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1619 Helping

Lingyun was standing right in front of him.

He could see her clearly.

She had snowy-white skin, and her eyes looked really s.h.i.+ning, but she was not as happy as she used to be when she saw him. She was calm, so calm that he even developed some affection towards her.

“How have you been these years?”



“I have been looking for you these years.”


“Every time I get upper-garde pills, I would keep them rather than feed myself with them. I was just wondering when you would come back to me, so you don’t have to worry about upper-grade pills any more.”


“Are you detoxified? When did you do that? You found the solution?” Wuxing nodded, as if he had put down a heavy sack on his shoulders.

Lingyun nodded. She was replying to him that she had been detoxified, but she did not say directly who detoxified her.

Lingyun had just nodded when Wuxing felt a.s.sured.

Good… that basically meant that Lingyun had forgotten about the past, or never cared about what happened in the past. Lingyun would never hate him, would she? She could never hate him in her life…

Years pa.s.sed… Lingyun had become less talkative than before, but Wuxing did not dwell on this change.

She was like this because she had not spoken with people for years, and her quietness was natural. She would not know what to say to others.

Wuxing knew her well.

Since he knew her well, he did not ask her anything else.

Instead, he asked curiously, “Lingyun, how did you end up being with the Phoenix Girl? What is your relations.h.i.+p with her?”

“Actually, we are here to ask the Phoenix Girl for help, and you are now with her, so can you maybe help us?” Wuxing asked.

Lingyun looked up at Wuxing.

He had not changed much. His face was still like this. So was his personality.

No, he had not changed a bit, but she did.

Thanks to that, she could see through Wuxing and realize what she had been like with him in the past.

She had been such a stupid girl before.

That was why she kept giving him what he wanted.

He cornered her so she left, but years had pa.s.sed, and when they were reunited again, he did not even ask her how she was before expressing his inner desire. He knew well that she would help him. That was why he put the request forward.

Seeing how Lingyun looked at him… Wuxing was aware that Lingyun had been missing him in the past few years.

He smiled gently and then he said, laughing, “Things are different now. Piaomiao Pavilion is invincible, but the door to enchantment has opened, and all races will come to this place. If Piaomiao Pavilion wants to stay safe, we have to rely on the Phoenix Girl and the Golden Rolls.”


“I have been feeling so distressed during the past few days, but seeing you makes me feel so happy. You are the Phoenix Girl’s friend so you can definitely help us. In this way, I don’t need to worry about anything any more.”


“When everything is settled, we will get married. We are not young any more. It would be best if we get married soon and have a family of our own.”


“Lingyun, you are definitely going to help me, aren’t you? For our future together.”

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