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“What do you plan to do?”Di beiming was a little annoyed. If it wasn’t for the fact that his old illness had relapsed, he would have killed those people directly to prevent the little rascal from wasting his energy.

Yun chujiu slightly curled the corners of her lips. “The star Sun Kingdom only wants those two good-for-nothings to be puppets, and then slowly encroach on our East Phoenix Kingdom. Since they dare to play dirty tricks, then this emperor will directly make the sky high continent no longer have the star Sun Kingdom.”

Di beiming looked at the proud expression on Yun Chujiu’s face, and his heart beat violently. Soon after, a wave of pain struck him, and he fainted.

When di beiming woke up, he found himself lying on the bed. He looked around and found that he was still in the cabin. He reckoned that he should still be on the flying spirit tool.

When he was looking around, he felt that something was not quite right. He lowered his head to look at his body, and it actually turned into the appearance of a three or four-year-old..

“Baby, you’re Awake?”Yun Chujiu’s crisp voice came from the cabin door.

Di beiming looked up. Yun Chujiu had already returned to her original appearance. She looked at him with a smile.

Di beiming was stunned for a while. Then, he remembered what Yun Chujiu said just now. Baby? Was she calling him?

“Baby, didn’t you hear what little sister said? Why Are You So Naughty!”Hei xinjiu walked to the bedside and poked di beiming’s forehead with her fair finger.

Di beiming’s body suddenly emitted a chill. The chill on his face seemed to have frozen into ice. He squeezed out a sentence from between his teeth, “Little Jiu, what do you want to Do?”

Yun chujiu poked a certain venerable’s small face with her hand, “Baby, don’t be angry! Your Cold Poison has acted up again. I can only make you smaller so that your symptoms can be alleviated. “Heaven and earth, I’m doing this for your own good!”

Di beiming looked at her with a cold smile. If she didn’t laugh so hard, perhaps he would still believe her words.please visit panda(-)

He gritted his teeth and said, “This venerable self can hold on. Give me the antidote.”

“That won’t do. We are about to reach the palace. If I bring you in without changing your appearance and let people see that you are injured, there will definitely be trouble.

“If I bring you in after changing your appearance, those people will think that their female emperor is a fickle woman. Hence, you can only appear in the imperial palace in the form of this little bun…” “I can just make up an excuse to cover it up,”Hei Xinjiu said with a straight face.

Di beiming naturally did not believe her words. However, his current spiritual power was much weaker than before and he was no match for Yun Chujiu. Furthermore, his body had also become smaller. He could only take a few deep glances at Yun Chujiu, he said coldly,

“It’s best if that’s the case. Little Jiu, if you do anything out of line, this venerable self will teach you a lesson sooner or later.”

Yun Chujiu agreed with a smile on her face. This fellow’s mouth twitched in his heart. Little Fellow, today is the day you drink, today is the day you get drunk. When you come to the Little Miss’territory, you will suffer!

Under the arrangements of prime minister Sima and Yun Zhichen, Yun chujiu sneaked back to the imperial palace without anyone noticing.

Yun Chujiu had long planned with Prime Minister Sima. After she went missing, prime minister Sima made up a story to fool Emperor Nan Xuan before leading his men back to the capital of the East Phoenix Country.

After returning to the capital, he told the public that she was in closed door cultivation, so he did not attend the morning court.

p-n0ve1、com However, it was a good thing that Hei Xinjiu was very lazy and rarely attended the morning court before, so she did not arouse any suspicion.

When Prime Minister Sima saw that His Majesty had returned safely, he originally had a lot to say. However, when he saw the little boy held by His Majesty, he was instantly scared out of his wits!

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