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Chapter 640: The Secret Of The Silver Moon Spring 2

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

At least, when Jun Mohuang was trapped in Huangyu s.p.a.ce throughout the day, she carefully observed the groove under the silver stalact.i.te.

She acutely noticed that 20 of the 24 spiritual weapons were refined by her.

Those were the 20 Spiritual Weapons she had sold at the trading center when she first arrived at the Academy Of A Thousand Illusions.

Coupled with what Di Lingtian said about the sharpness of the saber in the Silver Moon Spring, it should have absorbed the sharpness of these spiritual weapons.

In other words, the production of the Silver Moon Spring might be partly due to the sharpness of the weapon.

Because Jun Mohuang had the black flame, the spiritual weapon she refined was even sharper than the spiritual weapon refined by ordinary refiners.

At this point, she suddenly had a bold deduction. The Silver Moon Spring suddenly produced an additional half a drop this time possibly because of her 20 spiritual weapons.

If she refined more spiritual weapons and placed them in the groove under the silver stalact.i.te, would they be able to produce more next month?

Jun Mohuang had always been a person of action. Since she had a guess, she naturally had to execute it immediately.

To others, a spiritual weapon was difficult to find, but to her, it was extremely simple.

She waited another day and headed to the Silver Moon Spring again in the middle of the night.

Jun Mohuang knew that Qiu Hailing wouldn’t let this go, so she was very vigilant this time. However, her whereabouts were still discovered by Qiu Hailing after entering the central area.

Qiu Hailing followed closely behind.

This old man was actually a stalker. Jun Mohuang complained in her heart.

Now that she was suspected, Qiu Hailing would only chase after her in the future.

Jun Mohuang gritted her teeth and quickly teleported through the stone forest to the cave.

She took out a spiritual weapon and inserted it into the barrier. Just as she did last night, Jun Mohuang was sucked to the bottom of the cave by a huge force.

She walked quickly to the groove and changed the 24 spiritual weapons into her new ones.

The variety of this new batch of spiritual weapons was exactly the same as the ones in the groove. Even the position Jun Mohuang placed them in was exactly the same as before.

After all, she hadn’t been stuck in there for nothing.

She had already observed the types and positions of these spiritual weapons.

After doing all this, Jun Mohuang did not have time to observe anything else in the groove and immediately teleported away.

She had just teleported halfway into the cave when she sensed Qiu Hailing rus.h.i.+ng over a dozen meters ahead.

Jun Mohuang immediately hid in Huangyu s.p.a.ce and saw Qiu Hailing rus.h.i.+ng past. She did not notice anything amiss and smiled. She came out of Huangyu s.p.a.ce and teleported back to the dormitory.

Jun Mohuang laid on the soft bed comfortably.

Mission completed tonight, sleep!

At the bottom of the cave, Qiu Hailing was extremely excited to sense Jun Mohuang enter again.

He rushed into the cave and saw that it was empty again.

Humph, this brat must have entered the s.p.a.ce Spirit Energy again.

He wanted to see how long Jun Mohuang would stay in there. She would come out eventually!

But just as Qiu Hailing was about to wait a few days and nights, he suddenly sensed that Jun Mohuang had already left the cave and was not here at all.

Having her run away again, Qiu Hailing was so angry that he almost hit the wall. He hurriedly left the cave and chased after Jun Mohuang.

But no matter how fast he was, he couldn’t catch up to Jun Mohuang.. When he arrived at the edge of the central area, Jun Mohuang had already returned to the dormitory.

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