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Chapter 1288 - 1288 1288: Destroying the Hess Family

1288 1288: Destroying the Hess Family

This was because when they couldn’t find him, his father had a cardiac arrest due to being so worried about him. His mother wasn’t able to take the blow and went mad. After being at the psychiatry hospital for a year, she lost her footing and drowned to death.

The genius and his shattered family instantly became big news in Country Z.

Seeing how the genius from Country Z turned out this way, all of them sympathised with them and were furious at the same time.

[F**k! Isn’t the Medical Federation based in the Centrals? Why did they come all the way here to Country Z?]


[Am I the only one who noticed that all of those captured are Asians? What’s wrong with those from the Hess family?!]

[I’m utterly disgusted! They should just die!]

[After destroying one, wouldn’t the Hess family be able to form other federations like these? Shouldn’t we destroy the Hess family instead?]

[They better give us a good explanation about this! If the Hess family doesn’t get destroyed, this will not be over!]

Eddie didn’t think that there would be a day where they would get arrested.

He was the one who helped the new head of the state get his position, but these policemen had the audacity to arrest him!


He took him as his brother, as family, but that man betrayed him!

Along with AO2!

It was impossible that with only the Di and Zhan family involved, they would be able to make this into such a huge thing.

Bachard, Du Yanzheng and Zhan Lichuan…

All three of them were traitors. He has been nothing but kind to them, but these people harmed him instead.

Did they really think that with him gone, he had nothing left behind?

Eddie had been arrested and so was Jiali. Amongst the siblings, El was the only one left.

El suddenly became the person-in-charge.

Before the press conference started, El made a call to Zhan Lichuan.

Coincidentally, Du Yanzheng came over to look for his brother to have dinner with him, so when El called, both the brothers were present.

When he saw Zhan Lichuan, who looked like Jiamo, the look in El’s eyes turned gentle. Compared to when he saw Du Yanzheng, who looked like Du Bo, El didn’t even bother talking to him.

Compared to Eddie, El was gentle as he spoke to Zhan Lichuan, “Ah Chuan, I will get rid of Eddie, Jiali, and Hawkins. Both of you can come home now.”

Du Yanzheng and Zhan Lichuan didn’t think that the first thing that El said would be for them to return home. This was totally different from what Eddie had done in the past.

Eddie only wanted them back in the Hess family because they were useful to him. He only wanted part of the Ops and Du Corporates.

Therefore, when El suggested that they could go home, both of them were stunned.

“Why do you want us to take over the Hess family? Did you think that you would be able to compensate for our parent’s death with that?”

El’s eyes turned dimmed as he said, “I didn’t say that. I know that you wanted revenge for your parents. Once you take over the Hess family, you would be able to do whatever you want.”

“We only wanted to find the person who murdered our parents and also find the ones who tried to kill me and my brother. We are not interested in taking over the Hess family.”

Du Yanzheng didn’t say a word but stood close to his younger brother, his strongest supporter.

El kept quiet for a long time before he finally told the truth.

“It was… My father who killed Jiamo and Du Bo.”

Zhan Lichuan and Du Yanzheng were both speechless.

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The Genius Doctor, My Wife, Is Valiant Chapter 1288 - 1288 1288: Destroying the Hess Family summary

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