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Chapter 2018 Spiritual Root Damaged 1

How could he not feel pressured?

The Yan family was already in a dangerous situation, yet they had encountered such a situation.

As Gu Chaoyan sized up Yan Lin and the mean-looking woman, she understood why the woman was so extreme.

In the Saint Divine Land, as long as she was still alive, she could save her.

However, that was only for ordinary people without spiritual roots.

Like these people who cultivated.

She was not in a hurry to do that.

At this moment, she wanted to go into the s.p.a.ce and rummage through the medical skills in the s.p.a.ce or ask Huang Fu to see if there was an answer.

There was a moment of silence.

Suddenly, there was a commotion outside.

It was the Apothecary.

Yan Lin and the woman's eyes lit up with antic.i.p.ation.

They could not publicize Yan Wuji's injury because if they did, the Yan family would fall into a desperate situation before the Supreme Sect's a.s.sessment.

As for this Apothecary…

It was clearly the Apothecary they trusted.

That was why she dared to let him take a look.


The Apothecary came in.

When the Apothecary saw Yan Wuji's appearance, he was also surprised.

After the surprise, a complicated expression flashed across his eyes. After the complicated expression, there was a moment of joy.

But Gu Chaoyan had been sized up this Apothecary the whole time.

The loss of Yan Wuji's spiritual root might affect his future cultivation. Now that she was already in the Yan family, she naturally had to consider the Yan family's matters.

That was why she sized up this Apothecary.

She was a little worried.

After examining Limitless, the Apothecary's expression turned grave. "Young Master Yan's other injuries can be treated with the medicines I've prescribed. Regularly administering Essence Augmenting Pills should suffice. However, the damage to his spiritual root is a different matter. Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do. It seems my cultivation will be crippled."


"A cultivator's foundation lies within their spiritual roots. If the spiritual roots are damaged, it will shatter their cultivation. No matter who intervenes, it will be futile. Your life has been saved, but cultivating in the future should no longer be a consideration," the Apothecary stated, his tone carrying a heavy weight of finality.


After the Apothecary finished speaking calmly, he went to prescribe his prescription.


A loud wail sounded. It was that woman. Initially, everyone was tense because the Apothecary had yet to arrive, so there was still some hope in their hearts. However, now that the Apothecary had said so, almost all their hopes were cut off, so how could they still hold on?

Yan Lin kept wiping his tears.

After Apothecary gave them the prescription, he planned to leave.

The Yan family was in grief and did not care about this matter.

Gu Chaoyan took a step forward, blocking the Apothecary's path. "Apothecary, with Wuji's severe injuries, shouldn't you stay here to ensure his recovery?"

"I have other matters to attend to. Besides, as long as Young Master Yan takes the medicine on time, his injuries will heal. There is no need for me to stay," the Apothecary impatiently replied, prepared to leave.

Gu Chaoyan stood her ground and didn't budge. Given Yan Wuji's current condition, the Yan family imposed strict restrictions, prohibiting anyone from freely moving about. However, if the Apothecary were to leave and disclose any information, their efforts would be in vain. Observing the peculiar expression on the Apothecary's face earlier, Gu Chaoyan felt the need to exercise caution.

"Who do you think you are? How dare you stop me? I, too, am an Apothecary employed by the Yan Family. It has been decades, yet this is the first time someone has dared to impede me," the Apothecary retorted with clear displeasure. Upon noticing Gu Chaoyan's unfamiliar face, his arrogance grew even more apparent.

As the two engaged in a heated argument,

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