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Chapter 1287 - 1287 1287: Public Rage

1287 1287: Public Rage

Hawkins had just gotten arrested because of Hawkins’s crime and the president of the Union Bank, Jiali, had also been arrested as well. Eddie was still trying his best to come up with a solution, but the thing that he was worried about the most still happened.

When Eddie learned that the gene laboratory and the experiment on modifying human genes had been exposed, the police and military as well as a reporter had completely surrounded the lab.

With the reporter recording the news live, audiences all around the world looked at those people who were tied down in desperation in order for the experiment to be carried out.

These people had been forcibly injected with the drug that had been used in the experiment.


Other than that, there were also some who had been locked in isolation wards after being injected with the medication.

There were some who were extremely tall or extremely short, some with their skin broken and others who looked extremely weak.

Most of them didn’t even have clothes on while they were locked inside these rooms.

None of the staff from the laboratories viewed these people as humans.

The worst of humanity had been displayed to the whole world.

The Centrals was a place that cared most about humanity. For those who were stuck in here for the experiment, forget about human freedom, if it wasn’t because of the fact that the laboratory got exposed, none of them would have been able to leave this place alive.

Everyone who watched the news was furious.

The holy Medical Federation had now become a place that was rotten.

The Hess family, who had always been righteous, were doing such inhuman experiments behind the public’s back. It was indeed something that sent chills down their spine.

Most importantly, these people who were stuck inside these rooms were not deadly criminals.

After confirming their ident.i.ty, these people were either powerful mercenaries or staff members of the laboratories that were incredibly smart. These were people who used to work for the laboratories who were both smart and strong. There was also one who used to be the missing genius from Country Z.

This genius had completed his studies at 12 years old. He had already started college when he was only 13 years old. He finished his masters when he was 18, and when the internet system wasn’t too established in Country Z, this boy managed to build his own system. He had already managed to achieve great success at a small age.

Suddenly, this genius disappeared into thin air.

This was a serious case for Country Z and there were multiple groups of people who had been in charge of investigating the case. They were still trying to look for him, and even after 20 years and multiple groups of policemen, the case still remained uncracked.

Now, the genius who disappeared was suddenly found in the underground laboratory that belonged to the Medical Federation, a subject that had failed the experiment.

He looked pale and weak on all four limbs. He was so skinny that he looked like a skeleton, and the only thing that was working on him were the pair of eyes.

He was still smart, and even when he was at the brink of death, he still had a clear mind.

When he was rescued, the first thing he said was…

“Please don’t inform my parents about this. Just let them think that I am still missing.”

No matter if they thought that he was dead or missing, they might have been heartbroken, but their wounds would have been healed by now after 20 years. Even if they still had hope, he was hoping that they would continue on with their lives with that small hope.

The police agreed to what he requested.

What he didn’t know was that one year after he left, his entire family shattered.

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The Genius Doctor, My Wife, Is Valiant Chapter 1287 - 1287 1287: Public Rage summary

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