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Chapter 2115 - 2115: Undead Race 2

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“Also, after they recovered their vitality, they still don’t have human skin. They can only survive with their flesh and blood.

But they were very powerful.

And they would not die.

“They are the undead, forever deprived of the ability to die. Long ago, the witches employed powerful witchcraft to transform them into these lifeless bodies. However, against all odds, they have been resurrected,” explained Elder Qing as he spoke about the mysterious undead.

“Presently, the major sects remain oblivious to the existence of the Undead race. This is the first encounter they’ve had with them, and it is cause for concern,” Elder Qing remarked with worry.

Despite their resurrection, it appeared that the Undead race had not yet regained their full cultivation power. Consequently, they survived by consuming Green Sun Gra.s.s and even resorted to feeding on humans.

The undead tribe and the witches were inseparable, bound by an unbreakable bond. A century ago, they had no intention of becoming enemies with the human race.

Before transforming into the Undead Race, they were once humans themselves —highly intelligent beings who knew well that the four-sided trees were detrimental to their kind.


In such a terrible situation, they would not care about their own interests.

The undead tribe seemed to be in a worse situation than they had expected.

Otherwise he would have eaten the Green Sun Gra.s.s.

Elder Qing thought of what happened before.

There was one demon beast at Longdi Mountain, but because the demon beast died, no one picked the Green Sun Gra.s.s.

It was very likely that there were no so-called demon beasts at all.

From the beginning to the end, it was the Undead Race who was here.

And the Green Sun Gra.s.s was evidently not satisfied with it, so it manipulated the human race to come here.

Consequently, they would devour the humans who came to obtain the Green Sun Gra.s.s in order to recover their cultivation.

As Elder Qing sorted out these thoughts, he felt gooseb.u.mps all over.

“This is deeply connected to the Undead Race, and it’s of utmost importance.

We can’t handle it on our own. The Undead Race is vast, and even our Supreme Sect might not be able to handle them alone. Let’s return to the sect first and discuss how to tackle this issue with our fellow sect members,” Elder Qing soon devised a plan.

What Elder Qing meant was different from what Gu Chaoyan had planned.

But it was a big deal.

Gu Chaoyan decided to follow Elder Qing’s suggestion.

They were going back to the sect.

So they left promptly, making sure not to alert the Undead Race.

Back at the sect, Elder Lin had planned to take Gu Chaoyan directly to the Weapon Refining Sect. However, Gu Chaoyan was contemplating how to avoid Elder Lin when Elder Qing intervened and took Elder Lin away.

Gu Chaoyan let out a sigh of relief.

Good that they were dragged away.

The trip to the Weapon Refining Sect would take up a lot of her time.

The mission of the sect had delayed his time and her cultivation.

Back in the room…

She took out the Spirit Stones and started to absorb the spirit stones.

Halfway through the absorption..

There was another knock on the door.

Gu Chaoyan looked helpless.

As she opened the door and was about to shout, a disciple from the

Beastmaster Sect intercepted her, saying, “Elder Qing mentioned that you don’t have to complete the third mission. You have successfully pa.s.sed the test and are now eligible to join the sect. You can proceed to the sect immediately.” The disciple of the Beastmaster Sect conveyed the message politely.

In the past, such luck would have been rare. However, Gu Chaoyan not only defeated the mutated beast but also rescued the disciples of the Supreme Sect. They were deeply impressed by her actions, leading the inner sect disciples to wholeheartedly accept her.

Joining the Beastmaster Sect?

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