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Chapter 2234 2236 Sister, Are You Doubting Me

"Sister, it's too late. She wants to blow you up and make you die with me. "I didn't have the chance to resist, but I secretly turned on the timer to speed up the time. Don't come over, it's about to explode..."

Gu Xiaobei's weak exhortation caused the woman's voice to suddenly go crazy, "Gu Xiaobei, you're playing tricks on me! I'll make sure you die a horrible death!"

However, Gu Xiaobei still smiled and said, "SIS, Xiaobei doesn't have the ability to help you kill the woman who tried to kill you. Instead, she caught him. But, I can exchange my life for her life, so that her trick won't work!"! "Sis, don't come over. If you come over, I'll just fall to my death. SIS, remember the bad woman's name. Her name is Xia --"

"Bang!"A loud explosion sounded, almost shattering the stone wall!

"Xiaobei -- !"Gu Qiqi's voice was shrill, and her cultivation skill was unleashed!

Water Calabas.h.!.+

This time, she was cultivating a giant water calabas.h.!.+

The emerald-green golden bell-shaped water calabash, which had extremely high water storage power, quickly wrapped around the explosives.

In almost a second, it swallowed the fireworks and protected Xiaobei to the side.

On the ground, a few broken pieces of flesh and blood fell from the explosion.

Gu Qiqi almost did not dare to look.

She was not afraid of snakes, but of Xiaobei's body. Just like the snake, it was vulnerable.

That was dynamite!

The person holding Xiaobei must have been waiting nearby to watch the show, but because they were afraid that the landslide would bury them, they chose to use a small dose of the dynamite. It could kill Gu Qiqi and Xiaobei, but it could not shake the cave.

Now, Xiaobei had taken the initiative to ignite the fuse for her. He would rather die than let her get hurt at all!

Gu Qiqi was indescribably touched and upset. "Xiaobei, don't be too sensible, okay? "Don't be so obedient in the future, okay? "This time, when I bring you out, you can do what you love the most, pursue what you love, and live for yourself, okay?"

She rode the snow leopard and gently untied the rope of the hanging coffin. She hugged the charred body, and her tears were flowing.

The young man with the charred body raised his eyes with difficulty. "Sis... I'm sorry... Have you ever doubted me and betrayed you..."

Gu Qiqi held him in her arms and took medicine from the s.p.a.ce with one hand. Her hand even trembled slightly as she applied some burn herbs on him.

With such a large area of Burns, Xiaobei's skin was completely destroyed!

She did not know if he would be able to return to normal?

She was extremely anxious.

When she heard Xiaobei's eager question, her heart ached. She immediately replied firmly and gently, "No. I never doubted you!"

This was her Xiaobei!

The greatest meaning and goal of her rebirth was to heal Xiaobei's eyes.

How could she doubt her Xiaobei.

In this life, the two of them had only spent a short amount of time together, but in her previous life, they had accompanied each other for more than twenty years!

She still remembered when she was five years old. The year Gu Xiaobei was born, Gu Qiushan was ecstatic because he had given birth to a boy. He wanted to give her away as a money-losing gift and focus on raising his son, Xiaobei. In the hospital, the baby's small white hand was tightly holding her index finger.

She was eight years old. When Gu Xiaobei was three years old, he was born with an eye disease and was blind. Gu Qiushan was very disappointed and wanted to give up on the treatment and let him die peacefully.

She begged bitterly. Gu Qiushan kicked him and the three-year-old Xiaobei pounced over to block it. His chest was shattered on the spot and his heart bled out.

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Dear Commander-in-Chief Chapter 2234 2236 Sister, Are You Doubting Me summary

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