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Chapter 217: Bipson's Collapse

Seeing this, the netizens were in an uproar.

“F*ck, the host is playing a game of 6. If he doesn't go crazy in silence, he will die in an explosion.”

“My chemistry teacher taught me that the concentration of natural gas in an explosion is 10%. If it explodes at that time, the skin will split open and the flesh will split open. It will be a sour feeling. Hiss, it will be a direct climax.”

“Haha! I'm really looking forward to the moment of the explosion. When the flames explode, it will be awesome.”

“Is there anyone who can a.n.a.lyze how to escape from this secret chamber? I feel that there is only a lighter as a prop. How can it be broken?”

“Mine isn't small, but I don't know either. This secret chamber seems to have no other way except to detonate the natural gas. Right now, there is no other prop that can be used.”

It wasn't just the netizens who felt that there was no solution. The members of the Zero Major Crimes Squad were also silent.

“F*ck, this secret chamber is too much of a trap to escape from. There are copper walls and iron walls all around, and there are no other tools. The only method that I can think of at the moment is to detonate the natural gas. Anyway, I can't think of anything.” Anthony shook his head and spread his hands to show that there was no solution.

Ross frowned. He felt like he had been stepped on by 10,000 alpacas. ‘What the f*ck? How would I escape if I were there?'

This is a problem that even normal people would find difficult to solve.

He thought so in his heart, but he muttered, “There must be another way. It's just that we didn't think of it.”

After saying that, he looked at Monica.

Monica's face was gloomy. She also frowned and said, “If we want to break his barrier, we have to first figure out a problem. How did he let people in?”

When she said this, everyone sucked in a breath of cold air.

“Yeah, it's surrounded by iron walls. It doesn't look like there's a hidden compartment on the other side. How did he do it?”

“That Death Judge has a wall-piercing skill. It's really strange.”

“I still think there's something wrong with the ground. If he first let people in and then covered the walls, it's unlikely. And before that, every time we saw the scene in the live broadcast, everything changed. No matter how shrewd we are, it's impossible to do it so thoroughly.”

Everyone was frowning, especially after Judy's last sentence.

She said it unintentionally, but it sounded intentional.

The scenes and props used by the Death Inquisitor in the live broadcast had all changed when they arrived at the scene. No one had thought much about this in the past. They only thought that the Death Inquisitor had withdrawn in order to cover up the clues.

But now that they thought about it, there were too many loopholes.

Ross's heart was on the verge of collapse. He felt that his mind was in a mess. He could not make sense of it no matter how hard he tried. He gave up and turned to look at Willie.

“The live broadcast has begun. Have you found anything?”

“Not yet.”

Willie said and turned to look at the drunkard. Seeing that he was still playing with the hourgla.s.s, he could not help but look anxious. “Since he is not here, let's continue looking. You are so powerful. You must be able to find where the Death Inquisitor is.”

The drunkard looked like he had not woken up. He played with the hourgla.s.s in his hand and said, “Are you crazy? How am I G.o.dly?”

“You said you were not crazy. You just looked at the car and knew the initials of the murderer's name. You even knew what kind of car the murderer drove and where he went. This is not considered crazy.”

Willie was a little disappointed that he did not meet his expectations. He had such a great ability, and if he did not make good use of it, he would look like he had not woken up all day. He was drowsy and too salty.

“I can only say that you are too stupid!” The drunkard rolled his eyes, and he said helplessly, “In the lower right corner of the pa.s.senger seat, there is a nine-square grid drawn with blood. On the corresponding position, it says 2,7,7. The bloodstain has only been dry for a few days, so it must have been left by Jenny. She clearly wanted to ask for help. What kind of message do you think he left behind? As for the displacement, the direction of escape, smell the exhaust, and look at the tire tracks, and you will know.”

Willie looked ashamed. He didn't even get in the car, so how would he know about the nine squares? Even if he saw it, he probably didn't know what it meant.

“What do we do now? Aren't we going to look for it?”

“So what if we find it? We're still going to pull out Bipson and shoot him. The result will be the same.”

“Drunkard!” Ross's angry voice came from the screen. “You must always remember that you're a police officer, and the Death Judge is a criminal. The main motive of the Zero Major Crimes Unit is to catch him.”

“F*ck, I didn't stop you. Just catch him.”

The drunkard was still indifferent and did as he was told.

“I can provide you with a direction. The tire tracks of the car entering the courtyard and leaving the courtyard are different. The tire tracks leaving the courtyard are obviously heavier. I guess the Death Judge left it when he took the murderer away and went southeast. But I always feel that this is a trap. If you want to chase after him, feel free to do so.”

“You're not going!” Willie raised his eyebrows.

“I still have to study what the Death Judge left me. I have a hunch that this will be a clue to solve the case. I'll also watch his live broadcast. I heard that it's very exciting.” The drunkard shook the hourgla.s.s in his hand and entered the live broadcast room.

Willie felt that he was a madman…a complete madman. If watching the live broadcast could solve the case, they wouldn't have to work so hard and run around. What made him speechless was that ever since he came in, the drunkard had been holding that broken hourgla.s.s. It was just a small thing. What was there to see?

“Leave two people here. The rest of you, get on the plane and search in the southeast direction.”

After sending Willie away, the drunkard returned to the bas.e.m.e.nt and sat next to the computer. He shook the hourgla.s.s in his hand and looked at the death broadcast room with great interest.

At this moment, Bipson was scratching his ears and cheeks in the secret room. The concentration of natural gas was getting higher and higher, and it had reached an unbearable limit. Was he really going to self-detonate?

No, there must be another way.

He couldn't imagine the scene of the explosion. He was already surrounded by natural gas, and the instant he detonated it was equivalent to being in the center of a fireball. Whether it was the power of the explosion or the instantaneous high temperature, it was not something that his physical body could withstand.

What exactly was the method?

“Haha! This guy is already on the verge of collapse. You can't imagine it, right? The feeling of waiting for death is not good, right?”

“What are you waiting for? Just press the lighter and you'll be free soon. The world Is bright.”

“This kind of sc.u.mbag needs to be tortured bit by bit and finally killed with a slap. Only then will we be able to vent our hatred.”

Looking at the drowsy Bipson, the netizens all clapped and cheered. It would be best if he was directly killed by the explosion. That would be the perfect ending.

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