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Chapter 1485: Things Are Complicated In The Capital

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Huo Tingrui was leaning against the door in the neighboring room and happened to see Huo Yanxi’s happy profile. He could not resist quipping. “I told you so, right? She might bear a grudge, but she’s not entirely heartless.”

If Huo Yanxi had done this sooner, Huo Yanxi and Huo Yao would never have had an estranged relations.h.i.+p.

Huo Yanxi straightened his back and snapped out of his thoughts when he heard what his little brother said. He turned and said calmly, “It’s getting late. Have an early night.”

Huo Tingrui smiled ambiguously as he raised his brow and glanced at the smile on Huo Yanxi’s face.

Huo Yanxi pretended not to see the look on Huo Tingrui’s face and simply returned to his room calmly. After closing the door, the smile on his face became even deeper.


Huo Yanxi could sense his phone vibrating nonstop in his pocket. He had received Chinese New Year wishes from some friends and employees.

Huo Yanxi was in a good mood, so he gave everyone who was texting him a generous red packet.


It was the first day of the Chinese New Year the next day, so Huo Yao’s parents gave her a thick red packet when she got downstairs according to custom.

Other than her family, she also received a lot of red packets via WeChat from her teachers, professors, and her senior brothers from the Physics department.

Huo Yao kept watching as the money in her WeChat wallet kept going up. She felt fortunate that the people in her social circle were very rich and were happy to share their wealth.

Just from the red packets she had collected, she could afford to pay the downpayment for an apartment in the capital.

After eating glutinous rice dumplings for the Chinese New Year, Huo Yao took Goofy out for a stroll. When she walked outside the neighboring villa, she raised her head and glanced at it before she quickly veered her eyes.

Min Yu had left for the capital after seeing her last night.

Huo Yao walked Goofy in the estate for nearly an hour before she went home. After handing the dog to the maid, she went to the living room.

Huo Yanxi and Huo Tingrui were sitting in the living room chatting about something.

Huo Yao quietly sat down in the corner on the couch and took out her phone. There were still a number of unread text messages.

Meng Ying had sent her a text message asking her to hang out.

Huo Tingrui could be heard talking.

“Oh yes. I plan to set up a new office in the estate you’re staying in.” Huo Tingrui turned to look at Huo Yao. Since he was wearing his, he looked very refined.

Huo Yao was sending text messages with her head lowered. After some time, she raised her head and asked in surprise. “What do you mean?”

Huo Tingrui nodded. “I started considering setting up an office in the capital ever since last year. One of Big Brother’s clients needs money, so he wants to give up his office s.p.a.ce.”

Huo Yao stopped replying to her text messages. It finally made sense. No wonder they kept talking about start-up capital recently.

She pondered briefly before she replied tactfully. “The political situation in the capital is very complicated. It won’t be easy to conduct business there.”

Even though the Huo family had friends in the capital, most of their connections were in City S. Shangguan Hou already knew that she was from the Huo family. If her second older brother moved to the capital, it might expose him to a degree of danger.

She was able to protect herself, but not him.

“I’m against this move.” Huo Yao pondered and spoke solemnly.

She gave him a serious look and looked like she meant what she said.

It was the second time Huo Tingrui had seen his little sister speak with such a serious look on her face. The first time he ever caught this expression on her face, he was kidnapped because of a case.

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