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5544  Chapter 5544

Yun chujiu walked over and wanted to let the Gouwei Bacao sniff on its own. However, considering that the gouwei Bacao could not protect itself after possessing it, she had no choice but to sniff the nearest rock with a cold expression.

The gouwei Bacao waved its leaves continuously, indicating that it was not this rock.

Yun chujiu could only sniff the other rocks in turn. In the end, all of them were rejected by the Gouwei Bacao.

Yun Chujiu was furious!

Do you even have a clue? !

Since there wasn’t a single piece, why did you let her sniff it? !

Next, the Gouwei Bacao let Yun Chujiu sniff a lot of rocks, but none of them were correct.

Hei Xinjiu was so angry that she was about to explode!

She even suspected that the Gouwei Bacao was deliberately toying with her!

She used her spiritual sense to scold the Gouwei Bacao, and the Gouwei Bacao kept acting cute.

It was also very wronged!

It was only a baby now, so its ability was limited.

After a while, Gouwei Bacao found another rock. Yun chujiu bit the back of her teeth and moved closer to one of the rocks to smell it.

At this time, she heard messy footsteps.

Yun Chujiu’s heart moved. Could it be that there were examinees coming?

She didn’t want to cause any trouble. Coincidentally, the rocks here were bigger, so she hid behind one of the rocks. She restrained her aura and looked outside through the gap between the two rocks.

The first seven men ran over. Their faces were filled with panic. Following closely behind were more than ten men.

“Don’t go too far! If you force me again, I’ll crush the jade token and go out.”One of the seven men said while holding the jade token in his hand.

“Crush the jade token? Then go ahead and do it! No one will stop you!”One of the men who chased after him said arrogantly.

The person who had spoken at the beginning clenched his teeth and crushed the jade token immediately. However, he found out in despair that he was not teleported out.

The other six people also crushed the jade token in their hands when they saw that, but they were not teleported out.

“What, what’s going on?”

“What’s going on? It’s very simple. Because brother Bai has activated the void ending talisman just now, your teleportation jade tokens will naturally lose their function.

“Cut the c.r.a.p. Hand over the monster pills and medicinal herbs that you have obtained. Otherwise, you won’t be able to leave this chaotic stone valley alive.”

The seven people’s faces were filled with grief and indignation. There were only two days left for the a.s.sessment. If they handed over the things in their hands, they would have no hope of entering the Ten Directions Academy.

However, they did not dare not hand them over. After all, nothing was more important than their lives.

Immediately, the seven of them handed over their things and ran away in a sorry state amidst the laughter of those people.

“Brother Bai, you are still far-sighted. We have already robbed over a hundred examinees. Not only will we be able to pa.s.s the second round, but our ranking will also be far ahead. This will be of great benefit to the third round of the a.s.sessment.”

“Of course. Brother Bai is the famous moon treading young master. If it was not for taking care of us, brother Bai would not have to go through so much trouble.”

“That makes sense. With your cultivation and family background, it wouldn’t be a problem for you to take the top spot. Now, you even took out something as good as the void-denying talisman for us. We must follow your lead in the future.”


Yun Chujiu’s gaze fell on the moon-treading young master. Her pupils constricted. Why did this person look familiar? But she couldn’t remember who exactly he looked like.

Just then, someone asked curiously, “Brother Bai, I heard that your aunt’s cousin has returned? Did he apply for the Ten Directions Academy or the Divine Enlightenment Academy?”


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