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Chapter 1364: Her Acupuncture Technique

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Huo Yao looked at Min Yu confidently and smiled. “Got it. Don’t worry.”

Since Huo Yao knew what she was doing, Min Yu did not harp on the subject any longer.

Before long, Huo Yao stepped into the bedroom.

The butler had helped Chairman w.a.n.g remove his s.h.i.+rt. After he was done, Huo Yao told him to leave the room. Even though the butler was worried about Chairman w.a.n.g, there was an important guest in the living room, so he went to brew tea for Min Yu.



Only Chairman w.a.n.g and Huo Yao remained in the bedroom. Acupuncture was a long process requiring a lot of concentration, so neither of them spoke.

Huo Yao had used a similar technique on Fang Chen previously as well. It was impossible to remove the poison from Chairman w.a.n.g completely. The toxin had already spread throughout his body, so it was impossible to purge it entirely.

She could only try to strike a balance and make the poison coexist with the patient. If she was able to accomplish this, it was plausible for the patient to live for a while longer.

She had never done this before, but she had to give it a shot.

Huo Yao was done 30 minutes later. After she was done performing the Gold Thread Technique on Chairman w.a.n.g, she took his pulse.

His pulse was still erratic, but it was slightly better, so her technique clearly worked.

Huo Yao heaved a sigh of relief. She continued guiding the gold thread throughout the patient’s system several times. After 30 minutes, she finally removed the gold thread.

Since the patient would be in great pain, Huo Yao had applied a silver acupuncture needle to Chairman w.a.n.g’s drowsy acupuncture point, putting him to sleep. It helped in alleviating the pain. She was worried that he could not take it.

After removing the silver needle from the patient’s drowsy acupuncture point, Chairman w.a.n.g opened his eyes and woke up a minute later.

Chairman w.a.n.g could sense pain throughout his body, but he genuinely felt a lot better now. He turned to look at Huo Yao. “Is that all? I really feel a lot better now.”

Huo Yao disinfected her gold thread as she said, “If you steer clear of any meds that might trigger a relapse, you should be fine for now.”

It was the first time she was doing this, so she was not entirely confident about the effect of the treatment. She naturally did not want to give the patient false hope.

“Uh huh,” acknowledged Chairman w.a.n.g. “I understand.”

Huo Yao nodded before placing the disinfected gold needles back into the metal box.

Chairman w.a.n.g finally noticed Huo Yao’s old metal box. When he saw the quaint pattern on the box, he could not help finding it familiar. He suddenly opened his eyes wide in surprise. Even though he was very weak from the treatment, he gritted his teeth and sat up. He asked excitedly. “May I take a look at your needle box?”

Huo Yao turned to look at Chairman w.a.n.g and caught him staring at the metal box in her hands intently. She paused briefly before handing the metal box to him.

The gold thread required special storage since it was more fragile, so she typically did not go out with them. Instead, she took the entire box with her before she came over.

After seeing the flower petal pattern on the box, Chairman w.a.n.g raised his head and looked at Huo Yao in shock as he stammered. “T-this…”

Huo Yao smiled and admitted he was right without waiting for him to finish his sentence. “Yes. You’re right.”

Chairman w.a.n.g’s sentence halted abruptly as he opened his eyes wide in shock.

He always found Huo Yao’s acupuncture techniques unique. They were nothing like ordinary acupuncture.

When he saw the floral pattern on the box, he was finally able to connect the dots.

If Huo Yao was from the clan, it made sense for her to have spectacular medical skills.

Chairman w.a.n.g parted his lips. “Huo Yao…”

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