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Chapter 1484: Something Had Changed About Her

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Min Yu did not eat much. He put down his chopsticks and asked. “Did your older brother call?”

Huo Yao nodded. She paused for a couple of seconds and said, “It’s fine for me to go back a little later.”

A discreet smile appeared on his face as Min Yu looked at her intently.

He waved the eatery owner over and footed the bill.



By the time Huo Yao got home, 30 minutes had already pa.s.sed. Her fair face was now slightly ruddy, especially her lips which were radiant.

Song Ning scrutinized her daughter closely. Something had changed about Huo Yao after she got home. Her eyes suddenly landed on her daughter’s neck as she asked. “Did you wear a scarf when you went out?”

Huo Yao straightened her scarf calmly and replied. “Yes, I did.”

“Oh really?” Song Ning had a nagging feeling that she was missing something here.

She did not recall her daughter owning a scarf in this color.

“Uh huh. You probably didn’t notice it.” Huo Yao walked up in front of the refrigerator and retrieved a bottle of coca cola. After drinking something cold, she finally cooled down slightly.

Huo Yao was a candid young woman, so Song Ning was completely unsuspecting.

Since Song Ning decided to drop the questioning, Huo Yao quickly went back to her room without staying back to watch the television program.

By the time she was done was.h.i.+ng herself up, the fireworks outside had reached a climax. Huo Yao opened the curtains and looked at the brilliant fireworks in the sky and went into a daze.

For a moment there, it felt as though Old Madam Yang was still around.

Each Chinese New Year, she would sit with Old Madam Yang in the yard and watch the fireworks.

Huo Yao suppressed the dryness in her throat.

The sound of people counting down to the Chinese New Year could be heard. When the countdown got to zero, she muttered. “Happy Chinese New Year, Granny.”

Before she knew it, her words were swallowed by the commotion of the fireworks outside.

Huo Yao’s phone rang as it sat on the table. She continued standing in front of the window briefly before she turned to go back inside.

She picked up the phone and answered it.

“Happy Chinese New Year,” said Min Yu over the phone.

Huo Yao was just feeling emotional thinking about her grandmother, but she was promptly distracted when she heard his voice. She held the phone and replied. “Happy Chinese New Year.”

Someone knocked on the door. Huo Yao raised her head, hung up the phone, and walked to the door.

After opening the door, she saw Huo Yanxi standing outside. His face was lowered awkwardly since he felt sorry about his previous actions. He had already prepared a red packet for Huo Yao, so he promptly handed it to her. He said softly, “Happy Chinese New Year.”

Huo Yao noticed Huo Yanxi acting cautiously in front of her. He used to be biased against her, but those days were long over. Now, he was filled with regret for his misjudgment and would do anything to make up for it.

She went quiet for a couple of seconds before she reached her hand out and accepted the red packet. “Thanks, Big Brother. Happy Chinese New Year.”

Even though Huo Yao’s voice sounded cool and distant, Huo Yanxi could sense something different about her.

He raised his head and looked at Huo Yao in an attempt to verify the truth.

“Are you…” Huo Yanxi wanted to speak, but he suddenly lost his words. After trying for some time, he eventually gave up.

“Take care. Good night, Big Brother,” said Huo Yao calmly. She closed the door leaving Huo Yanxi at a loss.

Moments later, Huo Yanxi snapped out of his daze and suddenly looked at the door hesitantly.

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