”

Wu Zhiyou rolled her eyes at her mother. “Am I wrong? Why must Hang Yuan come all the way to Yu City to compete with No.1 High School? I'm sure you know the reason better than anyone else, right? Ouyang Ya is just a selfish girl who wants everything to go her way.

“You made it sound like she's our only hope to win. Besides, why should I watch my mouth? She's an heiress of her family, but I'm a princess of my family as well!”

Bai Miao was so angry that she did not know what to say. Seeing how angry her mother was, Wu Zhiyou added, “Alright, alright, I get it. It's easy to win!”

She was one of the top students in Hang Yuan. She received the highest quality of education, and other than Fu Zhi, she did not think she would have any trouble handling any other students from a small town like Yu City.

In Wu Zhiheng's room, he could not sleep no matter how hard he tried.

He really detested Fu Zhi's att.i.tude. Truth be told, he did not like Fu Zhi that much. It was just that the devil in his heart compelled him to make advances on Fu Zhi.

However, whatever Fu Zhi did was like a bucket of cold water poured over his head, and he was really disappointed in her.

He took a book out and flipped through it in frustration.

After a short while, his phone rang. He turned his head over and realized Ouyang Ya had sent him a text message. [I heard that you're injured? I bought you an ointment from Taobao. It's supposed to arrive in a few more days. Just apply it to your wounds and your injuries will heal in less than two days.”

Wu Zhiheng was dumbfounded. He had not expected Ouyang Ya to care about him so much. After all, the relations.h.i.+p between the Wu Family and the Ouyang Family was not as good as the rumors claimed.

Ouyang Ya had only approached them and invested in Hang Yuan High School to earn some money when she had still been an apprentice of the Ouyang Family. However, after the Ouyang Family had adopted her, her status had become different, and she'd rarely gotten in touch with the Wu Family.

If it were not for the exchange meeting, Ouyang Ya would not have taken the initiative to contact his father.

Bai Miao had always hoped that something would happen between Wu Zhiheng and Ouyang Ya.

However, Wu Zhiheng knew his own place well. He might be more than enough to match Fu Zhi, but Ouyang Ya... He understood Ouyang Ya's ambition and knew about the situation in the Ouyang Family.

Ouyang Ya aimed to become the sole heir of the Ouyang Family with the help of her firearm designs. She needed a strong backer like the Li Family to help her achieve her goal as well as cover up her ident.i.ty as the adopted daughter of the Ouyang Family. Thus, there was no way she would accept Wu Zhiheng, a guy from a third-rated family, as her boyfriend.

Wu Zhiheng admitted that he was attracted to this wonderful woman as well. However, unlike Fu Zhi, who he had fallen in love with just because of her appearance, he admired Ouyang Ya's ability.

Wu Zhiheng replied, [Thank you.]

Very soon, Ouyang Ya sent another message to him. [After I've dealt with everything here, I will head to Yu City to take part in the exchange meeting with you guys. I'm sure you already know very well what I want. You will win the compet.i.tion for me, right?”

“Yes! Just leave everything to me!”

Wu Zhiheng heard that Ouyang Feng had something in his hands that would change the fate of the Ouyang Family and was looking for a successor.

Ouyang Ya had been coveting that thing for a long time.

Wu Zhiheng said, “I will certainly help you become the disciple of Ouyang Feng, the best firearm designer in China!”

The next day was a Monday.

Song Fang and Zhou Zihuai arrived at school very early.

After they entered the school campus, Song Fang pulled the copy of “Red Sun” out of his bag.

At first, he wanted to tell his friends in his cla.s.s that Fu Zhi knew Pure Feather and she was going to donate 1,000 copies of “Red Sun” to them.

However, before he could get to his cla.s.s, he saw a group of students outside the corridor of Cla.s.s 1.

All of them looked very excited, and Song Fang did not have a good feeling about it.

'Could Mu Chenxi have invited Pure Feather over? But how is that possible?'

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