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Chapter 5848: 5848: Who is the plaintiff

Translator: 549690339

Although Xiao Lianqiao did not want to deal with Jian Zhuyu, she felt that her suggestion was not bad. This was a good opportunity to drive Yan Qingcheng out of the Academy. As long as the two of them worked together, they would not have to worry about not succeeding.

It just so happened that bei Yu was not in the academy right now. It was not bad to take care of Yan Qingcheng.

So, she nodded. “What do you want to Do?”

“There’s no need to specially prepare anything. Anyway, that Yan Qingcheng has already violated the Academy’s rules and caused public anger. You just need to cooperate with me when the time comes, “Jian Zhuyu said softly.

Xiao Lianqiao snorted coldly. “Okay, I got it.”

She had always disliked Jian zhuyu. Although both of them were equally famous, because Jian Zhuyu knew how to act, his reputation was much better than hers.

At this time, director Xia Hou arrived.

He looked at the surrounding students, especially Jian Chenmu and the others who were covered in blood, and his expression became more and more unsightly.

Jian zhuyu saw the situation and sneered in his heart. She was not that Idiot

Xiao Lianqiao. She only needed to use a few tricks to get rid of that Yan

Qingcheng. At that time, she would just let Xiao Lianqiao take the blame.

Since Yun Chujiu and Ding Wenrou had not arrived yet, director Xia Hou could not interrogate them. He frowned. Why hadn’t he brought them here yet?

Could it be that those two students still dared to put up a stubborn resistance?

Just as he was thinking about it, the crowd behind him started shouting one after another:

“Yan Qingcheng, Ding Wenrou, you guys still have the face to come over. You guys are simply the sc.u.m of the Ten Directions Academy! ”

“Yan Qingcheng, get out of the upper house! Get out of the Ten Directions Academy! ”

“Ding Wenrou, get out of the upper house! Get out of the Ten Directions Academy!”

Director Xia Hou frowned and let out a loud cough that was filled with pressure. The scene immediately quieted down.

A few guards of the discipline department then escorted Yun Chujiu and Ding Wenrou through the crowd and walked over.

Ding Wenrou’s face was full of anxiety and her heart was beating very fast. She reckoned that they would definitely be expelled this time. After all, the matter had been blown up so much that even if Qingcheng had a belly full of evil water, it would be useless.

Hei xinjiu, however, looked as if she did not care at all. She even had the leisure to size up director Xia Hou a few times.

Seeing that everyone had arrived, director Xia Hou slapped the table and said,

“Plaintiff, tell us what exactly happened.”

Jian zhuyu immediately took two steps forward. Just as she was about to speak, she heard a shrill female voice, “Director Xia Hou, you have to help us make a decision! ” !

It’s a pity that our primal inst.i.tution only has two weak women. We’re going to be bullied to death!

If it weren’t for our strong will, we would probably be so depressed that we want to hang ourselves!

I’ve always heard that you, director Xia Hou, are the most fair and just. I believe that you will definitely deal with it impartially and give us justice!”

Jian Zhuyu: ” … ”

Everyone: ” … ”

This Yan Qingcheng was too shameless!

Are you the plaintiff or the defendant? Don’t you know what’s going on?

Director Xia Hou was also a little confused, but his expression did not change.

He said in a deep voice, “Get to the point. What exactly happened?”

“Director Xia Hou, Fu Zhuan Branch has occupied the place of our prehistoric branch.

“That’s not all. They even severely injured Ding Wenrou and destroyed the valuable property of our prehistoric branch, “Yun Chujiu said with grief and indignation.

Jian Zhuyu couldn’t take it anymore. “Director Xia Hou, Yan Qingcheng is spouting nonsense… ”

Yun chujiu raised her voice and shouted, “Shut up! ”

“Shut up! did director Xia Hou let you speak? Do you know the rules? !”!

“Moreover, it’s the plaintiff’s time to speak.. Why would a defendant like you interrupt? !”! “Get lost! “

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