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Chapter 941: Pity

Then the Imperial Master had made a huge mistake!

How dare he lie to the King!

When the Imperial Master returned a while ago, what he said was that Prince Muyi was socializing with the princes from the Saint Divine Land and even the King, and that he was conducting some secretive deals. The Imperial Master claimed that he was a barrier for him while there, and that Prince Muyi was worried that he would learn of his own secretive plan, so he gave him a criminal t.i.tle and dispatched him back to the Feather Mulberry Land.

When the King heard the story a while back, he got really furious. That was why he did not listen to any of what Prince Muyi said, nor did he want to hear any explanation from Prince Muyi and grounded him directly.

He was in his flouris.h.i.+ng years, and when the former King pa.s.sed away, he was in his 60s. Therefore, he as a man in his 40s could live much longer and could sit on the throne for more than a decade.

So he got really angry when he heard that Muyi was planning something for the throne, before the real heir was even announced.

Because of the utter fury, he did not look into the whole matter carefully. After all, he had many sons and he could just arrest whichever one he fancied.

However, it seemed that the story was completely different from what he had expected.

The Imperial Master had been a complete liar!

The Imperial Master had his own ambition, thus offending many people from the Saint Divine Land. Luckily, he had just offended a few lords rather than the King, otherwise the consequence could have cost the Feather Mulberry Land the whole country.

How dare he blame Prince Muyi for what he had done.

It seemed that the Imperial Master was so offensive as to play with him!

Well, the whole thing did seem very unreasonable, when he thought about it carefully.

Muyi was a very innocent child, who had the least ambition. He had not gotten married, nor had he approached any of the ministers. So it was totally unreasonable that he suddenly started a conspiracy as soon as he arrived at the Saint Divine Land. Even if he did have some side plans, Muyi was a Prince who would not be stupid enough to spare the Imperial Master’s life when he learned the secret, so that he could report the whole thing to the King.

Now everything became clear for the King, and he understood that the Imperial Master was not someone to be kept.

Well, despite what he was thinking, he could not spill his true feelings in front of Gu Chaoyan. That was his internal affairs that should not be shared with some outsiders – it would be extremely humiliating.


He felt so guilty for Muyi, who had been under arrest for months.

Gu Chaoyan, who noticed how the King reacted, understood that the King had believed her words and was feeling very terrible at the moment.

Gu Chaoyan smiled inwardly.

It was just as she had expected.

The King could believe the Imperial Master so easily, so he could believe what she had told him about the Prince.

That man was too fickle. His trust was not at all practical. No wonder the Feather Mulberry Land was declining.

However, Gu Chaoyan still added quickly. “Well, Prince Muyi and we had a collaboration back then. We thought about opening the same type of restaurant as Yellow Crane in all 15 of the towns in the Feather Mulberry Land, so we split the profits in half, and his half was to be given to the national storage. However, the whole thing was ruined by the Imperial Master.”


“The Feather Mulberry Land is located next to the Cloud Land apart from the Saint Divine Land, so if we can make money from the Cloud Land, then the Feather Mulberry Land would definitely become better and better.”

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