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Zhao Dier’s mind started to drift away.

Elder Qianji was so angry, but was too lazy to speak with her.

The people from the Cangyan Door were dismissed as well.

On the way home, an Elder from the Cangyan Door asked. “Young Head, what should we do now that the Head of the Snow Territory is not here for the Golden Rolls?”

Mu Ning smiled briefly.


He seemed as if he had seen through everything.

“He is not only here for the Golden Rolls. He is greedy. He wants both the Golden Rolls and the Phoenix Girl,” Mu Ning said quietly, “We are not able to bring down the Snow Territory, but we are not working with Piaomiao Pavilion. We know how shameless people from Piaomiao Pavilion are. We know them pretty well.”


“Also, Piaomiao Pavilion is now in a very disadvantageous position.”


“During these years, Piaomiao Pavilion has been powerful, but they think too highly of themselves. They arranged for their Elder Miss to meet the Phoenix Girl. She is a very jealous person, and we have heard that she has offended the Phoenix Girl many times. The Phoenix Girl hates Piaomiao Pavilion.”


“So we should keep a lower profile and watch quietly.” Mu Ning said quietly, “I can tell that the Elder Miss from Piaomiao Pavilion seems to have fallen for the Head of the Snow Territory. Everyone could tell from her dreamy expression.”


“You remember how the Head of the Snow Territory greeted the Phoenix Girl when they first met?”


“Piaomiao Pavilion will soon have a fight with the Head of the Snow Territory, and all we need to do is to stay away from the fight.”

Mu Ning walked and his voice and figure were drifting away.


At that moment… Gu Chaoyan and Sword One as well as Lingyun had just arrived at the gate of the court.

A very firm voice arose. “Lingyun, can I speak with you?”

It was Wuxing who talked.

He spoke when not many people were around.

He looked very confident.

He was sure that Lingyun would respond to him if he called out to her.

After all, Lingyun did not want him to be sad and distressed.

She had been like that for years. He knew her well, and he knew what he should do about her.

Lingyun stopped.

All three women stopped.

Gu Chaoyan said to her with a small voice, “Go. We will be waiting for you in the wagon outside.”

Having said this, she waited until Lingyun approached Wuxing.

When Lingyun’s footsteps were heard, Gu Chaoyan walked out of the gate with Sword One.

Wuxing was watching all along.

The Phoenix Girl did not stop Lingyun when he asked her out. And Lingyun did not even need to bow to the Phoenix Girl. He also noticed that Lingyun did not even need to take care of the Phoenix Girl back at the court. That just meant one thing – Lingyun had a very high position in front of Phoenix Girl.

That would be great!

The Phoenix Girl would say yes to everything Lingyun said.

Honestly… the Phoenix Girl was not born in a n.o.ble family and was a very narrow-minded person. So she would probably regard Lingyun as everything.

In that case… he would be able to control the Phoenix Girl.

Thinking about this, Wuxing saw Lingyun approaching him.

Wuxing was staring at her dumbly.

Back in the court, he did not give Lingyun a careful look, since they were slightly far apart and he was thinking about some things.

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