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Chapter 1966 - 1966 Just To Meet You

1966 Just To Meet You

Ning Nuo couldn’t help but ask, “Isn’t President Chen’s wife a powerful woman? She’s about 40 years old, right?”

Sister Ai took out a photo from her phone and handed it to Ning Nuo.

Ning Nuo glanced at it. It was indeed that woman.

However, if Ning Luyao was really a mistress, it was no wonder that Madam Chen was so angry.

Ning Nuo stood up and said, “I’ll go look for Ning Luyao now and clarify everything with her. I’ll settle it now. I’ll bear the responsibility.”


Sister Ai nodded. “Go ahead. We’re all on your side. I’ve already sent the address to President Lin’s WeChat.”

When Ning Nuo stood up, Lin Yu also stood up and dutifully acted as her chauffeur.

The two of them drove to the hospital. Ning Nuo put on her baseball cap and big She also wore a huge s.h.i.+rt.

When they arrived at their destination, the two of them pushed the door open and got out of the car.

“I’ll go up by myself. I’ll be back soon.” She held Lin Yu’s hand. “If too many people go up, we’ll alert the enemy.”

“I’ll only wait for you for 40 minutes. If you don’t come out in 40 minutes, I’ll come up personally and call the police,” Lin Yu said in a low and steady voice.

He didn’t dare to trust Ning Luyao, nor would he place his hopes on others.

Ning Nuo smiled. “It’s not that serious. But if I really don’t come down in time, call the police.”

“At least let me go over and lure the bodyguards away, okay?” Lin Yu looked at her and walked in with her.

This hospital was located in a very good location. As it was a private hospital, the admission fee was expensive.

If it weren’t for the various things that had happened, Ning Nuo might not have been able to find out that Ning Luyao was admitted here.

It was because Sister Ai had sent them the address.

Ning Luyao was in the corner of the VIP inpatient department.

There were very few people coming and going, but there were many bodyguards. Ning Nuo walked over and concluded that she could not do anything to those people.

Lin Yu whistled, and several people instantly appeared around him. These people moved together. When the bodyguards saw that there were many people outside, they had no choice but to chase them away.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Ning Nuo walked past the bodyguards and entered Ning Luyao’s ward.

Ning Luyao was still eating bird’s nest soup when she saw someone suddenly appear. She was shocked. “Who are you?”

It turned out that what she had been through during this period of time was fabricated by Ning Luyao for the sake of the child in her stomach.

Seeing Ning Nuo’s gaze fall on her stomach, Ning Luyao clutched her stomach tightly, not daring to let go. It was as if she was afraid that if she let go, Ning Nuo would rush over and grab her!

Ning Nuo found it funny and said calmly, “Sister, it’s really been a long time. It turns out that you’ve already woken up.”

Seeing Ning Nuo suddenly appear in front of her, Ning Luyao felt a sharp pain in her eyes. Compared to her previously unadorned face, she was now more beautiful and exquisite. She was so beautiful that it was moving!

They were both born with the same face. Why was Ning Nuo so much better than her?

She dug her fingers into her palms and put the bird’s nest down. “Yes, I just woke up,” she said.

Their mother heard voices and walked over. She was also surprised to see Ning Nuo.

She quickly added, “Nuo Nuo, your sister only woke up today. We didn’t have time to inform you, but you came over yourself. It seems that you two sisters have telepathy. I’m also very gratified.”

Before Ning Nuo came, she had naively thought that her parents did not know about this and that they had also been deceived by Ning Luyao’s sweet words. That was why they were angry at her for ‘injuring’ Ning Luyao. It would also explain their cold att.i.tude toward her.

However, when she saw the scene in front of her, she understood everything. It turned out that her parents knew everything. Not only did they know, but they also specially hid it from her for Ning Luyao and put on a show to deceive her!

Although she was already used to this, Ning Nuo still felt that she was ridiculously naive. She was silly to think that her parents had a shred of love for her.

“Really? Did you just wake up today?” Ning Nuo asked with a smile. Her smile had already darkened, and there was no warmth in it.

Their mother said, “That’s right. She just woke up today, so her body and mind are still not very clear. Nuo Nuo, help your sister for a while more. It’ll only be for two or three months at most. At that time, she’ll really recover completely. You can then leave and go do your own work.”

“Since you only woke up today, was it you who framed me in the production team, cut off my wires, and planned to have me fall to my death?” Ning Nuo asked.

Their mother was stunned. “What are you talking about? What wires?”

“Shouldn’t you ask Ning Luyao?”

Ning Luyao didn’t expect Ning Nuo to find out about this. She quickly shook her head. “Nuo Nuo, you must have misunderstood something. I didn’t do anything. I don’t know anything about wires, and I won’t harm you. You’re my sister!”

Their mother naturally believed Ning Luyao and said, “Nuo Nuo, don’t come looking for your sister just because you believe the rumors outside. Your sister won’t harm you at all! There are many rumors in the entertainment industry. If you hear anything, you can just clarify it with your sister. Have you ever thought about your sister’s feelings?”

Ning Luyao also said, “That’s right, Nuo Nuo. I won’t harm my sister.”

“So you still take me as your sister? You’ve been hiding here for a few months after framing me for the car accident and letting me suffer the torture of my conscience. I had no choice but to face the unknown entertainment industry, satisfy your selfish desires, and bear the consequences of your various rotten actions. When you did all this, did you treat me as your sister?” Ning Nuo retorted, enunciating each word firmly.

Their mother felt a little guilty. Ning Luyao was indeed in the wrong in this matter. Everyone had let Ning Nuo down.

She said, “Nuo Nuo, we have our own difficulties. Don’t keep scolding your sister.”

“So, can I redeem my loss by scolding all of you? Can this make up for the harm I’ve suffered?” Ning Nuo asked as she looked straight into her mother’s eyes.

Their mother was a little angry now. “We didn’t hurt you! How did we hurt you?! Your work isn’t very profitable. So what if it’s delayed for a year or two? What’s wrong with helping your sister? If it isn’t because you’re too stubborn and wouldn’t help us if we hadn’t resorted to this, would we have come up with such a plan?”

Ning Nuo was so angry that he laughed.

She finally knew why she couldn’t win against Ning Luyao since she was young.

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