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1850 Proof that You Are the Pheonix Girl 2

If they were unable to leave Snow Territory and couldn’t bear it any longer, they would end up like countless others who had ventured into the territory—lost in the snow, their bodies covered and concealed, leaving no trace behind.

For Ouyang Mingjing, as long as he was dead, everything would be resolved.

But now…

With the Golden Rolls out of their reach, they had to find both Huaijin and the Golden Rolls within Snow Territory.

This made their situation much more challenging.

“Why didn’t you mention this earlier!” Ouyang Mingjing erupted in anger, his voice filled with reproach.

If she had informed him earlier, he would have ordered his men to confiscate the Golden Rolls from her, and then he could have met his demise. The current situation was needlessly complicated, which greatly displeased him.

Upon hearing his outburst, Gu Chaoyan became even more certain that it was Ouyang Mingjing who had harmed Huaijin.


She responded with indifference, “We were ambushed in Snow Territory, but the City Lord didn’t provide us with any warning. We had no idea that such a thing would occur, so we didn’t inform you.”


“Who could have foreseen the ambush?” Gu Chaoyan fixed her gaze on Ouyang Mingjing, her expression questioning.

Ouyang Mingjing wasn’t entirely sure if he had misjudged the situation, but he couldn’t shake off the lingering guilt. He turned away slightly. “Indeed, it was unforeseeable. I’m just frustrated by how complicated everything has become.”


“With no Golden Rolls, what should we do?” Ouyang Mingjing’s voice was laden with remorse.

Gu Chaoyan was increasingly convinced of her suspicions, but she wasn’t ready to seek revenge against Ouyang Mingjing just yet.

She produced a white jade sword and spoke, “This white jade sword was kept alongside the Golden Rolls when the enchantment door was opened. According to the words of the Destiny Monk, it is a sword capable of slaying demons, Fey, and malevolent spirits. Only the Phoenix Girl can wield it.”


“This sword should serve as proof of my ident.i.ty, correct?”

Ouyang Mingjing’s eyes lit up as he examined the sword.

Crafted from the finest jade, the blade was crystal clear and exuded a chilling aura. There was only one sword of its kind in the world.

He suddenly felt a surge of excitement.

Drawing his own sword, Ouyang Mingjing approached Gu Chaoyan, who wielded the white jade sword in defense.

Ouyang Mingjing’s sword clashed against the white jade sword, only to shatter upon impact.

His own weapon was a medium-grade Dharma artifact, an enchanted armament, and the sword was infused with magical energy.

Yet, it met its end against the white jade sword.

Ouyang Mingjing’s eyes gleamed with newfound enthusiasm, his ruined sword forgotten.

“Of course!” Ouyang Mingjing replied, his excitement evident.

“I will accompany you with the white jade sword,” Gu Chaoyan declared, putting away the sword and preparing to head there with a composed demeanor.

She had never wielded the white jade sword before, as the iron weapons from the Saint Divine Land paled in comparison. Today, however, she intended to test the sword herself and prove her worth to the Elder Men with its power.

“Very well, they are not far from the palace,” Ouyang Mingjing said, leading Gu Chaoyan in that direction. He instinctively reached out to take her hand, but she deftly avoided his grasp.

“City Lord Ouyang.”

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