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Chapter 896: Roll Up Her Sleeves and Do It!

Gu Qiqi never expected that she would actually meet Mu Liuchuan and Mu Tianyu’s father in kindergarten—Mu Zhentian!

Mu Zhentian had a wife. She was Mu Tianyu’s biological mother, Mu Liuchuan’s adoptive mother—that Mrs. Mu with a super bad temper.

Why was there an additional wife and son here?

Gu Qiqi understood immediately.

It turned out that he was raising a mistress and an illegitimate child.

She really admired Boss Mu. His eldest son was about to get married and even had a child with a woman outside that he could raise as a grandson.

What impressed her even more was that he actually had the same taste in choosing a wife and a mistress.

Unanimously bad!

The women he chose were vulgar, jealous, unreasonable, self-righteous, and materialistic!

Gu Qiqi couldn’t help but laugh coldly.

She didn’t care what Mu Zhentian’s style was like outside or how he played with mistresses or raised women.

She only wanted to know if this adulterous pair was the one who caused Brother Tianyu’s untimely death in her previous life!

After all, if Brother Tianyu died, Mu Zhentian’s a.s.sets would be divided equally between Mu Liuchuan and Mu Xiaohai.

In the past, Gu Qiqi had felt that the possibility of Mu Liuchuan killing someone for money was high. Now, she had personally witnessed Mu Xiaohai’s mistress’ mother being so greedy and domineering. She would shout and kill people for no reason. She wasn’t an easy person to deal with. (Search newn0vel.0rg on google)Gu Qiqi couldn’t eliminate the possibility that she also had the motive to kill Brother Tianyu!

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Thinking about this, she couldn’t help but snort coldly. “Evidence is everything. Which eye of yours saw us bullying children?”

“My wife and child saw it!”

“What if they’re lying?”

“Hmph! They don’t know how to lie!”

Gu Qiqi shrugged. “Sigh, there’s no other way. You’re willing to be blind and not listen to the truth… Alright, so what if I bully your son?”

Gu Qiqi raised her eyebrows lightly and looked at Mu Zhentian sarcastically.

The boy couldn’t help but cheer for Gu Qiqi in his heart. How arrogant! How handsome!

After praising her, he was belatedly annoyed that he shouldn’t have praised the vixen.

Mu Zhentian threw away the cigarette b.u.t.t in anger and extinguished it with his leather shoes. “What can I do? Believe it or not, I’ll get your son out of kindergarten before I beat you to death!”

Clearly, Mu Zhentian didn’t recognize Gu Qiqi at all.

The big-bellied man strode towards Gu Qiqi with a fierce gaze!

Little Hai’s mother wanted to see the world burn. “Hubby, you can do it! Beat them to death!”

Gu Qiqi stood rooted to the ground and only protected the boy behind her.

They watched as the fat and tall Mu Zhentian walked over sinisterly step by step. He waved his fists and didn’t care that they were women and children at all. His fists were about to smash them down!

Suddenly, Gu Qiqi stretched out her slender arm and blocked him lightly!

Just like how she had pushed Mu Xiaohai away just now, she gently pushed Mu Zhentian’s fist away.

But she used dozens of times more strength than on Mu Xiaohai!

There was a series of joints cracking… Mu Zhentian’s bones actually dislocated in an instant!


With a scream, Mu Zhentian broke out in cold sweat.

He never expected that Gu Qiqi, who looked so soft and weak, would actually roll up her sleeves and do it without a word!

Mu Xiaohai shrank into his mother’s arms in fear. Only at this moment did he realize that Gu Qiqi hadn’t really “bullied” him just now.

If Gu Qiqi had the slightest thought of bullying him or dealing with him, he would have been beaten to his bones by Gu Qiqi when he attacked Gu Qiqi and Gong Ting just now!

Even his father, who was so strong, had his bones broken by Gu Qiqi lightly, let alone his own small arms and legs!

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