The Yun Family's Ninth Child Is An Imp! Why didn't they open Chapter 5849?

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Chapter 5849 Why didn't they open chapter 5849?

Jian Zhuyu was so angry that she was dumbfounded!

The onlookers also started to clamor, "Yan Qingcheng, are you shameless?! You are obviously the defendant!"

"Exactly, you blew up the walls of the talisman and alchemy branch and even beat up people. How dare you call yourself the plaintiff?!"

"Director Xia Hou, don't listen to her nonsense. Our Talisman and alchemy branch did not occupy the territory of their primeval branch."

"That's right. This Yan Qingcheng is also shameless. Who doesn't know that the prehistoric faculty is just a small and shabby yard? Who would want to occupy it!"

Director Xia Hou slammed the table, and only then did everyone quieten down.

"Yan Qingcheng, do you have any evidence to prove that the talisman seal faculty occupied the territory of your prehistoric faculty?"

Yun chujiu straightened her back and pointed at Ding Wenrou who was beside her. "Just five days ago, Jian Chenmu and the others from the talisman seal faculty openly built a stone wall in our prehistoric faculty and occupied more than half of our territory.

When Ding Wenrou tried to stop them, she was severely injured by them.

At that time, this matter was also handled by the Discipline Department, and the result was very laughable. They only asked Jian Chenmu and the others to apologize and compensate ding WENROU, but they turned that wall into a reasonable and legal existence.

Director Xia Hou, I believe that you definitely didn't know about this matter. Otherwise, wouldn't the discipline department become a joke?!"

Yun Chujiu had already asked Ding Wenrou before. At that time, the person who dealt with her matter was manager Luo of the discipline department, not director Xia Hou.

She also knew that director Xia Hou was the most impartial, so she dared to expose his shortcomings in public.

Sure enough, when director Xia Hou heard this, his expression immediately darkened. He looked at manager Luo who stood beside manager Yue and asked, "Manager Luo, is what Yan Qingcheng said true?"

A trace of panic flashed across manager Luo's face, but it disappeared in an instant. She hurriedly said, "Director Xia Hou, this matter was indeed handled by me.

Although Jian Chenmu and the others had a conflict with Ding Wenrou, they did not use the spirit beast or the jade talisman seal.

"Moreover, Ding Wenrou's injuries were not too serious. In addition, Jian Chenmu and the others sincerely regretted their actions, so I let both sides reconcile.

At that time, Ding Wenrou also agreed, so I let both sides reconcile"

Manager Luo's words could be said to be watertight, and everything seemed to be reasonable. 

Yun chujiu sneered, "Manager Luo, even if your treatment is appropriate, shouldn't you have the Fu Zhuan Branch tear down that Stone Wall?

However, you didn't. Instead, you made that stone wall a reasonable and lawful existence. You are clearly favoring yourself for personal gain and bending the law. Who knows, you might have even received something that you shouldn't have."

Manager Luo immediately flew into a rage out of humiliation. "b.a.s.t.a.r.d! You actually dare to slander your teacher face to face. You are simply lawless! Director Xia Hou, you must not keep a student like her. Sooner or later, she will become a scourge..

"No, she is a scourge now!"! "You actually blew up the walls of the talisman and alchemy divisions. You even beat up your cla.s.smates. This is simply a heinous crime!"

Yun chujiu glanced at him and said with a cold gaze, “Let me ask you, why didn't you tear down the wall? Since it was built against the rules, why didn't you tear it down?"

Manager Luo felt a little guilty under her cold gaze, and said with a stern look but a weak heart,

"Your Primal Division only has two students, so you can't use such a big courtyard at all. Why Don't you let the Talisman Seal division use it for the time being, so it can be considered as making the best use of everything."

Hearing that, yun chujiu laughed sarcastically, "What a set of robber logic. Whether I need such a big place or not, what does it have to do with you?!"!

"What right do you have to award the place of our prehistoric branch to the Talisman Seal Branch?"?

"Director Xia Hou, I believe that with your wisdom, I don't need to say much to understand the twists and turns in this, right?"

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