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Hei Xinjiu looked at the disheveled instructor Liu and curled the corners of her lips. First, she raised her spiritual energy barrier to defend against instructor Liu’s palm. Then, she threw a thick stack of ice block talismans at instructor Liu.

Instructor Liu was in a hurry to escape. Moreover, he was confident that Yun chujiu did not throw any high-level talismans because it was impossible for a child to have so many high-level talismans.

Therefore, he was miserable. Almost all the ice block talismans fell on his body, and his movements immediately slowed down. The children who were chasing after him swarmed up, and all kinds of spiritual weapons were thrown at instructor Liu.

Hei Xinjiu kept throwing ice block talismans at instructor Liu’s body, so that he had no way to fight back.

After fifteen minutes, instructor Liu finally breathed his last reluctantly. He did not understand even before he died. How could the originally well-planned matter fail in the end?

When the children saw that instructor Liu Jiaoxi was killed, they immediately cheered up!

Yun chujiu did not find di beiming among the crowd. She was shocked and quickly separated the crowd to enter the cave. She saw di beiming sitting cross-legged on the ground. His face was pale and his lips were purple, it was obvious that the fight just now had triggered the cold poison.

Yun Chujiu’s heart ached, but she did not have any good ideas. Usually, she kissed him a lot, but that thing had learned its lesson and did not fall for it again.

At this time, those devilish children had already dragged a few corpses into the cave. Then, they looked at Hei Xinjiu with admiration and grat.i.tude.

Yun chujiu was a little touched when she saw the devilish children’s expressions. However, there were still some things that needed to be done.., she smiled and said, “You were drugged by the devouring spirit powder. Although you ate the antidote, it was inevitable that there were some residual toxins. Come, eat these pills.”

The devilish children were naturally not on guard against her. They took the pills and ate them. Then, they pa.s.sed out miserably.please visit panda(-)

Hei Xinjiu let out the Meng Yanshou, then, she ordered, “Weave a dream for them and hide the matter of the bones. Tell them that instructor Liu Jiaoxi is going to practice an evil technique. “Also, hide the pretty boy’s Ice Dragon and my big kitchen knife so as to avoid any trouble.”

Meng Yanshou immediately followed Hei Xinjiu’s instructions and began to weave dreams for those devilish children. These devilish children did not have high spiritual power to begin with, and they were still in a deep sleep. Therefore, Meng Yanshou easily completed the task.

Fifteen minutes later, the devilish children woke up one after another and rubbed their eyes. Why were they still asleep after eating the king’s medicinal pills?

Yun Chujiu said with a smile, “This king added some qi-calming and spirit-concentrating things into the pills. This can completely remove the spirit-devouring powder from your body. Do you feel much more comfortable now than before?”

The naughty children naturally felt much more comfortable after a short nap. Therefore, they firmly believed Yun Chujiu’s words and were all grateful to her.

Hei xinjiu rubbed her nose guiltily and coughed a few times. Then, she pointed at instructor Liu Jiaoxi’s corpse and said,

p、A,nd A-n、o、ve,1 “In the future, the Li Hate Palace might investigate instructor Liu’s whereabouts. Therefore, in order to avoid getting into trouble, after you return to the Jun Tiantian Kingdom, directly hand over this corpse to the Emperor and have him report the matter to the Li Hate Palace.”

The children were stunned for a moment. The little fatty was the first to react and asked, “Your Majesty, What do you mean by this? You want to separate from us?”

Yun chujiu smiled bitterly and pointed at di beiming who was meditating beside her. “As you can see, my brother’s old illness is acting up, so I’m going to bring him to look for a famous doctor. I Can’t return to the country of Jun with you guys.”

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The Yun Family's Ninth Child Is An Imp! 3491 Chapter 3491 touched the naughty children summary

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