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1620 Helping 2

Getting married. Having her as his wife. Starting a family with him…

This had been what Lingyun had been dreaming about in the past. She had been hoping for that to happen as soon as possible, but those were just lies he would use when he tried to get some drug from her. And whenever she came out of the practicing house, what she got was no red wedding dresses, but more requests of other drugs.

It was not until… until the drug she made became so toxic that she got set up and became disfigured, he did not make any more such promises, instead he drove her out of the mansion.

Years pa.s.sed…



She would again hear those promises.

Those were very familiar words, spoken by Wuxing repeatedly before.

Those were what touched her heart.

As long as Wuxing made those promises, she would become soft-hearted and agree to do anything for him. She always believed him that after what she did for him, they would get married, but that was years ago.

She had lost interest in this world.

So when she heard these words, she no longer felt a thing. Instead, she was reminded about how stupid and ridiculous she had been and how ridiculous Wuxing was at the moment.

Truly… so ridiculous.

There was no other hope within.

Years ago… she left without saying goodbye.

And now, she was soon going to take revenge.

However, before she expressed her att.i.tude, she was going to make a formal farewell.

Lingyun stared right into Wuxing.

Wuxing smiled at her gently, without making a move. Years had pa.s.sed, but he subconsciously felt that he and Lingyun weren’t estranged.

“I am not helping you,” Lingyun said clearly.

Wuxing’s smile stiffened. He was surprised.

However, today… she was turning him down directly?

Wuxing was extremely shocked.

“I am not marrying you either, let alone starting a family together. Wuxing, it is over. It was already over when you drove me out of the mansion. You are the Senior Brother of Piaomiao Pavilion, and I am serving the Phoenix Girl. We don’t belong together,” Lingyun said calmly and seriously.


Wuxing looked at Lingyun in disbelief.

She was going to estrange him for real? She was not going to marry him? That was impossible!

Lingyun had been by his side since she was seven years old and she had been serving him and following his orders all this while. She had been dreaming about marrying him, and he could tell that she was the happiest when he said that he would marry her.


She was not going to him?

How could that be possible!?

He did not believe that.

She had mentioned about being driven out of the mansion, so that was what kept her confused.

Okay… he drove her out because he had overestimated himself.

He thought that he would not need Lingyun’s help when he reached that position, since he had already gotten many pharmacists and poison refiners. He did not like how Lingyun looked, so he sent her out, but…

Soon after that, he could sense something bad.

Those people were not enough.

Lingyun was definitely more useful.

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