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Chapter 1523: A wise man stops rumors (3)

Translator: 549690339

“Acting patriarch, there has been a rumor in the family recently. I wonder if you know about it?” An elder asked after a long while.

“Since it’s just a rumor, it doesn’t matter if it’s clear or not!” Ning Yuan said calmly, obviously not taking it seriously.

“Acting patriarch, how can it not be related? Your position is about to be replaced by someone else, aren’t you worried at all?” The nineteenth elder roared in disbelief.

“Nineteenth elder! Don’t make things sound like they’re just rumors. If your clansmen find out about this, have you thought about the consequences?” Ning Yuan’s face sank and he said unhappily. No one would be willing to hear such words, but the nineteenth elder spoke as if it was the truth. How could he not be angry?

“Acting patriarch, there’s no smoke without fire! I think you must be careful about this matter. How can our ning family be handed over to an outsider! What will happen to so many of our clansmen!” The nineteenth elder shouted with grief and indignation.

“Nineteenth elder! Don’t talk nonsense, it’s completely impossible. Watch your mouth, if I hear such words from your mouth again, don’t blame me for being impolite!” Ning Yuan roared angrily.

“Acting patriarch, I’m just worried about you! It’s fine if you don’t appreciate it, but why are you threatening me?” 19th elder’s face was full of grievance.

“Just mind your own business, I don’t need you to worry about me! If the master thinks that I’m not doing my job well and wants to replace me, I have no objections!” Ning Yuan said coldly. He really hated this kind of person who claimed that he was doing it for his own good and wanted to take advantage of the chaos.

“The acting patriarch is right! If old forefather wants to replace me as the young lord, I have no objections!” At this time, a cold voice came from the door. Then, a tall and straight figure appeared in the meeting hall.

“Haolan, you’ve returned!” Ning Yuan said happily when he saw ning haolan.

“Greetings, acting clan head and elders.” Ning haolan greeted everyone with a slight bow.

“Young master! You heard the rumors?” The nineteenth elder quickly asked when he saw that the future master of the ning family had returned. Ning haolan was different from Ning Yuan. Ning Yuan was only the acting Master. Although the master had given him a lot of power, there were many things that he could not make the decisions on. On the other hand, ning haolan was the successor chosen by the master. The future of the ning family would be handed over to him. Therefore, the nineteenth elder really hoped that ning haolan would take this matter seriously.

“I heard it!” Ning haolan said simply, his expression calm.

“Young master! We must take this matter seriously. If it’s true, you and the acting family head will lose your position. ” The nineteenth elder warned.

“If this is true, what does the nineteenth elder plan to do? Don’t tell me you can influence the old ancestor’s thoughts?” Ning haolan said with a faint smile.

“But we can’t just do nothing! If the master really wants to hand the ning family over to an outsider, we must unite all the clansmen to oppose this matter. The ning family can not be surnamed Leng!” The nineteenth elder roared with righteous indignation.

“So you’re saying that you’re going against our ancestor? You dare to oppose the decision of the ancestor, your courage is commendable!” Ning haolan said with a face full of admiration. He was really speechless towards this brainless nineteenth elder. This rumor was clearly meant to sow discord. If it were him, he would have just brushed it off as a joke. However, these elders who had nothing better to do were actually discussing it as if it was a serious matter. If the old ancestor were to find out about this, what good would they do?

“Young master! You can’t wrong me! How would I dare to go against the ancestor! I just don’t want the ning family to be an outsider! I’m the most loyal to the ning family!” Nineteenth elder expressed his feelings.

“You treat a rumor like this, and you still dare to say that you’re not trying to go against our ancestor?” Haven’t you heard of the saying ‘rumors stop at the wise’? Are you all a bunch of pig-heads?” Ning haolan looked around at the crowd and scolded them rudely.

“Young master! How can you say that about us? Which one of us here isn’t your elder?” The second elder was displeased by ning haolan.

“Second elder! As an elder, he should set an example. Such a groundless matter and you elders were so concerned about it. If this were to spread, what would the ordinary clansmen think? Don’t tell me you want to see our ning family’s hearts fall apart?” Ning haolan asked impolitely.

“Young master, you’ve misunderstood. We didn’t take the rumor seriously. We were just discussing how to stop it from spreading.” The second elder chuckled.

“In that case, did I mishear the nineteenth elder’s words?” Ning Haoran laughed coldly, his Starry Eyes staring at the nineteenth elder.

“It’s … It’s a misunderstanding, young master. ” Under ning haolan and the second elder’s glares, the 19th elder changed his words without any backbone. ‘Wuwu … Everyone clearly thinks the same as me, but no one dares to echo my words now. I’ve become the bird that stands out. What the h.e.l.l is this!’ He felt so wronged!

“Since I’ve misunderstood, I hope that no one will mention this matter again. Otherwise, if this reaches the ears of the ancestor, no one will have a good ending.” Ning haolan warned.

“The young master is right, this matter is nothing! Rumors are just rumors. If we don’t pay attention to them, they’ll naturally fade away. ” Ning Yuan said.

“Everyone, disperse!” Ning haolan suggested.

“En!” The sitting elder nodded, then stood up and left the meeting hall. Ning Yuan went up to ning haolan and sized him up before saying,””Haolan, you’re back for the family compet.i.tion, right?”

“Yes! The old ancestor said he wanted me to be a judge. ” Ning haolan said with a smile.

“Did you know that our ancestor has adopted a G.o.ddaughter?” Ning Yuan asked again.

“I know! The old ancestor told me about it. ” Ning haolan replied honestly.

“Oh! That girl is very beautiful. ” Ning Yuan tried to start a conversation.

“I’ve heard from the ancestor. Uncle, what do you want to tell me? don’t beat around the bush. ” Ning haolan chuckled.

“You should go and see Xi ‘er! She’s your sister, after all. ” Actually, there was something else that he did not say. He could not predict what would happen to Ning Xi ‘er after this compet.i.tion, so he was very uneasy! After all, Ning Xi ‘er was the child he had doted on for so many years. He really didn’t want to see her go down the wrong path.

“Uncle! You’re wrong! My mother only gave birth to me, and I don’t have a sister!” Ning haolan said coldly before turning around and leaving the meeting room.

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