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Chapter 2595: Twins


Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Everyone nodded in agreement. “That’s right. This doesn’t make sense at all.”

“If there was really such evidence, Lin Shuhui would have been too saintly if she hadn’t taken it out back then!”

“She really knows how to talk nonsense. No wonder she could s.n.a.t.c.h her best friend’s husband back then! Tsk tsk!”

Chen Yufeng couldn’t help but look a little smug. So much time had pa.s.sed since then, and there were no surveillance cameras at that time. It was impossible to produce evidence from back then!

It was impossible for Lin Shuhui to prove her innocence!

Lin Shuhui said calmly, “Yes, there was a reason why I didn’t say all this back then. Firstly, I treated Chen Yufeng as my best friend. In the beginning, I didn’t expect her to be so bad. Secondly, I was indeed just suspicious at that time.

There was no concrete evidence to prove my innocence. After I moved out of Jingdu City, I spent a few years investigating before finding out that she had eloped with another man. However, that man had already pa.s.sed away, so I couldn’t produce any concrete evidence, so I didn’t say anything. Also, I kept thinking of Rong Rong as a child I raised. I really didn’t want to destroy her family and happiness.”

“Pfft! You’re not worthy of mentioning my name! You’re not worthy of saying that you raised me! Being raised by you is an indelible humiliation in my life!” Ling Rong said angrily.

It was exactly the same tone she used to scold Lin Shuhui on the phone a few days ago.

Lin Shuhui couldn’t help but sigh. “You weren’t like this when you were young.”

“It’s none of your business what I was like when I was young! I have nothing to do with you!” Ling Rong said angrily. “No wonder my parents quarrel every time your name is mentioned in my family. You’re a jinx! You ruined the harmony and happiness of our family. Don’t dream of trying to cause trouble now!”

Seeing that Ling Rong was angry, everyone felt that it was understandable. Compared to what Chen Yufeng said, Lin Shuhui’s words were very likely to be fabricated. It was difficult to convince the public.

Chen Yufeng also said hatefully, “Lin Shuhui, it’s fine that you harmed me previously, but now, you want to ruin my reputation. I really didn’t think that you’d still be so vicious after so many years!”

“How vicious! I’ve never seen such a person!”

“She came out to disgust everyone without any evidence. It’s really disgusting!”

“This kind of rumor-mongering clarification is simply the most common method in the entertainment industry! It’s obvious that Qiao Weiyang probably asked her manager to help with this public relations!”

“So whether it’s Lin Shuhui, Qiao Weiyang, or those people, they’re probably all jackals of the same tribe. I believe that they did rig the compet.i.tion!”

“That’s right. If they can do something similar, they’ll be able to do worse things!”

Everyone around criticized Lin Shuhui.

Someone even stared at her and said loudly, “Do you have any evidence? If you do, take it out! If not, you’ll be nailed to the pillar of shame! You, the instructor, and your students have really embarra.s.sed the entire international community!”

“Get lost if you don’t have any evidence!”

Lin Shuhui clearly still had a trace of hesitation, but it was swept away by these voices in the end.

She looked up with a determined expression. She said, “I have evidence!”

“What evidence do you have? Show us!”

“That’s right. She’s just saying it!”

“Hurry up!”

Chen Yufeng also stared at Lin Shuhui fearlessly as if she had seen through her and knew that she could not cause any trouble.

People would stand on the side of the first wife. No matter what Chen Yufeng said or did, people would be on her side.

Unless Lin Shuhui produced stronger evidence, it was impossible to subvert everyone’s thoughts.

Lin Shuhui raised her voice and said, “The evidence is that… Ling Rong isn’t Ling Jintian’s daughter at all. She’s the child of Chen Yufeng and the man who cheated on her!”

As soon as these words were spoken, the already noisy event location was in an uproar. “What? For real?”

“Is it true?”

“Lin Shuhui, if you lie again, no one will believe you!”

Chen Yufeng’s face turned pale. She immediately covered it up with anger. “Lin

Shuhui, you have to bear legal responsibility for slander! ”

Ling Rong was also furious. “You’re too vicious. Not only did you harm my mother, but you also want to harm me? Mom, let’s call the police!”

“I’m not spouting nonsense! I found out about this later on. I wanted to expose it, but I was fond of Rong Rong, so I didn’t. But since you’re forcing me to this point, I have no choice but to tell the truth!” Lin Shuhui’s tone was firm and her expression was calm.

Ling Rong was furious at her words and said directly, “Alright, then call the police!”

Chen Yufeng’s expression was a little ugly. She was evasive, no longer as confident and carefree as before.

“Mom, why are you still talking nonsense with her? She’s slandering you like this. We can just sue her!” Ling Rong said loudly.

“Rong Rong, we need to forgive others when possible… I’ll persuade her in private!” Chen Yufeng’s tone was obviously hesitant.

Lin Shuhui stared at her face and said indifferently, “No need. I don’t need your forgiveness or your persuasion! Ling Jintian should be here soon. Before that, I had already gotten someone to ask him to go to the hospital for a DNA test!” “Lin Shuhui, you!” Chen Yufeng’s voice became sharp and terrifying.

“What’s wrong? Am I supposed to just let others slander me and not fight back? More than ten years ago, I was forced to leave Jingdu City because of you! All these years, I’ve been swallowing my anger. For the sake of Rong Rong, I never thought of getting my innocence back! But how did you treat me?!”

Lin Shuhui walked toward Chen Yufeng step by step.

Her expression became more and more determined and calm. “I don’t care about the past or what I’ve lost. But you! You saw that my students were doing better than you expected, so you wanted to slander them!

“You put the t.i.tle of a mistress on me because you want everyone to question my three students, right?

“What did they do wrong? Just because they’re my students, they have to bear all this stigma?

“Just because I refused to say anything back then, you slandered my students for winning the compet.i.tion!

“You deliberately treated me and my students like this. Chen Yufeng, is it my fault for revealing your matter?”

With Lin Shuhui’s words, Chen Yufeng had nowhere to hide..

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