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1849 Proof that You Are the Pheonix Girl 1

Having uttered those words, Ouyang Mingjing turned around to leave, only to hear complete silence behind him. He pivoted back, only to find Gu Chaoyan still seated there, unmoving. She showed no inclination to get up or retrieve the Golden Rolls.

He stared at her.

In that moment, he recalled her reluctance to present the Golden Rolls to Piaomiao Pavilion and the Cangyan Door in the past, despite the heartfelt offerings bestowed upon her by Piaomiao Pavilion.

Contemplating this, Ouyang Mingjing explained earnestly, “I’m requesting the Golden Rolls from you because you’re different from the people of Piaomiao Pavilion. We, the people of Snow Territory, don’t need to see what’s inside the Golden Rolls. We merely want to glimpse the Golden Rolls to confirm your ident.i.ty as the Phoenix Girl.”


“So you needn’t worry about anything.”

Upon hearing his words…

Ouyang Mingjing realized that he and the others cared little about the Golden Rolls. What they truly sought was the Phoenix Girl.

It must have been Elder Man’s suggestion that prompted her to present it.

Elder Man still harbored doubts, scrutinizing him with a speculative gaze. Clearly, he remained skeptical of Ouyang Mingjing.

She desired to collaborate with him.

To accomplish that, she had to demonstrate her true ident.i.ty as the Phoenix Girl. If she were merely an impostor rather than the authentic Phoenix Girl, Elder Man wouldn’t have regarded her with such scrutiny.

Therefore, she needed to prove herself as the Phoenix Girl and express her reluctance to work with Ouyang Mingjing.

Contemplating these considerations, Gu Chaoyan finally stirred.

She spoke calmly, “The Golden Rolls is not in my possession.”

“What?” Ouyang Mingjing’s surprise was evident. Gu Chaoyan had never offered the Golden Rolls before, not because she considered it her talisman, but because it wasn’t in her possession? The Golden Rolls belonged to the Phoenix Girl, so if she didn’t have it…

Observing the change in Ouyang Mingjing’s expression, Gu Chaoyan continued, “The Golden Rolls is of utmost importance, so I had Huaijin keep it with him during our journey here. Huaijin is a skilled martial artist, capable of safeguarding the Golden Rolls. Therefore, we cannot present it now unless we locate Huaijin.”

Ouyang Mingjing’s countenance altered.

Panic, displeasure, and uncertainty intermingled on his face.

He had always projected an air of composure. As the leader of Snow Territory, he exuded confidence and never displayed fear in the presence of the people from Piaomiao Pavilion.

Yet, within Snow Territory itself, he appeared increasingly unstable. He perpetually seemed as though facing a formidable adversary, and anxiety easily gripped him.

If Gu Chaoyan’s a.s.sessment was correct, the Elder Men had been subduing him all along, causing him to instinctively react in this manner.

Ouyang Mingjing spun around and addressed the guards, “Organize a larger team and search for the King!”

“I want him captured, dead or alive!” Ouyang Mingjing gritted his teeth as he declared.

He had believed it to be an impossible feat for them to leave Snow Territory, a vast land perpetually covered in snow.

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