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Chapter 559: Matter Of Fact

When the chicken soup spilled, Mo Yunhao was so frightened he jumped violently. He kept waving his hands and shouting.

“Ah ah ah, it's so hot, Aunt Zhang, what are you doing? Why is the soup so hot?”

Jiang Hongying rushed over and cradled her son's hands in her hands and blew on them. “Hao Hao, are you all right? Oh no, your hands are all red. Aunt Zhang, do you want to lose your job? How can you ask Hao Hao to carry such a hot bowl of soup? Look, his hands are scalded!”

Aunt Zhang's mouth twitched.

The soup was not really hot, all right?

Old Mistress had just brought it in, and no matter how hot it was, it had already been outside for a while. Also, when people carried soup bowls, they held the sides and the bottoms. Who would cradle the bowl in both hands like Mo Yunhao?

He was a grown man and almost twenty years old, yet in these difficult times, he was still so delicate and pampered. He didn't seem like a man from the Mo family at all!

But Aunt Zhang did not say any of this out loud. She knew what Jiang Hongying and Mo Yunhao were like, so she did not say anything.

Although she kept quiet, Jiang Hongying would not let it go. She continued to bellow, “Why are you still standing there dumbly? Hurry up and clear the things. Also, get some medicine for Hao Hao. If he gets blisters on his hands, I'll flay you.”

Aunt Zhang's mouth twitched even hard. It was just a little red, did he need medicinal cream?

In these times when resources were scarce, even a very rich family like the Mos did not lead such refined lives because of the external environment. It was absurd that a grown man like Mo Yunhao would need cream just because his hands were reddened from carrying a bowl!

Meanwhile, Mo Yunhao was still making a fuss. “Mother, look at how badly scalded my hands are. I won't be able to move them for many days! I have to be nursed back to health. This chicken soup is quite nice. Aunt Zhang, hurry up and make another batch. Hurry. The Young Master is hungry!”

Grandma Mo's words were completely ignored. Old Master Mo was about to lose his temper, but when Mo Yunhao suddenly said this, he boiled over with rage. “Shut up!”

This b.a.s.t.a.r.d. Was he tired of living?

How dare he refer to himself as “Young Master”?

Everyone kept a low profile in these times, and no one dared to refer to themselves as Old Master or Young Master. If someone else overheard, the consequences would be disastrous.

Old Master Mo's roar caused Mo Yunhao and Jiang Hongying to come to their senses.

Jiang Hongying was displeased with Old Master Mo's att.i.tude, so she frowned. “Father, Hao Hao's hands have been scalded. Why are you so angry? Hao Hao is your eldest grandson and our Mo family's successor. If anything happens to him, what will become of the Mo family?”

Old Master Mo immediately narrowed his eyes and said dangerously, “Successor? With his behavior, does he dare to dream of being the Mo family's successor? He's useless. Is the family a toy for him to play with?”

Jiang Hongying's expression changed. “Father, Hao Hao is our family's eldest grandson. The Mo family is his responsibility. Hao Hao is still young. If you feel he's not outstanding enough, we can train him. When he's grown, he will be more capable!”

Old Master Mo was truly angered by Jiang Hongying's matter-of-fact att.i.tude. As the Master of the Mo family, no one had ever challenged his authority. Especially not on major matters like succession.

This Jiang Hongying really treated the Mo family as her property.

That was a bad omen.

Old Master Mo narrowed his eyes at Jiang Hongying. He realized that her matter-of-fact att.i.tude was not deliberately put on to test his feelings.

If things carried on like this, who knew what this woman would do outside in the name of the Mo family!

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