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Chapter 288: Arriving at the Qi Residence (1)

The Spirit Gathering Pill was harder to refine and more complicated than an ordinary medicinal pill, and most of the herbs required had to be ten million years old. What she had now wasn't more than a hundred years old, so she didn't have enough resources. Even if she could refine it, the cleverest housewife couldn't cook without rice!

Following the pill-refining steps, Chi Shuyan created a fire, then placed the herbs inside and did the seals. Because the Spirit Gathering Pill was somewhat complex, it required a lot of spiritual energy. Chi Shuyan could only focus and form the seals frantically as she sent spiritual energy into the pill furnace.

Because the Spirit Gathering Pill really consumed too much spiritual energy, Chi Shuyan's forehead was covered in sweat, and the spiritual energy in her body also dwindled rapidly until her strength was exhausted.

But at that moment, Chi Shuyan didn't dare be distracted, and she continued to send in spiritual energy until the pills were formed. A faint medicinal fragrance wafted out of the pill furnace and Chi Shuyan slumped to the floor. Only after she recovered a little did she open the pill furnace to see white, fat, round, translucent medicinal pills inside. There were fewer pills this time, four in total, and they had faint spirit signs on them. Chi Shuyan felt that it was probably because the herbs weren't old enough, hence this result.

Chi Shuyan didn't take a Spirit Gathering Pill this time, but took the Energy Recovery Pill which she had bought from the auction.

As expected of the Energy Recovery Pill; as soon as she took it, it immediately started to slowly replenish her spiritual energy. It was just that this pill didn't have enough spiritual energy, so it only replenished about 30%.

Chi Shuyan suddenly narrowed her eyes. When she closed her eyes to cultivate, she sensed that the Energy Recovery Pill she had just taken had a faint black impurity. Fortunately, it wasn't bad.

Chi Shuyan took out another spirit bottle and poured out the Energy Recovery Pills which she had refined. She chose the lowest-level pill.

As soon as she took it, compared with the slow replenishment of spiritual energy earlier, her body immediately overflowed with dense spiritual energy which flowed into her limbs and bones.

Chi Shuyan could feel that a low-level Energy Recovery Pill actually replenished spiritual energy by 70 to 80%. This wasn't much in the cultivation world in the past, but in this world which lacked both medicinal pills and spiritual energy, one could imagine how rare and precious this was!

Only now did she understand why the Jing family and the auction house were so enthusiastic toward her, even dealing with the daughter of the Jing family head right away for Chi Shuyan's sake.

But the pill hadn't been auctioned off yet, and the Jing family probably valued it because of the dense spiritual energy.

That evening, Chi Shuyan got the call and left the apartment to meet the man in his car to go to the Qi residence.

Chi Shuyan was still a bit nervous about actually making the trip.

Qi Zhenbai watched his wife wring her hands as she sat in the pa.s.senger seat. This was the first time he had seen his wife so uneasy, but this also proved that his wife valued his family and was afraid that they wouldn't like her.

When the car stopped at a light, Qi Zhenbai wrapped his big hand around hers and curled his lip. “Are you very nervous?”

Chi Shuyan gritted her teeth. “It's fine!”

“Are you really that nervous?” In a very good mood, Qi Zhenbai curled his lip.

“Drive carefully, I'll be okay after a while!” Chi Shuyan said.

After about half an hour, Chi Shuyan saw a grand residence not far from the capital's wealthy district and her heart thumped even harder. When Qi Zhenbai drove over, she found that there were actually a lot of people outside the front of the residence. The first thing she saw was an upright and imposing old man standing not far away with an affectionate look on his face. This was probably the Qi family patriarch.

At the thought that Qi Zhenbai's grandfather would actually directly pick them up at the entrance, Chi Shuyan's legs turned weak and her heart was stuck in her throat. That was the Qi family patriarch; more than that, he was Qi Zhenbai's grandfather!

What if Qi Zhenbai's grandfather didn't like her?

She didn't care before, but now, she cared a lot about this man, so she cared what his family thought of her.

Qi Zhenbai had originally planned to drive in, but didn't expect his grandfather to directly come out to pick them up. He saw that his wife's alarmed face was a little pale. It was no longer as simple as being nervous. He was afraid that if his wife would faint for real, which would be bad.

Chi Shuyan didn't want the old man to wait any longer. She gritted her teeth and said, “I'm fine, let's get out of the car!”

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