Dear Commander-in-Chief Chapter 1047 - Make the Little Bitch Crazy With Jealousy!

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Chapter 1047: Make the Little b.i.t.c.h Crazy With Jealousy!

In the green wine recipe that Gu Qiqi had announced.

The last medicine was the 300-year-old Bone Setting Wood!

It was not that the Bone Setting Wood could not be found, but 300-year-old Bone Setting Wood was extremely rare!

Only Gu Qiqi and the wealthy Chu Clan could take out 300-year-old Bone Setting Wood.

Therefore, it was true that this prescription had been announced. Gu Qiqi was also honest and didn’t hide anything. However, the problem was that it was useless for everyone to have this prescription because without 300-year-old Bone Setting Wood, it was impossible to concoct the Green Rice Wine.

Therefore, the production rights of the Green Rice Wine were still firmly in the hands of Gu Qiqi and the Chu Group.

Cunning. Too cunning.

Scheming, too scheming!

Everyone loved and hated Gu Qiqi.

The pharmaceutical companies who wanted to take a shortcut and not cooperate with Gu Qiqi and the Chu clan choked. They couldn’t say anything and obediently shrank their heads again. They quickly continued to please Gu Qiqi’s team and continued to seek cooperation!

But for the audience, the effect was minimal.

Even if they had a prescription, they did not know how to brew wine themselves. In the end, they still hoped that a pharmaceutical company could produce it. They would just buy it.

If Gu Qiqi’s prescription was announced, it would be a win-win situation.


Gong Jue, who was in the VIP room, couldn’t help but smile. “Stupid woman, well done! As expected of my woman!”

In the operating theater next door, Bai Lang stomped his feet indignantly. “Scheming! Cunning! Little vixen, you really can’t change your nature! Hmph! My Young Master Ye is better. He’s beautiful and has a good heart!”

Unfortunately, Young Master Ye still did not appear in the finals.

Sigh, his Xiao Ye was just too low-key…

The compet.i.tion continued.

After Gu Qiqi perfectly displayed the recovery effects of her medical skills and patients, even if the judges were unwilling, they could only give her a full score of 100 points.

Even the judge who was the most unconvinced and had been making things difficult for Gu Qiqi wrote 100 points with tears in his eyes.

Who would still want to fight to the death and deduct points? They were simply morons.

It was an insult to the audience’s intelligence to give such a flawless medical process a low score.

Finally, it was the turn of the last team, Professor Brown’s team.

Professor Brown’s patient came to the front of the stage and gently lifted the veil.


The recovery was pa.s.sable.

The allergy was gone from the face. The whitening needle was showing. The collagen-filled portion was bulging.

Nothing was wrong, but it just looked a little awkward.

The audience didn’t know, but the judges understood immediately: it was an overdose of whitening needles and collagen. In order to pursue surgical results, and to whiten quickly, they had to use drugs in large doses.

As a result, the patient’s face was a little swollen and a little stiff.

This was more commonly known as the unnatural fossil face.

This effect was actually not bad in the beauty industry.

However, he was competing with Young Master Ye and Gu Qiqi’s medical skills!!!

Compared to the two, Professor Brown’s medical work became useless.

The judges looked at each other with complicated expressions and wrote down the score with difficulty…

= = =

At this moment.

In Furong Pavilion, a high-end seafood restaurant in the capital.

The decorations were celebratory.

On the red carpet, Gu Xuexue was dressed in an exquisite white bridal dress. She was already prepared to attend the engagement ceremony.

Looking at the dozens of reporters invited below the stage, Gu Meifeng was very satisfied. She said in Gu Xuexue’s ear, “Liuchuan still knows how to conduct himself and values you very much. I heard that he specially gave each of the reporters a big red packet and asked them to take the most beautiful photos of you tonight. Tomorrow morning, you’ll be in the headlines! Hmph, that little b*tch Gu Qiqi will probably be so jealous that she’ll go crazy!”

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Dear Commander-in-Chief Chapter 1047 - Make the Little Bitch Crazy With Jealousy! summary

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